How to Get a Job with a Government Degree

(No, it's not a link to a McDonald's application.)

The best way to find a quality job after graduation is through internships.  The more the merrier, the sooner the better. Internships give you practical skills and work experience that enhance your classroom learning.

Five Examples

Janine Harrod did the Albany legislative internship in the spring of her senior year, and is now a legislative director with the Massachusetts Restaurant Association dealing with state legislative issues that impact the restaurant industry. In her words, " I have to admit, that my internship at the Assembly was the perfect training for my job. Thank god all that driving back and forth to Albany has paid off! I don't think I could have landed this job if it weren't for that experience."

Kate Imbach interned with NYSERDA, the Government Law Center at Albany Law School, and a reproductive rights lobbying group in Albany. After graduating she went to work for Charles Group Consulting and now works for tech start ShowYou as Head of Marketing and Community .

John Iz, worked as the editor of the Skidmore News and did two summer internships as a reporter for the Saratogian and with NBC Nightly News. After graduating, he was hired by MSNBC News.

Greg Thall interned with a Philadelphia Legal Aid Office and a member of the NY State assembly. After graduating he worked on the Rendell for Governor Campaign as the Campaign College Outreach Coordinator (see here), the Philadelphia mayoral campaign, later as Governor Rendell's Office of General Counsel. He now works as a lobbyist for the PA teacher's union.

Kate Donovan interned with the Massachusetts EPA, a Massachusets state legislator, and Environmental Advocates (an environmental lobbying organization) before graduating. She was hired by Price Waterhouse to work as a consultant for the EPA on Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage issues.

How do you find an internship?

Skidmore Funded Internship Opportunities - Here is a list of Skidmore's 4 funded internship programs.

Networking- I have some serious social networks of Skidmore Government alums here. Great for internship and job networking

American Government and Politics Internships - here is my list of paid and unpaid American politics internships. More illustrative than exhaustive.

Think Tank Internship List here is my list of paid and unpaid internships with Think Tanks. More illustrative than exhaustive.

International Internships here is my list of paid and (mostly) unpaid internships with international organizations and groups. More illustrative than exhaustive.

Political Theory Internships very short list

New York and Saratoga Springs Internships

Internship Lists Here a list of websites that maintain very large list of internship opportunities.