State and Local Politics

Gov 222

Spring 2014

Class Presentation Assignments

The purpose of these assignments is threefold. First, I want to develop your expertise in the nuances of your region's political institutions, policy, and political culture. Secondly, I want to develop your political science researching and analytical skills. All of these assignments encourage you to think systematically about political phenomena, to think theoretically, and to understand the importance of empirical verification—in short, to become a political scientist. Thirdly, I want to develop your oral and data presentation skills.These exercises are also designed to help you do basic quantitative and qualitative analysis and present your findings to your classmates using a variety of computer programs. Previous presentations are available on-line here.


Division of Responsibility Spring 2014

Region States Students
Deep South

Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia

Noah, Alex, Elena
New South Virginia, North Carolina, Florida Ben, Joshua, Logan,
Northeast New Jersey, New York, 2 of (CT, MA, PA- your call) Isaac, Louis, Dan, Jeannot
Pacific California, Oregon, Washington Russell, Steve, Jonathan
Latino West Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado Chris, Maggie, Anna, Beal
"Clean/Good Govt"

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Vermont

Jess, Britt, Roger, Grace

Here are my Oral Presentation Guidelines for how to give a good presentation.

Class Assignment #1 Socio-Economic and Demographic Analysis

Class Assignment #2 The Causes and Consequences of Interparty Competition

Class Assignment #3 Who is powerful and why? Who are the 600 pound gorillas in your states?

Class Assignment #4 Understanding Your State Legislatures

Class Assignment #5 Understanding Your State Governors

Class Assignment #6 Understanding Your State Judiciaries