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Latin was originally an ancient Italian dialect. Common to Latium, the area around Rome, it superseded other dialects as the Romans conquered the region and, later, the Italian peninsula.


Similarly, as the Romans established an empire throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, their language and culture spread even farther.

Lying at the heart of Western tradition, Latin is the foundation of Italian, Spanish, French, and the other Romance languages, and has influenced greatly the development of English.

Though ancient Latin is technically a dead language, thanks to the efforts of modern students, it lives on and offers lessons for the 21st century.


Students of CL 210 will

  • learn intermediate Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary;
  • understand the composition and style of Latin prose; and
  • gain access to Latin's historical and cultural contexts.

Furthermore, students will develop critical reading and thinking skills through class discussion, tests, and written exercises.

Professor Dan Curley
Office: 212 Filene
Hours: MW 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Telephone: 518.580.5463
Khang Le, Peer Tutor
Office: TBA
Hours: TBA



Your grade in CL 210 will be based on the number of points you earn over the course of the semester, both individually and with your peers.

Points will fall into one of four categories (see below). Your total in each category will be converted into a grade; a percentage of that grade will count toward your overall grade.

30%: Homework exercises
25%: In-class exercises (a.k.a. teamwork)
30%: Exams (two total)
15%: Vocabulary quizzes

Please visit the Policies page for information on the work involved with these categories, as well as when and how to complete the work.

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