MA202 - Calculus III


  1. Homework:

    Homework will be assigned frequently and collected roughly once per week. Occasionally, I may need to collect homework twice in one week in order to keep up with the lecture material. I typically divide the homework assignments into two pieces: the Collect problems are required work to be turned in for credit, while the Practice problems are optional problems to be done at your discretion. Sometimes the practice problems are similar to the collect problems and are assigned merely to give you more practice, while sometimes the practice problems are more challenging or explore topics not covered in the lectures.

    A record of the homework assignments will be kept on the course web page. Please check this frequently for updates, notes, & new assignments. Please do not fall behind on the assignments. If necessary, I will take credit off for assignments submitted more than 72 hours late.

    Some homework assignments may be collaborative in nature. The class will be divided into small groups of students (with 3 students in a group). The students within each group may work together on these asignments and turn in one paper for the entire group. Everyone in the group gets the same grade. Some of these collaborative assignments will be in the form of lab assignments, where student groups may work in the MCS Dept. computer laboratory. The dept. provides certain software packages which may help you with these assignments. The most used software package is Mathematica. You will keep the same lab partners throughout the semester.

  2. Exams:

    There will be two exams during the semester and a final exam. The final exam may or may not be cumulative. The exact dates of the exams will be given as the course progresses. For now, here is an approximate schedule:

    • Exam 1 - towards the end of Chapter 13
    • Exam 2 - towards the end of Chapter 15
    • Final Exam - After Chapter 16 is completed, or wherever we are when the course ends.

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