Saratoga Springs Politics

Saratoga Springs prides itself on its intense local politics. Over the past several years, there has been a pronounced shift from blogs to Facebook as the preferred source of local political discussion, activism, and mobilization. Over the past several election cycles, there were 2-3 active political blogs of varying quality and bile. At present, there is just 1 active blog I am aware of, Saratoga Springs Politics

It seems the local political blogs have fallen out of favor in favor of Facebook. There are numerous Facebook groups formed by concerned citizens and activists.

SCRAP Saratoga County Residents Against PACs

Saratogians for Sustainable Housing

Saratoga 58%

Saratogians Against Vegas-Style Expansion

Saratogians for Gun Safety

Save Our Greenbelt

Save the Skate Park


Sustainable Saratoga

Community Farm at Pitney Meadows

Saratoga Citizen Public Forum

Saratoga PAC does not have one, though they do have a website


Twitter Feeds Many of the local reporters cover Saratoga Politics via their twitter accounts

The Times Union has Dennis Yusco Saratoga Seen @saratogaseen, and

The Saratogian's Lauren Mineau (@LaurenMineau) and @SaratogianNews

The Daily Gazette has

The Post Star's Maury Thompson and All Politics is Local Blog

The Saratoga Grid, a new incarnation of the Saratoga Wire, is

Thomas Dimopoulos, long time Saratoga Springs political reporter,

Saratoga Buzz

The Saratoga Today

Previous Public Opinion Research on Saratoga Springs

Down to the Wire: An Analysis of the 2013 Saratoga Springs Election

Here is the results of our survey of Saratoga Springs voters in the 2007 City Election.




Scholarly Research on Local Government Reform



2007 City Election

Here is the results of our survey of Saratoga Sp, rings voters in the 2007 City Election.

Here is my overview of candidates and issues in the 2007 city election.



New York Politics

Here are my links to New York Politics.

Capital Confidential- the Times Union NY politics blog

The Politicker-- written by Josh Benson of the New York Observer

Empire Zone Blog a blog from the metropolitan staff of The Times about politics in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, supplementing our news coverage

The Empire Page-- links to NY politics and news

New York Civic -- the newest Good Government Group in Albany founded in 2002 and dedicated to bringing media attention to important issues using the Internet, press events, commentaries, public fora, and public testimonies

The Daily Politics by Bob Smith -- a running conversation about New York's political scene through the Daily News.

UpstateBlog.Net on upstate NY economy published by the Public Policy Institute, a conservative business think tank.

NY1's Political ItCH

Room Eight New York Politics

Gotham Gazette New York City News and Policy published each weekday by the Citizens Union Foundation of the City of New York, the non-profit research and education affiliate of a good-government group that dates back to 1897.

The Gothamists NY politics

Urban Elephants - NYC GOP bloggers


2007 Saratoga Springs City Council

  Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates
Valerie Keehn
Scott Johnson
Public Works Commissioner
Tom McTygue
Anthony 'Skip' Scirocco
Public Safety Commissioner
Ron Kim
Richard Wirth
Finance Commissioner
Jane Weihe
Ken Ivins
Accounts Commissioner
John Franck
County Supervisor
Joanne Yepsen
Matthew Veitch
  Cheryl Keyrouze  
Saratoga Democratic Party
Saratoga Republican Party

Independent Party and Conservative Party Candidate Gordon Boyd for Mayor