Civic Engagement in Saratoga Springs
SSP 100- 46
Who Governs Saratoga Springs?

Due: Monday October 15
Length 4-5 pages
Page #s and staple are required.

Scholars suggest that active participation in civic organizations has several
important effects for social, economic, and political life at the community level and
beyond. The authors we have read (Putnam, Skocpol, Schlozman, Fiorina, Mead, Verba, Schudson, and Ginsberg) have offered conflicting ideas about the extent and value of civic engagement and political participation in America. Please write a 4-5 page paper on social capital and civic engagement in Saratoga Springs. Your paper should have a clear thesis, explicitly identify the hypotheses and ideas from the authors, and assess whether Saratoga Springs is civically engaged or not; and how do we know.