Down to the Wire:

An Analysis of the 2013

Saratoga Springs City Council Election

The survey and analysis was conducted by my Real Democracy First Year Seminar at Skidmore College. The seminar conducted a poll of a random sample of registered voters from the Board of Elections on Nov 5-15. They surveyed 227 respondents with a 31 question survey (poll questions here). You can download my students' presentations as PDFs below. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our results (

The New Political Landscape of Saratoga Springs by Weston Stewart-Tennes, Ben Kim, Joseph Eisele

Context of the Election by Nick Friedman, Robel Gete, Khang Le

The Priorities of Saratoga Springs Voters by Jamie Benjamin and Zach Stiller

Campaigns Matter: An Analysis of the Sutton and Yepsen Mayoral Campaigns by Josh Brown, Daniel Dasgupta, Kye Hoon Jo,