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Naming Conventions and Department Codes


Naming conventions are used to make it easier for Advancment Services to attach email lists to emails, and to make it easier to find emails for reporting purposes.

Email names in iModules will include the event ID, department code, and description in the name. The ID comes first, then the department code, then the name of the email.

Example:   5411-SF-Giving Tuesday Parent AM 

If you are doing a campaign with multiple emails, it can be helpful to think ahead and decide on a consistent naming pattern for them all. In this example, all of the GT emails would start with “Giving Tuesday” and then after that comes the audience and time block. If all emails in the same campaign are named similarly, it helps to identify them more quickly through searches when doing reports, or attaching the lists.

To find the event code

You can hover over the event name in the Communications Calendar, and see the event number in the yellow cursor-flyover text.

Find the event code

Or you can click on the event in the calendar, and find it in the orange bar at the top of the event popup.

Event popup

Department codes