1960s British Rock and Pop Chronology
The Birth of a Nation 8: 1945
3 Jan Hull, Yorkshire: Philip Goodhand-Tate. Singer: The Stormville Shakers, Circus. Songwriter
7 Jan Hounslow, Middlesex: David Joseph Cousins. The Strawberry Hill Boys, The Strawbs.
10 Jan Highgate, North London: Roderick ("Rod") David Stewart. Singer; Long John Baldry and Hoochie Coochie Men, The Soul Agents, The Jeff Beck Group
20 Jan Manchester: Eric Michael Stewart Jr. Guitar, vocals; Mindbenders
21 Jan Middlesex: Barry Younghusband [Warm Sounds]
Folkstone, Kent: Peter Kircher. Drums; Neil Landon and the Burnettes, The Lonely Ones, Honeybus, The Original Mirrors, Status Quo.
4 Feb Yalta: Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin meet
5 Feb Paddington, West London: Reg King [b Reginald King]. Vocals; The Boyfriends, The Boys, Action
6 Feb St. Anns, Jamaica: Robert Marley
20 Feb Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Alan Hull [b. James Alan Hull]. Vocalist, guitarist: The Cresters, The Chosen Few, Lindisfarne
24 Feb Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire: "Lemmy" [b. Ian Fraser Kilminster]. Bass, vocals, guitar: The Rainmakers, The Motown Sect, The Rocking Vickers, Sam Gopal's Dream, Opal Butterfly, Hawkwind
25 Feb Dunstable: Richard (Duke) Palmer. Barron Knights
6 Mar Winchester: Hugh Birch Grundy. Drums: Zombies
7 Mar Richmond, Surrey: Tony "Top" Topham [b. Anthony Topham]. Guitar
9 Mar Catford, London: Robin Leonard Trower. Guitar: Procul Harum
22 Mar Cairo: The Arab League
24 Mar Birmingham: Michael ("Mike") Kellie. Drummer: Locomotive, The VIP's, Spooky Tooth
26 Mar Detroit: Diana Ross
29 Mar Hounslow, Middlesex: Don Craine [b. Michael John O'Donell]. Vocals; the Downliners Sect.
30 Mar Ripley: Eric Patrick Clapton
  Austria: The Soviet Union invades
12 Apr Warm Springs, Georgia: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (63) dies
Washington, D.C.: Harry S. Truman becomes President of the US
  Houston, near Glasgow, Renfreshire, Scotland: Miller Anderson. Guitarist: The Royal Crest, Karl Stuart and the Profile, The Voice, The Scenery, The Paper Blitz Tissue
14 Apr Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset: Richard Hugh Blackmore. Guitar; Outlaws: Deep Purple
17 Apr Liverpool: Anthony (Tony) Crane. Merseybeats
19 Apr New York City: Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "Carousel" opens on Broadway
23 Apr Watford, Hertfordshire: John Samuel Allen. Guitar; Nashville Teens
25 Apr Hampshire: David ("Dave") Lawson. Keyboards: Episode Six, Web, Samurai, Greenslade, Stackridge
25 Apr San Francisco: delegates meet to organize a "United Nations"
28 Apr Dongo, Italy: Benito Mussolini dies while attempting to escape
30 Apr Berlin: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide
May World War II ends: 360,000 British dead, urban centers destroyed by German bombing, repayment of a massive war debt to US and Canada begins (final payment in 2008)
2 May Berlin: falls to Soviet troops
Italy and parts of Austria: Nazi troops surrender to the Allies
3 May Rangoon: Indian forces capture Burma from the Japanese
4 May Netherlands, Denmark and northwest Germany: German forces surrender
7 May Rheims, France: Germany unconditionally surrenders
  Dublin Co Dublin, Eire: Christopher ("Christie") Andrew Moore. Folk singer, guitarist
9 May US: end of the midnight entertainment curfew
12 May Hounslown, Middlesex: Ian Patrick McLagen. Organ; Small Faces.
16 May Harrow, Middlesex: Bobby Posner [b. Robert Powell]. Bass: The Rokes
19 May Chiswick, London: Peter (Pete) Dennis Blandford Townshend
24 May Ponders End, Middlesex: Dave Peacock. Bass; Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
29 May Hackney Hospital, 230 Homerton High Street, Hackney, London: Gary Brooker. Vocals, piano: The Raiders, The Paramounts, Procul Harum.
4 Jun Braemar, Scotland: Gordon Waller. Vocals, guitar: Peter and Gordon.
12 Jun Andover: Reg Presley (b. Reginals Ball). Vocals, guitar: Troggs.
14 Jun St. Albans: Rod Argent. Singer, songwriter, Zombies, Argent
18 Jun London: William Joyce ("Lord Haw-Haw") charged with high treason for his broadcasts on German radio
24 Jun Hatfield: Colin Edward Michael Blunstone. Singer: Zombies
26 Jun San Francisco: The signing of the United Nations Charter by its founding members
28 Jun Islington, North London: David John Knights. Bass: Procol Harum
2 Jul Calcutta: Peter Cruickshank. Bass: Groundhogs
5 Jul Britain: Labour Party victory; Clement Atlee becomes Prime Minister; subsequent expansion of social security system
14 Jul Liverpool: Stuart Leslie. Mojos
16 Jul US: the first atomic bomb explosion, in the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico
19 Jul Coventry, Warwickshire: Wez Price. Guitar: The Unknowns, The Autocrats, The Sorrows, Indian Summer
21 Jul Stoke-on-Trent: Michael Wilshen. Four Pennies
2 Aug Potsdam, New York: Prime Minister Clement Attlee, President Truman, and Soviet Premier Josef Stalin conclude theirconference
6 Aug Hiroshima, Japan: The United States drops an atomic bomb killing about 140,000 people in the first use of a nuclear weapon in warfare
8 Aug The Soviet Union declares war against Japan
Truman signs the United Nations Charter
9 Aug Nagasaki, Japan: The United States detonates a nuclear device killing about 74,000
  Hounslown, Middlesex: Ian Gillian. Vocals: Deep Purple.
13 Aug Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire: Philip Peckham. Bass: The Vampires, The Boys Blue, The Sorrows
14 Aug Tokyo: Japan surrenders unconditionally
18 Aug Sydney, Australia: Vince Melouney. Bee Gees
19 Aug Wales: Brian Godding. Guitarist, vocals: The Grave Diggers, The Ingoes, Blossom Toes
21 Aug US: End of the Lend-Lease program that had shipped some $50 billion in aid to American allies
31 Aug Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland: George Ivan ("Van") Morrison. Vocals: Them.
2 Spt Japan formally signs documents of surrender aboard the USS Missouri, ending World War II
Ho Chi Minh declares Vietnam an independent republic
2 Spt Cleethorpes: Chris Holmes [b. Christopher Noel Holmes]. Organ: Time Box, Babe Ruth
5 Spt Glasgow, Scotland: Al Stewart. [folk artist]
9 Spt Finchley, London: Andrea Simpson. Caravelles
Oct New York: American Export offers regularly scheduled landplane commercial transatlantic flights between New York, Gander, Shannon, and Bournemouth. Flight time=14 hours on a DC4.
1 Oct Lincoln: John Roy Tebb. Casuals
7 Oct Manchester: Kevin Godley. Drummer: The Sabres, 10cc
8 Oct The Pinewoods: Ray Royer. Procol Harum
  Washington, D.C.: President Truman announces that the U.S. would only share the secret of the atomic bomb with Britain and Canada
14 Oct Peterborough, Cambridgeshire: Colin Hodgkinson. Bass: Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, Brian Auger, Back Door, Cozy Powell's Hammer
20 Oct Cannock, Staffordshire: Richard ("Ric") Lee. Drummer: Ricky Storm and the Storm Cats, The Mansfields, The Jay Birds, Ten Years After, Chicken Shack
21 Oct Birmingham: Harry Llewellyn Jackson. Applejacks
24 Oct The United Nations charter takes effect
  Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Michael ("Micky") Gallagher. Organ: The Wayfarers, The Unknowns, The Cresters, The Wreckendykes, The Hi Fis, Billy Bain and the Phantoms, The Clique, The Chosen Few, The Animals, Skip Bifferty, Arc, Bell and Arc
28 Oct Manchester: Wayne Fontana [b. Glynn Geoffrey Ellis]. Singer
30 Oct U.S.: government announces the end of shoe rationing (NYTimes)
31 Oct Nottingham: Richard ("Rick") Kenton. Bassist: Mouse Proof, Armada, Leigh Stevens, Roxy Music
19 Nov Britain: Andrew McCulloch. Drums: Shylimbs
20 Nov Nuremberg, Germany: 24 Nazi leaders go on trial before the Nuremberg Tribunal
23 Nov U.S.: Most wartime rationing of foods, including meat and butter, ends
25 Nov Lincoln: Howard Newcomb. Casuals
26 Nov Ealing, West London: John Graham McVie. Bass: John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood Mac.
Macclesfield, Cheshire: Joe Beard [b. Christopher John Beard]. Guitar: The Purple Gang.
30 Nov Brynllici Farm, Bwlch, near Brecon, Powys, Wales: Roger David Glover. Bass, vocals: The Madisons, The Lightenings, Episode Six, Deep Purple
Coventry: Robert Woodward / Shel Naylor [b. Robert George Woodward]. Singer, piano: Stavely Makepeace, Lieutenant Pigeon
12 Dec Nottingham: Alan Ward. Guitar, piano, organ: Honeycombs
25 Dec Folkstone, Kent: Noel David Redding. Bass: Jimi Hendrix Experience
30 Dec Manchester: Davy Jones [b. David Thomas Jones]. Singer, guitarist: The Monkees, "Coronation Street"
31 Dec Wales: Martin Ace. bassist: The Vikings, The Jets, The Aces, Breeze, Man
  Other 1945 Artifacts
  Chopwell, Co. Durham: Richard (Ricky) Brown. Bass: Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages
  Fullerton, California: the K & F Manufacturing Corporation, founded by Clayton Orr (Doc) Kauffman and Clarence Leonidas ("Leo") Fender, begins producing electric Hawaiian lap steel guitars.
Kalamazoo, Michigan: Gibson begins manufacturing the P-90 single-coil pickup.

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