Economic Development Strategies

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Student-authored web pages on Economic Development Strategies, created for State and Local Economic Development Policy, Government 367, in the Governent Department of Skidmore College.

2005 Fall Semester

Geannan Camponeschi, Living Wage Ordinances as an Economic Development Tool

Alex Einhorn, The Economics of Sports Stadiums

Joseph Ferdinand, Turning Stone Casino: The Oneida Nation's Approach to Economic Development

Petria Fleming, Recruiting High-Skilled Immigrants as an Economic Development Strategy: Brain Gain for Cities Losing Population

Allison Gillum, Arts and Culture as an Economic Development Strategy

Ben Kaufman, The Massachussetts Life Science Cluster

Julianna Koch, Business Improvement Districts in New York City

Katie Peterson, Prisons and Their Impact on New York State Rural Economic Development

Andrew Preston, New Yankee Stadium Proposal Analysis

Ken Silverman, Legalizing Slots in MD: Are VLT's the Trifecta They're Cracked Up to Be?

Carlos Serrano, Waterfront Development in Glen Cove, NY

Jack Strange, A Living Wage


2003 Fall Semester

Coleman, Ethan  Luther Forest Technology Campus:  Should We Build It?

Jaime, Jansen,  On the Brink of the New Economy: An Evaluation of Rochester's Budding Photonics Cluster

Louis, Rachelle  More Than Manhattan

Mandeville, Morgan  Economic Development Policy:  Linking Clusters with Export Promotion

Minkoff, Scott The Economic Development of Convention Centers and the New Washington D.C. Convention Center

Pagnam, James  Economic Develpoment of Casinos on Indian Reservations:  Foxwoods Casino

2002 Fall Semester

Kip Cross, Can New Hampshire Become a High Technology Hub Without Changing Its Laisse-faire Strategy
Peter Fox, Regional Sectoral Initiatives:  Job Training and Placement in The Goods-Processing Sector
Mac Guy, The State of High Tech in Illinois
Keryn Hetsrony, New York State Empire Zones Program
Denise Lapenas, Historic Preservation: Simple Beautification or an Effective Economic Development Tool?
David Loeb, The Corpus Christi Downtown Management District
Zach Schafer, Communities Role: Base Closure and Redevelopment
Rachel Silberman, Baltimore’s Bread and Circus:  Tourism for Urban Revitalization
Joseph Simmons
Dave Thayer, The Paradox Of Prison-Based Economic Development In Rural America
Eric Zuckerman, Casinos as Economic Development

2001 Spring Semester

A Bittersweet Ending:  The Impending Bankruptcy of LTV Steel and the response of the State of Ohio

Brownfield Policy in Pittsburgh

An Analysis of Brownfield Redevelopment Projects
Case Study:  Schenectady, NY

The New Fenway Park

Inner City Revitalization in Chinatown