1960s British Rock and Pop Chronology
The Birth of a Nation 4: 1941
9 Jan Canada: successful debut of the Lancaster bomber.
12 Jan East Maddon, Derbyshire: ("Long") John William Baldry [d. 21 July 2005, Vancouver]. Singer
13 Jan Zurich, Switzerland: James Joyce (59) dies
16 Jan Hull: Michael (Mike) Waterson. The Watersons
17 Jan Slough, Buckinghamshire.: Dave Ballinger. Barron Knights
26 Jan Birmingham: Johnny Spencer [b. John Spencer Holliday]. Bassist: The Red Caps, Cuddly Dudley and the Redcaps, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
2 Feb Brombrough, Cheshire: Dave Williams. Dale Robers & the Jaywalkers, Group One, Four Originals
4 Feb Gateshead, County Durham: John Steel. Drums: Animals
6 Feb Sheffield: Dave Berry [b. David Holgate Grundy]. Singer: Dave Berry and the Cruisers
4 Feb Maus, Libya: British troops occupy the city.
14 Feb Uxbridge, London: Big Jim Sullivan [b. James George Tomkins]. Guitar; Wildcats, Tom Jones, session
21 Feb Newfoundland: Sir Frederick Banting, surgeon, killed in an air crash
1 Mar Nashville, Tennesee: First commercial FM radio station.
2 Mar Bognor Regis: Bruce Welch. Guitar: Shadows
7 Mar Abissynia: British troops invade.
10 Mar Kensington, Liverpool: Karl Terry [b. Terence Connor]. Karl Terry and the Cruisers, Group One.
11 Mar Washington, D.C.: The Lend-Lease Bill, providing war supplies to countries fighting the Axis
12 Mar Wellington Road?, The Dingle, Liverpool: Brian O'Hara. Guitar, vocals: The Red Mountain Rock and Skiffle Group, The O'Hara Boys, The Four Jays, The Fourmost
18 Mar Prattville, Alabama: Wilson Pickett
22 Mar Darney, Buckinghamshire: Jeremy Clyde [b. Michael Thomas Jeremy Clyde]. Singer, guitarist: The Jerks, Chad and Jeremy
28 Mar Newcastle-on-Tyne: Henry ("Hank") B. Marvin. Guitar: the Shadows
30 Mar Rochester, Staffordshire: Graeme Charles Edge. Drums: Moody Blues.
5 Apr New Malden, Surrey: Dave Swarbrick [b. David Cyril Eric Swarbrick]. Fiddle: The Ian Campbell Folk Group, Fairport Convention
6-7 Apr North Africa: German troops capture British generals Gambier-Parry, OConnor, and Neame.
17 Apr Dingle, Liverpool: Billy Fury [b. Ronald Wycherly; d. London, 28 January 1983]. Singer
18 Apr Southampton: Michael Vickers. Manfred Mann
27 Apr Athens, Greece: German troops invade
3 May Liverpool: German bombing raid.
5 May

Poole Dorset Hospital, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset: Roy Godfrey Phillips. Guitarist: The Tornados, The Saints and Andy Cavell, Heinz and the Saints, The Peddlers
Dublin, Eire: Rick Laird [b. Richard Quintin Laird]. Bass: The Brian Auger Trinity / Group, The Mahavishnu Orchestra

9 May London: The British break the German enigma code.
  Manchester, Lancashire: Peter Burell. Bass: The Kingfishers, Freddie and the Dreamers
10 May Britain: The heaviest day of the Blitz
London: Fires from Romford to Hammersmith in the London area with 1,436 killed; the House of Commons, Westminster Abbey, the Law Courts, the Royal Mint, and the Tower of London suffer damage.
Scotland: Rudolf Hess parachutes and surrenders
11 May Walker, Newcastle-on-Tyne: Eric Victor Burdon. Singer: Animals
12 May Alexandria, Egypt: British invade.
13 May Swarby, Lincolnshire: Joe (Joseph Roger) Brown. Singer, guitar; Joe Brown and the Bruvvers.
  Pacoima, California: Ritchie Valens [b. Richard Stephen Valenzuela; d. 3 February 1959]. Singer, guitarist, songwriter
16 May London and Birmingham: Last major Luftwaffe attacks.
21 May North Atlantic: German U-boat sinks the American SS Robin Moore
22 May Park Royal, Middlesex: Bruce Rowland. Joe Cocker, Fairport Convention
24 May North Atlantic: Battleship Bismark sinks the HMS Hood.
  Duluth, Minnesota: Bob Dylan [b. Robert Allen Zimmerman]
25 May Manchester, Lancashire: Roy Crewsdon. Guitar: The Kingfishers, Freddie and the Dreamers
26 May Woking: Arthur Sharp. Nashville Teens
27 May North Atlantic: British navy sinks the German battleship "Bismarck" off France
2 Jun University College Hospital, W1, London: Robert Charles ("Charlie") Watts. Drums: the Rolling Stones.
9 Jun Leicester: Jon Douglas Lord. Organ, keyboards; The Bill Ashton Combo, Red Bludd Musicians, The Art Wood Combo, The Artwoods, Santa Barbara Machine Head, The Flowerpot Men, Deep Purple
Hawkstone Street?, The Dingle, Liverpool: William ("Billy") Hatton. Bass: The Four Jays, The Fourmost
12 Jun Andover: Reg Presley [b. Reginald Maurice Ball]. Singer, guitar (Troggs)
21 Jun Liverpool: Brian Redman. (Four Jays; Fourmost; Sonny Webb & the Cascades; Hillsiders)
22 Jun Baltic Sea: Germany attacks the USSR.
28 Jun Bushbury, Wolverhampton, Warwickshire: Steve Brett [b. Steven Davies]. Steve Brett and the Mavericks
1 Jul New York City: WCBW (WCBS) and WNBT TV (W2XBS / WNBC) begin commercial television broadcasting.
10 Jul Woking: Ian Whitcomb
11 Jul Leicester, Leicestershire: Henry Thomas Lowther. Trumpet (John Mayall's Bluesbrakers, The Keef Hartley Band, The Henry Lowther Band)
15 Jul Oxford: Howard Florey and Norman Heatley discover a method of producing Penicillin.
19 Jul London: Winston Churchill launches his "V for Victory" campaign
27 Jul Warrington, Lancashire: John ("Butch") Mepham. Singer, guitar: The Sidekicks, The Metours Skiffle Group, The Jets, the Fourtones (with Allan Clarke & Graham Nash)
2 Aug Hendon, Middlesex: Andrew Roy Malcolm Steele. Herd
10 Aug Sunderland: George Bellamy. Guitar: Tornados, sessions
14 Aug Newfoundland: Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt sign Atlantic Charter.
20 Aug Isleworth: David Anthony Brock. Guitar: Hawkwind
22 Aug Leningrad: German troops arrive.
23 Aug Antrim, Northern Ireland: Peter Shannon Harris. Bass (Nashville Teens)
26 Aug Oldham, Lancashire: Christopher (Chris) Curtis. Drums: Searchers
Northallerton, Yorkshire: Peter Knight, Jr. Producer (Pye)
Kirdford, Sussex: Neil Landon / Pat Barlow [b. Neil Cahil]. Singer: The Flowerpot Men
30 Aug Walton General Hospital, 107 Rice Lane, Walton, Liverpool 9: John McNally. Guitar: Searchers
3 Spt Auschwitz: first use of poison gas (Zyclon-B) on Russian prisoners of war.
6 Spt Germany: The Nazi government orders Jews over the age of 6 to wear yellow Stars of David
9 Spt Dawson, Georgia: Otis Redding
  Huntingdon, Cambridgshire: Russell Hardy. Piano: The People Band
15 Spt Liverpool: William Leslie Braid. Swinging Blue Jeans
16 Spt Battersea, London: Ivor Kenneth Knight. Drums: the Scorpions.
19 Spt London: Mike Longhurst-Pickworth. Springfields
Fulham, Southwest London: Duffy Power [b. Raymond Howard]. Singer
3 Oct Andrews, South Carolina: Chubby Checker [b. Ernest Evans]
8 Oct Leicester: David (Dave) Arbus. Vocals, flute: The Ron Caines Quartet, East of Eden
13 Oct Newark, New Jersey: Paul Simon
16 Oct Tokyo: Hideki Tojo becomes Premier
17 Oct Dagenham, Essex: Alan Howard. Tremeloes
21 Oct Johannesburg, South Africa: Manfred Mann [b. Michael Sepse Lubowitz]. Keyboards: Manfred Mann.
23 Oct Aspatra, Cumbria: Greg Ridley [b. Alfred Ridley; d. 19 November 2003, Javera, Spain]. Bass: Dino and the Danubes, The Dakotas, The Ramrods, The VIP's, Art Spooky Tooth
2 Nov Barking, Essex: Brian Poole
7 Nov Sefton, Liverpool: Rodney (Rod) Verso Davis. Quarrymen
8 Nov Crowland, Lincolnshire: Rodney Desborough Slater. Sax: The Bonzo Dog Dada Band, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
12 Nov Bordesley Green, Birmingham: Raymond William Froggott. Vocal, guitar: Monopoly, The Raymond Froggott Band.
16 Nov Barnet, Hertfordshire: Eric John Lawrence. Producer.
18 Nov Dublin: Con Cluskey. Bachelors.
2 Dec Wimbeldon: Tom McGuinness [b. Thomas John Patrick McGuinness]. Bass: Manfred Mann.
7 Dec Pacific: Japan attacks American and British territories and possessions
8 Dec Washington and London: The US and Britain declare war against Japan
10 Dec Windermere, Cumbria: Chad Stewart [b. David Stuart Chadwick]. Singer, guitarist: The Jerks, Chad and Jeremy
11 Dec Berlin: Germany declares war on the US.
20 Dec Liverpool: Terence OToole. Mojos
25 Dec Hong Kong: Japanese troops invade
27 Dec Stourpourt-on-Severn: Ray Thomas. Moody Blues
Wallasey, Cheshire: Leslie Charles Maguire. Gerry and the Pacemakers
  Other 1941 Events
  Stephen Edward Molton. Manager
Aintree?, Liverpool: William ("Billy") Jones. Guitarist, singer: The Hi-Hats, The Ravens, Faron's Flamingos
Barnehurst, Kent: Wes Hunter [b. Richard Thomas]. Bassist: Shakin' Bentley and his Bachelors, Sounds Incorporated
  Kalamazoo, Michigan: Les Paul creates his first electric guitar, "The Log" in the Gibson Guitar factory
Los Angeles, California: Rickenbacker offers four different guitar amplifiers.
Los Angeles, California: Glenn Wallichs, Johnny Mercer, and Buddy DeSylva discuss the formation of a record company to be called Capitol Records, established early in 1942.
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