Professor and Chair, Dept. of Mathematics

Skidmore College

OFFICE: Harder Hall 215


To reach me:
Office: 518-580-5291

Cell: 518-225-0635


OFFICE HOURS for Fall, 2017:

My schedule for Fall, 2017.


Local Mathematical Activities:
Mathematics Publications:

Includes links to download some (but not yet all) all them.

What I teach at Skidmore, with links to course pages for current courses.

Dept. of Mathematics
& Computer Science

at Skidmore College.

I am available to deliver the following talks to your undergraduate math club or Dept. seminar:

  • Partitions, Catalan Numbers, and Fine Numbers

  • Explicit Formulas for Bernoulli & Euler Numbers

  • Counting Irreducible Polynomials over Finite Fields

  • Symmetry, Group Actions, and Euclidean Geometry

  • and possibly other topics.

I was part of the Dialogue series at the new Tang Museum in Fall 2000.


Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference.

Where undergraduates and faculty interact as colleagues for a day.

Skidmore College
Problem Group.

We've had roughly 12 of our solutions published so far. [This website is currently under revision.]

Center for Talented Youth

A program for gifted students run by the Johns Hopkins University. I sometimes teach math in their summer program which takes place on the Skidmore campus.

Mathematical Interests:

Right now it's just a list. Someday I hope to make it interactive and/or include links to more information about each topic.

My Erdos number is 4.

Other links of possible interest:

Pi Mu Epsilon - the national mathematics honor society.
I am a charter member of the New York Alpha Theta Chapter at Skidmore College.

MAA - the Mathematical Association of America

AMS - the American Mathematical Society

Skidmore College Honors Forum - I was the Director of the Honors Forum
(Fall, 2007 - Spring, 2011.)

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