Skidmore Social Networking for Internships and Jobs in Government and Politics

Opportunities in Public Affairs newsletter.  The OPA is one of the best job/internship sources for DC.  It has loads of jobs and internships in Government Affairs & Policy, Public Relations & Advocacy, Media & Journalism, and Entry Level positions. The jobs are on Capitol Hill, in non-profits, think tanks, institutions, the government and in corporations and professional firms. To read on-line, click:

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Skidmore Government Majors Social Media
Linked In Skidmore Government Majors
Prof Turner has created a network of Skidmore Government alums on the social networking site.  LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals and careers.  It is a way for our alums and current students find to connect with others working in similar fields.  Once you add Professor Bob Turner as a contact, you can contact all of the people in his network about job leads, interviews and ideas. He currently has about 500 contacts (and growing) who are a mix of Government and ES majors.  There is also a Linked In Skidmore Government Majors group you should join.  We also post job announcements, scholarships, and other career related information on the site.   

Skidmore Political Alumni Club of DC on Facebook

Adam Brand and Ryan Greer, Skidmore alums, have created a Facebook group called Skidmore Political Alumni Club of DC you can join.  It is a way to connect with our alums in DC.  Adam Brand and Ryan Greer have graciously offered to help any alum who is going to DC with networking on the Hill and beyond.