Schedule of Presentations

Conference Registration, Coffee and Muffins, 9:30-10am, Gannett Atrium

Poster Session 1 10-11:10am

Poster Session A, Bolton 281
Jasmine Wallace, English, St. Lawrence, Her Happiness Would Derive From Her Marriage With The Beast”: Defining and Exploring the Subgenre of Animal-Human Transformation Fairy Tale
Courtney Elwell, Chemistry, Union, Studies of bifunctional nanotether influences on CdSe nanoparticle stability, chromophore distribution and thin film morphology
Logan Brenner, Geosciences, Skidmore, A  Tale of Two Interglacials:  A Stalagmite Stable Isotope Record Of Climate in Yucatán, Mexico Since 128, 000 YBP.
Megan P. O’Connor, Chemistry, Union, Investigation of the Binding of Perfluoroalkyl Acids to Human Serum Albumin Through 19F Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Brittany Ulrich '12 and Kathryn Stein '13, Chemistry, Skidmore, Dual pathways for Asn-tRNAAsn formation in S. aureus and B. bacteriovorus

Poster Session B, Bolton 282
Jennifer L. Thomas, English, St. Lawrence, Neology in William Faulkner’s Light in August
Jonathan C. Bennion, Katelyn E. Bunker, Jenna I Gifford, Chemistry, Siena, Synthesis of cyclotri(3, 3ꞌꞌ-para-terphenyldiyl ethynylene), a novel shape-persistent macrocyclic carbon single-wall nanotube precursor
Courtney Elwell, Chemistry, Union, Studies of bifunctional nanotether influences on CdSe nanoparticle stability, chromophore distribution and thin film morphology
Aaron Osher, Chemistry, Skidmore, Measurement and Modeling of Real-time Changes in Electroosmotic Flow under Dynamic Buffer Conditions
Stephen J. Juhl and Nicholas J. H. Dunn, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering, Union, Preparation and Characterization of Alumina-Based Aerogels for Applications in Green Automotive Catalysis

Poster Session C, Bolton 283
Philip Evangelista, History, St. Lawrence, Leaves of a Flower: A Latvian Woman’s Tale
Sean Healton '12, Matt Walsh '13, and Madeline Frank'13, Chemistry, Skidmore, Expanding the genetic code of E. coli with Pyroglutamate
Brenda Olivo, Chemistry, Skidmore, Developing Cost-Effective Microfluidic Devices From Transparency Film
Evan P. Vanable, Chemistry, Union, Progress Towards the Full Synthesis of Botryolide E.
Alexander T Zanetti, Chemistry, Skidmore, The purification and crystallization of the LGN protein

Poster Session D, Bolton Hallway
Vaishali Parkash and Tokuei Higashino, Physics, Union, Exoplanet Transit Observations at the Union College Observatory
Lucas S. Viani, Physics, Union, Star Formation in the NGC 5846 Group of Galaxies
Wyatt C. Smith, Physics, Union, Star Formation and Nuclear Activity in the NGC 5846 Group of Galaxies.
Christopher M. McGowan ’12, Adina C. Micula ’14, and Lyle A. Reed ’12, Physics, Skidmore, Starbursts Versus Stripping:  Where Is The Gas In Groups Of Galaxies?
Xinru Cheng (2014), Chi Yung Fung (2012), Physics, Colgate, Using Polarizers in Single Molecule Magnet Mn12 Acetate Terahertz Spectroscopy
Colin Turley, Robert Moore, Christopher Johnson, Maria Battaglia, Physics, Union, Construction and Commissioning of a New Scattering Chamber at the Union College Ion Beam Analysis Laboratory
Danielle M. Kreig, Chemistry, Union, Use of cell-permeable variants of trehalose for the cryopreservation of mammalian cells

Leland Martin, Chemistry, Skidmore, Construction of PMMA Microfluidic Devices

Oral Presentations Session 1 11:15-12:25

Oral Session A, Bolton 280                                                                          
Barsha Baral, Shahin Islam, Biology, Hamilton, Phylogenetic Analysis of Nematodes Using Ribonuceloproteins
Jack A. Fischer, Cheng W. Ng, Sarah M. Minney, Biology, Skidmore, Deletion of genes involved in copper and silver resistance in Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34
Amanda A. Anafu, Biology, Colgate, The Interferon-Stimulated Gene Ifitm3 Decreases Reovirus Infection Efficiency In Hela Cells
Ethan B. Loew, Zeliang Zheng, Chemistry, Union, Amplification and expression of a putative metacaspase from the fungus Schizophyllum commune             

Oral Session B, Bolton 281                                                          
Katherine B. Imboden ‘13, Arts Administration, Skidmore, Inside An Adirondack Arts Organization: The Depot Theatre, Westport, N.Y.
Austin F. Walker, Levitt Center, Hamilton, The Lost Voices of Kenyan Youth
Sophia Paljevic & Katherine DiFabio, Teacher Education, St. Rose, Sculpting the Future: Creating Safer Schools by Increasing Teachers’ Awareness of Bullying.                        

Oral Session C, Bolton 282                                                          
Adam M Steinberger, Mathematics /CS, Skidmore, Digital Image Source Identification
Kevin T. Chico, Mechanical Engineering, Union, Biomechanics of S-Looping
Aurora D. Pinkey-Drobnis, Geoscience, Skidmore, Calendar-year dating of pre-historic hurricanes in Yucatan, Mexico using fluorescence micro-imaging of an annually-layered stalagmite
Leanna M. Vernon, Mechanical Engineering, Union, The Design of a Honda Odyssey FL250 Rear Suspension and Drive Train for Rough Terrain              

Oral Session D, Bolton, 382                                                                                        
Tara E. Keough, History, Siena, Excruciating’ or Liberating?:  Gender and Company-Sponsored Sports in the Post-War US and UK

Catherine A. Crone, Rare Books, Hamilton, From Old Virginia to the Beautiful Blue Danube: Banjo Instruction Methods in Nineteenth-Century America
Kevin W Hoercher, Russian Studies, Colgate, The All Too Brief History of KOM: Why Traditional Comics Failed
Meghan H. Woolley, History, Hamilton, Royal Appropriations of the Arthurian Myth at Glastonbury Abbey

Lunch at Murray Aikins Dining Hall 12:30-1:20

Taiko Performance, Gannett Auditorium, 1:30-1:45 pm

Amanda L. Laven, Music, Union, Lolita-Chan in Taiko Land

Oral Presentations Session 2 1:50-2:45pm

Oral Session E, Bolton 280                                                                                          
Henry D. Anreder, Government, Hamilton, Comparative Responses of the Israeli Government, UNHCR and NGOs to African Asylum-Seeker Influx: 2004-2011
Matt Rothenberg, Government, Skidmore, The Generational Constitution
Laura Dugan, Sociology, Siena, Taylor vs. New Rochelle: Community Distress before the Public Trial       

Oral Session F, Bolton 281                                                                                          
Fatima Sall, Sociology, St. Lawrence, Women's Work: Examining the Indispensable Role of the Women of the Chipko Movement and the Niger Delta Protests in Combating Environmental Destruction
Hayden A. Kiessling, English, Hamilton, Kerouac’s Sincere Pursuit of Authenticity in On The Road
Krista R. Bartholomew, Sociology, Siena, The Effects of Facebook on Siena College Students  

Oral Session G, Bolton, 282                                                                        
Anna Lynch Sise, Physics, Union, Investigation of Laser Light in Color Reversal in Art Restoration
Simone Westerman, Psychology, St. Rose, Why do Some Elders Show a Lack of Interest in Health Promotion Programs: The Case of the Albany Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community
Tim Brodsky, Michelle Finan, Lily Ng, Aaron Sheppard, Exercise Sciences, Skidmore, Effects Of Mntbap And Co Treatment On Adiposity And Rev-Erb Dependent Expression                           

Oral Session H, Bolton, 382
Logan Arena, Eric Hultquist, Wesley Lefferts, Exercise Sciences, Skidmore, The Effects of Altered Core Temperature on Cardiovascular Strain, Thermal Strain and Performance
Lily Ng, Exercise Sciences, Skidmore, The effects of aging and isoform specific AKT ablation on insulin sensitivity and atrophy- related gene expression
Benjamin Humphreys, Computer Science, Union, Evolutionary Locomotion

Poster Session 2 2:50-4 pm

Poster Session A, Bolton 281
Nicholas M. Hugh, Government, St. Lawrence, Negotiating with the Enemy: Analyzing the Effectiveness of the United States’ Foreign Policy Toward North Korea
Chun Yee Lau ‘12, Ravi Jariwala, Biology, Hamilton, A Genomic Approach to Help Identify Genes Involved in Sexual Reproduction of Fish Parasite, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis
Andrew Ross ‘12, Aaron Beck ‘14, Biology, Skidmore, A Model For Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder In Zebrafish
Elon Gaffin-Cahn, Biology, Union, Dragonfly TSDN Response Time to Simulated Looming Objects
Kate Andrews, Psychology, Colgate, Spatial learning in crayfish: salience of visual and tactile cues

Poster Session B, Bolton 282
James M. Curro, Math, St. Lawrence, Analysis of NHL Hockey Players
Rachel Boughton, Biology, Siena, Heat-seeking behavior in bird lice: Thermal cues mediate host-parasite interactions
Katherine A. Littrell, Biology, Skidmore, The Adaptive Significance of Female Mating Preferences in the Common Yellowthroat: Oxidative Stress, Sexual Ornamentation, and Offspring Quality
Elle M. Rathbun, Carlos Gomez, Matt Parker, Neuroscience, St. Lawrence, Novel Application of Cerium Nanoparticles in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Daniel L Moss, Neuroscience, Biology and Chemistry, Skidmore, Expression and Purification of Channelrhodopsin-2 Protein in Pichia Pastoris
Carly Sacks and Hannah Brechka, David Domozych, Biology, Skidmore, The unique bipolar mechanism of cell expansion in the unicellular green alga, Penium margaritaceum 

Poster Session C, Bolton 283
Edward G. Richter, Biology, St. Lawrence, Ecology of Roadside Mosses
Dilyana Mihaylova, Daniel Feinberg, Bethany O’Meara, Ana Fernandez, Matthew Combs, and Professor William Pfitsch, Department of Biology, Hamilton, Abundance of Invasive Plants in Hamilton College Forests
M. Duval, C. Glassberg, A. Schmelkin,, Environmental Studies, Skidmore, Linking the distribution of a noxious exotic plant, Alliaria petiolata (Garlic Mustard), and candidate dispersal vectors.
Daniel Feinberg, Samuel Silverman, Mathew Combs, Ana Fernandez, Dilyana Mihaylova, Bethany O’Meara, Professor William Pfitsch, Department of Biology, Hamilton, Investigation of Invasive Plants in the Hamilton College Forests
Julie Pineda, Environmental Studies, Skidmore, Dirt Poor or Rich with Nutrients?  Soil Quality and Leaf Decomposition in Skidmore’s North Woods

Poster Session D, Bolton Hallway
Lindsay L. Schmitt and Becky Bui, Psychology Department, Skidmore, Are Two Spaces Better Than One? The Effect of Spacing Following Periods and Commas During Reading
Nicole K. Beers, Amy E. Callahan, Biology, St. Lawrence, Speaking of Smells: The Relationship Between the Verbal Description of Odors and Memory Recognition
Tani Leigh, Biology, Hamilton, Reconstructing the Eukaryotic Tree of Life Using Ribsomal Proteins as Molecular Markers
Tinashe E Nyanhete, Biology, Colgate, Nup53, Nup59, and Mlps are necessary for efficient nuclear protein export.
Andrea L. Conine and Sondra M. Lipshutz, Environmental Studies, Skidmore, Are The Catskills Streams Fast Or Slug-Like At Retaining Phosphorous?
Hannah Brechka and Carly Sacks, David Domozych, Biology, Skidmore, Chemical Biology of cell wall-altering agents in Penium margaritaceum, a unicellular model system for anisotropic growth studies in plants