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Using Custom Lists

Custom lists allow you to create a list of people who you email on a repeated basis - particularly useful when cc:ing a group of people or distribution list to receive a copy of an email (such as Scope Monthly or Parent emails.) 

See below for screenshots.

1) Click on the Choose Recipients link in the Email Checklist menu.

2) In the screen that loads next, click the Configure button on the Custom Lists box.

3) Select your Custom List, put a checkmark in front of it, and at the top of the popup under the More Actions dropdown choose Include Selected Lists.

4) The popup will close.

5) If the list was properly selected, the Custom Lists box will be highlighted in green, and display the name and recipient count. Double-check that the name and recipient count match your expecations.

Do not use a Custom List if you don't know who is included! 

Some frequently used lists include:

Name in iMods  Goes to  Includes 
Advancement list  North Hall, Colton House, Jeanne Sisson, and Marie Glotzbach
AFS list  Annual Fund Staff
All Employees  Faculty, staff, union, and hourly but NOT student workers
Communications  All Communications and Marketing staff
Daas list  North Hall and Colton House
Everyone list Faculty, staff, union, hourly, retirees, and the student moderator
LGO list Leadership Gift Officers
Scope Additional Lists 
Advancement personnel, all Communications and Marketing staff


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