Classes for Spring 2016

GO 231  Environmental Politics and Policy 

-Class presentations
-Midterm Study Sheet
-Final Exam Study Sheet
Choosing a Research Paper Topic
Paper #1 The Politics Paper and research guidelines
Paper #2 The "Science" Paper
Paper #3 The Policy Paper

-go here for a list of federal environmental agencies
-go here for a list of environmental groups

-go here for a list of links to environmental related jobs

ID 351 Perspectives on Inequality



GO 367 Real Democracy

GO 315 Immigration Politics and Policy



ES 375 Case Studies in Environmental Sustainability

Format of Capstone Paper

Citation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

Spring 2008 Capstone Event Schedule

Previous Powerpoints- Edward Tufte on the evils of PowerPoint





U.S. Government Institutions, Government 101

GO 315 Immigration Politics and Policy

ES 374 Environmental Studies: Methods and Approaches, Bob Turner, Cathy Gibson, AJ Schellner

State and Local Politics, Government 222

Syllabi from Previous Semesters

Real Democracy, Scribner Seminar

Real Democracy Scribner Seminar syllabus

Democratic Theory Paper Assignment
Civic Engagement Paper Assignment
Campaign Strategy Paper Assignment
Down to the Wire: An Analysis of the 2013 Saratoga Springs Election

They're Off: An Analysis of the 2007 Saratoga Springs Elections see here

Final Exam Study Sheet, not revised











State and Local Economic Development Policy, Government 331
    -go here for the Syllabus

    -go here for web links to economic development web sites
    -go here for links to state economic development web sites
    -go here for the North Carolina and the Battle for Business Role Playing and Paper Assignment
    -go here for the Creating Tech Valley Policy Paper Assignment
    -go here for the Research Paper Guidelines
    -go here for the Student-authored web pages on Economic Development Strategies
    -go here for pictures of our class field trip to Albany Nanotech


    -go here for presentation by Trudi Renwick on State of Working New York

    -go here for presentation on New Economy

    -go here for presentation on Urban Areas

    -go here for FINAL EXAM STUDY SHEET 2005



Adirondack Wilderness Experience, ES 241

    -go here for the Syllabus

Public Administration, Gov 316
    -go here for the Syllabus
    -go here for due dates of all assignments
    -go here for the first paper assignment
    -go here for the second paper assignment
    -go here for some ideas on how to pick an agency