Water Resources Initiative

Environmental studies students on Saratoga Lake in winter

Student Projects and Collaborative Research by Year

The student research projects conducted as part of WRI examine local water issues and currently focus on the discussions surrounding the search for a new drinking water source for the city of Saratoga Springs. Through community-based research, students inquire about all aspects of the drinking water debate including water quality and quantity as well as social, cultural and historical influences.

Students discussiong recreation on Saratoga LakeStudents also use art and mapping technology to help our community contextualize and visualize important research findings. Student research is conducted as part of courses (e.g., ES 375 Case Studies in Environmental Sustainability) and through independent studies and summer collaborative research.

Faculty and students in the Water Resources Initiative (WRI) conduct studies in the public interest. The content and views presented in WRI papers are solely those of the authors.