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Scribner Seminar, Section 29
The Music between Us: Requirements
Fall 2012
Communication Requirements
1. Students will work in four teams of four to make daily class presentations on the readings and on subjects assigned by the instructor. Groups will prepare and present responses to assigned questions with the goal of illustrating the ideas to the rest of the seminar. Each team must be prepared to lead the discussion.
  I will base my grading of class participation on the preparedness and ingenuity of both the presenters and the other seminar members. All students are responsible for each day's readings.
2. Students will submit short biweekly essays on readings and discussion. Students will receive feedback on the content and writing style of their essays and have the opportunity to revise and resubmit these essays. The essays should be around 500 words and should not exceed 550 words, nor be shorter than 450 words. They are due no later than 4 PM on indicated Saturdays. Here are some pages describing how to write short essays.
  The first essay will be a time-capsule letter that students will write to themselves describing who they are now and what they hope to have achieved by graduation. They will revise this document until both the student and the instructor are satisfied with its quality. The instructor will send students a copy of their letter in the spring semester of their senior year.
3. Each presentation group will choose a topic describing the relationship between community and music. Topics can include musician communities (ensembles, unions, schools, etc.), consumer communities (fan clubs, Internet communities, magazines, etc.), or another aspect of the way music helps create bonds between people.
4. Students will prepare a paper (twelve-pages, double-spaced, 12-point). The paper will draw upon the information, the methodologies, and approaches of the semester's readings as well as upon the student's own research.
5. Students will also (a) make a 15-minute in-class presentation and (b) submit a written paper at the end of the semester on a class research topic.
(a) You will read your in-class paper to the seminar. The presentation portion of you grade (10%) will be based on your preparation and how closely you adhere to the 15-minute limit. Papers that are substantially under will be penalized. Students will be prevented from going beyond their alloted time. A fifteen-minute paper is about 2,550 words (at about 850-words per minute). Practice reading your paper aloud both for timing and style. [Note: nervous readers tend to read quickly.] (b) By 15 December, submit a revised version of the paper you presented in class.
Biweekly essays (including the time capsule letter) 50%
In-class presentations 30%
Research essay, including draft (submitted before your class presentation), class presentation (tba), and final written version (15 December). The points for these are draft (5), presentation (5), and paper (10). 20%
Scribner Seminar Goals
1. Students will read, respond, and write about the readings in the class's syllabus.
2. Students will research a subject of their own choosing and apply ideas discussed in class in a paper that they will present in both written and verbal form.
3. Students will meet with the instructor to discuss their work in the class, their writing, and their progress as Skidmore students. They will also have time in class to talk about common issues related to undergraduate education and the first-semester experience.
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