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Reminder: Only use templates that start with "Skidmore Template".

General Use -   One column | Two column  | Three column  

Limited/Do not use - PS/YAPS  |  Dark background

One Column

Two Column

Three Column

Limited Use or Do Not Use

These templates were created for very limited, specific uses. The templates and their saved content should not be used for other purposes.

This series uses a darker grey background (#999999) instead of the regular (#eeeeee). This is a limited group because the "unsubscribe" text at the bottom had to be recoded to be white text for visibility on the darker background. This involves an extra bit of code on the CSS body area - .unsLink a{color:#ffffff;} 

Unfortunately, that white text is not honored in Gmail clients, so the dark templates should be used sparingly.


dark templatePS/YAPS 

This template is intended to be for the PS/YAPS monthly "thank you" letters (donor stewardship.)

The template is set up in iModules with all of the objects needed for both PS and YAPS mailings. Depending on which email you are creating, you will delete the other objects.


dark templateDark Background - Limited use