1960s British Rock and Pop Chronology
The Birth of a Nation 9: 1946
1 Jan London: first civilian flight from Heathrow Airport (London to Lisbon and Buenos Aires)
  Erlangen, West Germany: Franconian music production Fred Wilfer investment trust (Framus) opens to build violins. They will soon produce guitars too.
2 Jan Mod, Flintshire, Wales: Michael George ("Chick") Churchill. Keyboard: Ten Years After
3 Jan Sidcup: John Paul Jones [b. John Baldwin]. Bass, music director, producer: Led Zeppelin
6 Jan Cambridge: Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett [d. Cambridgeshire, England, 7 July 2006]. Guitar, vocals; Pink Floyd.
7 Jan Erdington? Birmingham: Andrew ("Andy") Brown. Drummer: The Lawmen, The Fortunes
10 Jan London: The first United Nations General Assembly
Manchester: Bob Lang [Mindbenders]
19 Jan Cardiff: John David Williams. Love Sculpture
2 Feb Liverpool: Whistling Jack Smith [b. William "Billy" Moeller]
3 Feb Fulham, South-west London: Stanley ("Stan") Webb. Guitar, vocals: The Blue Four, The Shades 5, The Sounds of Blue, Chicken Shack
14 Feb Britain: The Bank of England nationalised
21 Feb Andover, Hampshire: Paul Newton. Bass, vocals: The Gods, Spice, Uriah Heep
1 Mar Birmingham, Warwickshire: David ("Dave") Casswell. Guitar; The Keef Hartley Band
Blackburn, Lancashire: Edward Anthony ("Tony") Ashton [d. 28 May 2001]. Organ: Family
5 Mar Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri: Churchill warns that "from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent"
  London: Louis Cennemo. Bass: The Five Dimensions, Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions, Patto's People, The Chicago Line Blues Band, Renaissance, Collesseum, Steamhammer, Axis
6 Mar Cambridge: David Jon Gilmour. Guitar, vocals: Pink Floyd.
7 Mar Croydon, London: Matthew Charles Fisher. Organ, keyboards: Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages, Procul Harum.
9 Mar Yeovil, Somerset: James ("Jim") Cregan. Guitar: Family, Cockney Rebel / Rod Stewart Band
10 Mar London (?): Peter Nelson [b. Peter Lipscomb; d. October 2005]. Singer: Flowerpot Men.
19 Mar Cuffley: Paul Atkinson. Guitar: Zombies
21 Mar Ashford, Middlesex: Raymond Edward Dorset. Vocals, guitar; Mungo Gerry.
22 Mar Transjordan: The British mandate ends
24 Mar Kinearoy, Queensland, Australia: Colin Peterson. Bee Gees
26 Mar Farnworth, Lancashire: Keith Grant (b. Keith Grant Evans). Vocalist, bassist; the Downliners Sect.
1 Apr Plaistow, London: Ronnie Lane [Small Faces]
3 Apr Southgate, North London: Dave Murray [b. David Murray Oates]. Bass: The Mirage, The Spencer Davis Group, The Elton John Band, Procol Harum
14 Apr Baillieston, Lanarkshire: Patrick Fairley. Marmalade
21 Apr Firle, Sussex: John Maynard Lord Keynes dies (63).
27 Apr Bournemouth, Dorset: Gordon Haskell [b Gordon Hiondies]. Bass, vocals: Fleur de Lys
10 May Maryhill, Glasgow: Donovan Philips Leitch
Manchester: Graham Gouldman
Worcester: Dave Mason
14 May Leeds: Derek (Lek) Leckenby. Hermans Hermits
16 May The Bear Cross Nursing Home, Bear Cross, Wimbourne, Dorset: Robert Fripp. Guitar: King Crimson
Willesden, London: Roger Earl. Drums: The Tramps, Sweet and Sour, Camino Real, Mungo Gerry, Savoy Brown, Foghat
17 May US: Truman seizes control of the nations railroads, delaying a threatened strike by engineers and trainmen
25 May Transjordan (Jordan): King Abdullah Ibn Ul-Hussein creates a kingdom
  London: Timothy ("Tim") Hinckley, Organ; The Bo Street Runners, Patto's People, The Chicago Line Blues Band, Jody Grind, Dick and the Firemen, Vinegar Joe, Beckett
26 May Hull, Yorkshire: Michael ("Mick") Ronson. Guitarist: The Mariners, The King Bees, John Tomlinson and the Buccaneers, The Crestas, The Voice, Wanted, The Rats, Treacle, The Rats, David Bowie and the Hype
5 Jun Stamford: Terrence (Terry) Rice-Milton. Cupid's Inspiration
7 Jun Merthyr Tydfil, Wales: Michael ("Mickey") Jones. Guitarist: The Bystanders, Man
11 Jun Halifax: John Lawton. Singer: Stonewall, Astrix, The Les Humphries Singers, Lucifer's Friend, Uriah Heep
12 Jun Walthamstow, East London: Peter Pyle. Guitar: The Honeycombs
16 Jun Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire: Ian Matthews [b. Ian Matthews McDonald]. Guitarist, vocalist: The Classics, The Rebels, The Imps, The Pyramids, Fairport Convention, Matthew's Southern Comfort, Plainsong
17 Jun London: Columbia releases George in Civvy Street, George Formby's last film
London: B J Cole. Pedal steel guitar: Cochise, Quiver
25 Jun Osterley, Middlesex: Ian McDonald. Guitar: Giles, Giles and Fripp, King Crimson
26 Jun Dublin, Eire: Richard McCracken. Bassist: Taste, Stud, Spencer Davis
1 Jul Pacific: The US explodes a 20-kiloton atomic bomb in the Pacific
5 Jul Paris: The bikini makes its debut at an outdoor fashion show
  Warwick?, Warkwickshire: Victor Unitt. Guitar: The Edgar Broughton Band, The Pretty Things, The Edgar Broughton Band
Woodford, Essex: John Coppin. Guitar: Decameron
21 Jul Manchester: Jan Barry Whitwam. Drums: Hermans Hermits
22 Jul Jerusalem: Jewish terrorists blow up part of the King David Hotel killing 90 people
24 Jul St. Pauls Cray, Kent: Alan Whitehead. Marmalade
4 Aug Liverpool: Raymond Arthur Scraggs [d. 7 February 2001]. Guitarist, vocalist: The Dennisons
8 Aug Ystrad Mynoch, Hengoed, Glamorgan, South Wales: Andy Fairweather-Low. Guitar, vocals; The Taffbeats, The Sect Maniacs, Amen Corner
13 Aug Barry: Rob ("Congo") Jones. Love Scupture
  London: H.G. Wells (80) dies
16 Aug Bootle, Liverpool: Gordon Henry ("Snowy") Fleet. Easybeats
18 Aug Holbeach, Norfolk: Raymond ("Boz") Burrell. Bass, vocals: Lombard and the Tea Time Four, Boz People
20 Aug Manchester: Iain Clarke. Drummer: Cressida, Uriah Heep
5 Spt Coatbridge: Dean Ford [b. Thomas McAleese]. Marmalade
6 Spt Liverpool: David Foster. Bass; The Warriors (1960-67)
6 Spt Houston, Texas: Billy Preston [d. 6 June 2006, Scottsdale, Arizona]
12 Spt Liverpool: David Garrick [b. Darrell Philip Corré]. Singer
18 Spt Kentish Town, London: Alan ("Bam") King. Guitarist, singer: Sandra Barry and the Boys, The Boyfriends, The Boys, Action, Clat Thyger, Ace Flash and the Dynamos, Ace
19 Spt London: John R. Coghlan. Status Quo
24 Spt Manhattan, New York City: Gerard ("Gerry") Donahue. Guitarist: Fotheringay, Heads, Hands and Feet, Fairport Convention
28 Spt Stamford: Garfield Tonkin. Cupids Inspiration
Bethnal Green Hospital, Bethnal Green, London: Helen Shapiro. Singer
29 Spt Bury, Lancashire: Ian Wallace. Drums: The Warriors, Neil Innes' World
  BBC: BBC Third Program begins broadcasting classical music, concerts and plays.
2 Oct Glasgow?: James Dower. Bassist: The Gleneagles, Lulu and the Luvvers, The Luvvers, The Power
14 Oct Swindon: David Justin Hayward. Guitar: Moody Blues
16 Oct Nuremberg: Ten Nazi war criminals, condemned during the Nuremberg trials, hanged (NYTimes)
18 Oct Paisley, Strathclyde, Scotland: Joseph ("Joe") Egan. The Censors, The Fifth Column, The Mavericks
21 Oct Port Talbot, West Glamogan, Wales: Philip Ryan. Organist: The Smokestacks, Phil Ryan the Crescents, The Eyes of Blue, Man
26 Oct Davyhulme, Manchester: Keith Hopwood. Guitar: Herman's Hermits
29 Oct London: Peter Green [b. Peter Greenbaum]. Guitar: Fleetwood Mac
30 Oct Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan, Wales: Chris Slade [b. Christopher Rees]. Drummer: Tommy Scott and the Squires, Tom Jones and the Playboys, Tomorrow, Manfred Mann's Chapter Three, Uriah Heep
Nov London: The Labour Government begins nationalizing British industries
1 Nov Bordeaux, France: Richard Roman ("Rick") Grech [d. 17 March 1990, Gwendolen Road Hospital, Leicester]. Bassist, singer, violinist: Family, Blind Faith
8 Nov Birmingham: Roy Adrian Wood. Guitar, keyboards: Move
Canvey Island, Essex: The Big Figure [b. John Martin]. Drummer: The Roamers, The Essex Five, The Glass Openings, The Exploding Monocle, Hyde Park, Finians Rainbow, Dr Feelgood
11 Nov Surbiton, Surrey: Chris Dreja. Guitar; Yardbirds
Shepherds Bush, London: Leonard Donald ("Chip") Hawkes. Tremeloes
17 Nov King's Heath, Birmingham: Martin Lancelot Barre. Guitarist: The Dwellers, The Moonrakers, Gethsemane, Jethro Tull
25 Nov Holloway: John Hall. Equals
Manchester: Geoffrey Foot. The Casuals, The Easybeats, Herman's Hermits
28 Nov Anfleid, Liverpool: William ("Bill") Ellis Kinsley. Merseybeats
8 Dec Glasgow: John Graham Knight. Marmalade
10 Dec Moseley, Birmingham: Chris "Ace" Kefford [b. Christopher John Kefford]. Bass; Carl Wayne and the Vikings, The Move
11 Dec Highgate, London: David Ambrose. Brian Auger Trinity
12 Dec Stamford: Laughton James. Cupid's Inspiration
14 Dec London: Edmond ("Ed") Spevock. Drums: The Amboy Dukes, Babe Ruth, Chicken Shack, The Peddlers
Colraine, Co Derry, Northern Ireland: John ("Jackie") McAuley. Organ, singer, harmonica: Them, The Belfast Gypsies, Trader Horn, Lonnie Donegan
23 Dec Eversham, Worcester: Luther James Grosvenor. Guitarist, vocalist: Deep Feeling, The Hellions, The VIP's, Art, Spooky Tooth
29 Dec Hampstead, London: Marianne Faithfull [b. Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull]. Singer
30 Dec Luton, Bedfordshire: Clive William Bunker. Drummer: The John Evan's Smash, Jethro Tull
  Other 1946 Artifacts
  Stockport, Cheshire: Ank Langley [b. Trevor Langley]. Banjo, ,jug: The Purple Gang.
Hyde, North Staffordshire: Peter John Walker. Vocal: The Purple Gang.
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