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Gov 222

Professor Turner

State and Local News

Greater overall state news

State and Local Government on the

Washington Post's "News from the States"


Council of State Governments

Empire Page, Ultimate Web Site on NY Politics and News of great links to all sorts of NY organizations.

U.S. Bureau of the Census


National Performance Review's State and LocalGateway

The Heritage

The Council of State

National Governor's

National Conference of State

National League of

International City/County Management

U.S. Conference of

National Association of

Council of State

Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Campaigns 

The Republican

The Democratic

The Green Party of



American Civil Liberties Union


National Organization for


National Rifle

National Education

American Association of Retired

State Legislatures

National Conference of State

National Conference of Commissioners on UniformState

Project Vote


National Governor's

Western Governors'

Midwestern Governorsí Assoication

Southern Governorsí Association

The Judiciary 

National Center for State

 State-Local Relations 

National Association of Regional

TVA Rural

Association of Bay Area

Appalachian Regional Commission

The Urban

The Edge City News

National Rural Development

Local Government: Structure and Leadership 

National Association of

National League of

National Association of Towns and

National School Boards

National Association of Conservation

California State Association of


Los Angeles

New York

Taxing and Spending 

Government Finance Officers

U.S. State & Local Government Financial

New York City Independent Budget /

Center for the Study of the

U.S. Census


State Campaign Finance Reform

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