The Skidmore Writing Center

Welcome, London first-years

The Skidmore Writing Center and the Office of the First-Year Experience are initiating a new program this fall that will allow you to take advantage of the kind of writing support the on-campus Writing Center offers. Although you are thousands of miles and several time zones away from Saratoga Springs, you and your writing can benefit from working with the peer tutors in the Writing Center, as so many students have.

For many students, the first semester of college can be both exhilarating and daunting. The writing you are asked to produce may seem particularly challenging [in relation to the writing you have grown used to in high school]. We can help you face these challenges with greater confidence. Even very skilled first-year writers—in fact, most writers of any age—profit from an open conversation about the task at hand and the ways that task might be addressed.

All Writing Center tutors are Skidmore students who have been trained to guide other students in becoming more self-aware and adept writers. Five of these tutors will be available in fall 2014 to assist you in your writing endeavors. You can find their photos, biographies, and contact information.

Here is how to use the program:

  1. When you receive an assignment or have completed some writing—whether a complete draft or not—in response to an assignment, you can contact all five tutors at this email address:
  2. Send your assignment and your writing as attachments. You can let the tutors know whether you prefer comments within the body of the text (perhaps in bold or caps or both] or a track-changes program.
  3. The tutor who will work with you will send you an email to identify himself or herself.
  4. Because of the six-hour time difference (London is six hours ahead of Saratoga Springs), you will need to send papers you seek help with at least three days before the date the paper is due (four days would be preferable). If, say, the paper is due on Monday, you would send your request for tutoring and your materials by Friday early afternoon London time—even better, by Thursday early afternoon London time. The tutor would return the materials with comments by Saturday night London time, to give you at least Sunday to consider the tutor’s comments and work on the paper.

As you can see, the long-distance process requires some planning ahead. Let us assure you that practice in such time management will benefit you greatly throughout your time at Skidmore.

We want to ensure that you have access to peer tutors who understand your writing concerns, who can listen (virtually) to you, and who in collaboration with you can help you to discover and express your ideas. We want to give you as much as possible a sense of the community of writers the Writing Center aims to promote and maintain. By using the Writing Center in your first semester, you will already be familiar with one of the college’s most important resources.

We look forward to working with you.