Skidmore Students and Nanotechnology-- Perfect Together


Pictures from my Fall 2006 State and Local Economic Development Trip to Albany Nanotech



The rental bus- not as impressive as the old white and green Skidmore bus.

Pictures from the Fall 2005 State and Local Economic Development Trip to the Albany Nanotech  facility at the University at Albany.







Here are the pictures from our 2003 Trip

If you squint really hard, you can see my Fall 2003 State and Local Economic Development class.



Here is our excellent tour guide Michael Fancher, Director of Economic Outreach, describing how the $10 million tool on his left operates.  We are in a Class 10 Clean Room at this point. 



James and Scott are trying to figure out whether anything they learned in the QR 2 class can help them decipher what the machines on their left are doing.  The tubes going to and from the machine are filled with liquid nitrogen to keep the machine from over-heating.