GO 331  Fall 2006 Reader Part III

Revitalizing the Inner City



Cleveland, Newark and Baltimore (l-r)

November 7 Election Day/The Urban Dilemma and Implications

·        Blair/Reese. Chapter 3. "City Jobs and Residents on a Collision Course: The Urban Underclass Dilemma" by John D. Kasarda.

KR Ihlanfeldt, The Importance of the Central City to the Regional and National Economy

·         David Imbroscio, Fighting Poverty with Mobility, A Normative Policy Analysis


November 9 Place Based Strategies – Enterprise Zones in Practice and Theory


November 14 Is capitalism the answer?


November 16 Entertaining for Development



November 21 Growth Machine



November 28 The Creative Class in Theory


November 30 Talent Magnet Project: Attracting and Retaining Creative Workers


December 5  Politics of Economic Development Policy


December 7 Evaluation