MA125H, MA225H, MA325H - Problem Solving in Mathematics

Fall Semester 2017

INSTRUCTOR: David C. Vella

OFFICE: Harder Hall 215

PHONE: x5291



TEXT: None


Tuesday: 2:10 - 3:30 PM in Harder 203

Here is a record of the journal problems for which this class has submitted solutions during the Fall 2017 semester:

And here is the list from Fall, 2016:

And from Fall, 2015:

And from Fall, 2014:

And from Fall, 2013:

And from Fall, 2012:

And from Fall, 2011:

And the list from Spring, 2011:

For statements of these problems, as well as eventual copies of our solutions (after the solutions have appeared in print), visit the website of the Skidmore College Problem Group.

(The Problem Solving Group Website is out of date. Please stand by while it is fixed.)

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