Help For Web Editors

OU Beginning User Training
Training Tuesdays

There are two ways to complete OU training. You must complete one or the other version before you are given a login to OU Campus. If you request a login before completing training, it will not be given until after training is completed.

There is no advance sign-up for online training sessions.

Student Worker Access to OU Campus

Training for OU Campus

Step 1: Attend a Training Tuesday or watch a recorded session.
            If you watched a recorded session, complete the quiz to show proficiency.

Step 2: Request your login. No logins are assigned until a training session is complete.

Method 1: Training Tuesday webinar

You will need a computer to attend, and you will need to be able to install WebEx software onto your computer as needed. See below for system requirements.

You may need a long distance code to dial in, if your computer does not provided sound (although a toll-free number is provided.) If you do not have a long distance code, consult with your supervisor or department head.

  • All sessions will be recorded for use as training materials! Session recordings are audio only.

  • Sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, but rarely run that long. The question and answer session at the end is optional.

  • It is recommended that you log in 10 minutes before the session begins, in order to be sure your browsers and settings are compatible. See below for specifications.

  • If you have issues with connection, you can consult with the IT Help Desk.

Method 2: Recorded session with quiz

1) Watch the video

You will need a computer able to play videos through an internet connection, and able to provide sound through speakers or headphones. 

2) After watching the video: