David Vella - Favorite Literature


The authors below appear in roughly descending order in terms of my preferences. (When I get around to it, I may add some new ones and categorize them according to genre.) For now, I've added a few links to other pages devoted to these authors, and following each author are my choices for their best work(s). I've made no attempt to explain or justify my choices. They are there merely for the sake of unsuspecting web-surfers, who read and either smile & nod in agreement, fume with annoyance, or sit puzzle-faced and say "Huh?". If you find yourself in the third category, unable to recognize or recall most of these titles, please, shut down your computer, head to your nearest public library, and read as many of them as you can before you log-on again. We'll both feel a lot better.

One more comment; in order to save space I have refrained from including on the following list mathematical or other scientific treatises & textbooks, though I may include other works related to those fields.

Honorable Mention

The following authors (and my choices for their best works, based on my in many cases incomplete sampling of their work) deserve mention as runners-up to my list of first choices above.

Favorite Poets:

And now, for that personal touch, some of my own poetry:

Two years in Maine


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