1960s British Rock and Pop Chronology
The Birth of a Nation 10: 1947
6 Jan Atkinson Morley's Hospital, Copse Hill, London: Alexandra (Sandy) Elene MacLean Denny [d. 21 April 1978]. Singer: Fairport Convention
8 Jan 40 Stansfield Road, Brixton, London: David Bowie [b. David Robert Hayward-Jones]. Singer: David Jones and the King Bees, David Jones and the Manish Boys, Davie Jones and the Lower Third, David Bowie and the Buzz, David and the Hype
12 Jan Bromley, Kent: Michael Blakley. The Blossoms, The Epics, Christie
18 Jan Cambridge: Willy Wilson [b. John Wilson]. Drummer: The Swinging Vibros, the Fen Four, Easy Moses, the Silver Street Blues Band, Coil
19 Jan Auburn, NY: John G. Perry. Bassist, vocalist: Gringo, Utopia, Toast, Gring, Spreadeagle, Caravan, Dwaitum, Quantum Jump, Curved Air
21 Jan Taminavoulin, Banffshire, Scotland: Pye Hastings [b. Julian Frederick Gordon Hastings]. Guitarist: The Wilde Flowers, Caravan
29 Jan Epping, Essex: David Bryan [b. David Garrick; d. 28 February 1985, Reading, Surrey]. Singer: The Stalkers, Spice, Uriah Heep
30 Jan London: Steve Marriott. Singer, guitarist: Small Faces, Humble Pie
Jan Newport, Wales: Nick Evans. Trombone: Soft Machine
2 Feb Halifax: Alan Taylor. Casuals
Carmathan, Glamorgan, South Wales: John Patrick Weathers. Drums: Eyes of Blue, Gentle Giant
3 Feb 6 Denmark Terrace, Fortis Green, London: David Russell Gordon Davies. Guitar, vocals: The Kinks
6 Feb Woodhouse, Sheffield: Dave Berry [b. David Holgate Grundy]. Singer
Swansea, Glamorgan, South Wales: Alan Jones. Baritone sax; The Sect Maniacs, Amen Corner, Judas Jump
7 Feb Croydon, Surrey: Terence ("Terry") Frederick Gibson. Guitar; The Downliner Sect.
11 Feb The Gorbals, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland: Derek Victor Schulman. Vocals: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, Gentle Giant
20 Feb Paddington, London: Wyndham George. Cupid's Inspiration
  London: Viscount Mountbatten of Burma appointed last Viceroy of India
24 Feb London: Timonthy Staffell. Singer, bass: The Railroaders, 1984, Smile
26 Feb Dagenham, Essex: Sandie Shaw [b. Sandra Goodrich]
27 Feb Lincoln: Graham Richard Priestley. Guitar, keyboard, vocals, bass: Images;the Avengers, the Casuals, Forward Line
3 Mar Streatham, Southwest London: Dave Kelly. John Dummer Blues Band.
5 Mar Ireland: Kevin Westlake. Drums; Johnny B Great and the Quotations, The Ingoes, Blossom Toes
8 Mar Britain?: Philip ("Phil") Sawyer. Guitar:; The Spencer Davis Group
11 Mar Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales: Michael John ("Blue") Weaver. Keyboard: The Witnesses, Amen Corner, Fair Weather, The Strawbs
12 Mar Washington: Announcement of the "Marshall Plan"
18 Mar Edmonton, London: Barrie James ("B. J.") Wilson. Drums: Procul Harum
20 Mar Birmingham: Carl Palmer
22 Mar The Hague, Netherlands: Harry Vanda [b. Harry Vandenberg]. Easybeats
23 Mar Solihull: Donald Peter Gould. Applejacks
Croydon, Surrey: John Blunt. Drums:; Searchers.
27 Mar London: Andrew Steven Brown. Herd
1 Apr Croydon, Surrey: Robin Esmond Scott. Vocals, guitar. [Later appeared as "M"]
4 Apr South London: Suzanne ("Tiger") Mathis. Singer: Paper Dolls
10 Apr Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales: Burke Shelley born John Burke Shelley. Bass, vocals; The Hills Contemporary Grass, Budgie Droppings, Budgie
14 Apr Bournemouth, Dorset: Lee Kerslake. Drummer, vocalist: The Gods, Toe Fat, National Head Band, Uriah Heep
15 Apr Manchester: Keith Miller [d. 17 May 2005]. Organist, guitarist: The St Louis Union
Stamford, Lincolnshire: David Jackson [b. David Nicholas George Jackson]. Sax, flute, composer: Van Der Graff Generator
21 Apr Shepherds Bush, West London: John Weider. Bass: Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Eric Burdon and the New Animals
23 Apr Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria: Glenn Cornock [b. Glenn Douglas Barnard]. Bassist: Joey and the Jailbreakers, The Vikings, Formula One, The Hobos, The Executives, The John Evan Smash, Jethro Tull
27 Apr Gwent Gardens? Townhill, Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales: Peter William Ham, [d. 23.4.1975, West London]. Guitar, vocalist: The Panthers, The Black Velvets, The Wild Ones, The Iveys, Badfinger
28 Apr Thor Heyerdahl begins his Pacific voyage across the Pacific in the Kon Tiki to prove his theory of a physical relationship between Polynesian and American Indian cultures
29 Apr Stamford, Lincolnshire: Roger Gray. Cupid's Inspiration
6 May London: Dennis Cowan. Bassist: The Devil's Disciples, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, World, The Big Grunt, The Bonzo Dog Band
13 May Yardley, Birmingham: Overend Watts [b. Peter Overend Watts]. Bassist, vocalist: Ron Rudge and his Ploughman Band, The Sandstomers, The Anchors, The Wild Dog's Hell Hounds, The Silence, The Buddies, The Problem, The Doc Thomas Group
16 May Bournemouth, Dorset: Darrell Anthony Sweet [d. 30 April 1999, Albany, Indiana]. Drummer: The Shadettes, Nazareth
20 May Grimsby, Yorkshire: Steve Currie [d. 28 April 1981, Val Da Parra, Portugal]. Bassist: The Rumble, Tyranosaurus Rex
31 May Glasgow: Wullie Campbell Junior (b. Junior Wulllie Campbell). Marmalade
3 Jun Thornton Heath, Surrey: Michael Norman ("Micky") Finn [d. 11.1.2003, in Croydon, Surrey]. Bongos, singer: Tyrannosaurus Rex
5 Jun Harvard University: Secretary of State George C. Marshall outlines "The Marshall Plan"
  Liverpool: Thomas Evans [d. 23 November 1983 Surrey]. Guitarist: The Inbeatweens, The Calderstones, The Iveys, Badfinger
7 Jun Liverpool: Chick Graham [b. Graham Jennings]. Vocalist: Chick Graham and the Coasters
8 Jun London: Julie Driscoll. Singer
Walthamstow, East London: Michael ("Mick") Box. The Stalkers, Spice, Uriah Heep
11 Jun Bournemouth, Dorset: Richard Palmer James born Richard W Palmer James. Guitarist: The Richard Palmer-James Group, Tetrad, Ginger Man
12 Jun US: The end of household and institutional sugar rationing
17 Jun Benchill, Wythenshawe, Manchester: Paul Young [d. 15 July 2000]. Singer: Johnny Dark and the Midnights, Paul Fender and the Teenbeats, Paul Fender's Rhythm and Blues Inc, Paul Fender and the Tigers
Birmingham: Guy Randolph Evans. Drums: Van Der Graff Generator
21 Jun Liverpool: Joseph ("Joey") Charles Molland. Bassist: The Assassins, The Profiles, The Masterminds, The Mersey with the Fruit Eating Bears, Badfinger
23 Jun Paris: British foreign secetary Ernest Bevin and French foreign minister Georges Bidault meet with Vyachslav Molitov, Soviet commissar for foreign affairs to discuss the American offer of financial assistance
24 Jun Redruth: Mick Fleetwood [John Mayall]
26 Jun Acton, Birmingham: Hartley Thomas Caine. Guitar; Monopoly, The Raymond Froggott Band.
1 Jul Hillingdon, Middlesex: Ronald David Wood. Guitar, vocals; Birds, Small Faces, Faces (Rolling Stones)
8 Jul Roswell, New Mexico: Roswell Army Air Field issues a press release about the crash of a flying disk.
9 Jul London: Buckingham Palace announces that Princess Elizabeth is engaged to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten
Ealing, London: John "Mitch" Mitchell
12 Jul Canvey Island, Essex: Wilko Johnson [b. John Wilkinson]. Guitarist: The Roamers, The Heap, The Flowerpots, The Fix, The North Avenue Jug Band, Dr Feelgood
15 Jul Surbition, Surrey: Twinkle [b. Lynne Annette Ripley]. Singer
19 Jul Gloucester Nursing Home, Hampton, Middlesex: Brian May Guitarist, Singer: 1984, Smile, Queen
21 Jul Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street, London, W1: Cat Stevens [b. Steven Demetri Georgiou].
23 Jul Paris: Committee of European Economic Cooperation (CEEC) meets to plan European implementation of the Marshall Plan
26 Jul Washington: President Truman signs the National Security Act that created the Dpartment of Defense, the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, thus unifying the U.S.s armed forces.
  Weston-super-Mare, Somerset: Ian A Anderson. Bottleneck guitarist, vocalist: Ian Anderson's Country Blues Band
30 Jul Leeds Castle Estate, Kent: Robert John Godfrey. Barclay James Harvest, Enid
Blackpool: Jeffrey Hammond. Bassist: The Blades, The John Evan Band, The John Evans Band / Blues Band / Big Soul Band, The John Evan Band, The John Evan's Smash, Jethro Tull
31 Jul Davyhulme, Manchester: Karl Anthony Green. Bass: Hermans Hermits
Aug New York: Pan Am begins regularly scheduled non-stop transatlantic flights to London with Lockheed Constellation aircraft.
7 Aug Polynesia: The balsa wood raft Kon-Tiki completes its trip carrying a six-man crew 4,300 miles across the Pacific Ocean, crashing into a Polynesian reef
10 Aug Dunfermline, Fife: Ian Scott Anderson. Singer, flute: The Atlantics, Johnny Breeze and the Atlantics, The Blades, The John Evan Band, The John Evans Band / Blues Band / Big Soul Band, The John Evan Band / Smash, Jethro Tull
14 Aug Pakistan: gains independence from the UK
  Stafford, Staffordshire: George Newsome. Drummer: The Climax Chicago Blues Band
15 Aug India: gains independence from the UK
  Brooklyn, New York: Jackie Robinson plays his first game with the Dodgers, breaking baseball's color barrier
23 Aug Willesden, London: Keith John Moon [d. 7 September 1978, Mayfair, London]
25 Aug Bristol, Somerset: Keith Graham Tippett. Piano
1 Spt The Jane Crookall Maternity Home, Douglas, Isle of Man: Barry Alan Crompton Gibb. Guitar, vocals
3 Spt Britain?: Eric Robin Bell. Guitar: The Bluebeats, The Earth Dwellers, The Atlantics, The Deltones, Van Morrison and Them Again, Thin Lizzy
5 Spt Britain: Melvin ("Mel") Collins. Bass, organ: Circus
9 Spt Whitefields?, Manchester: Lol Creme [b. Lawrence Neil Creme]. Singer, guitarist: The Sabres, Hotlegs, 10cc
11 Spt King's Lynn, Norfolk: Gerard ("Gerry") Conway. Drummer: Alexis Korner's Blues Incorprated, Election, Fotheringay, Jethro Tull
28 Spt Brecon, Powys, Mid Wales: Peter Hope-Evans. Harmonica, jews harp: Medicine Head
30 Spt Hackney Hospital, Hackney, East London: Marc Bolan [b. Marc Feld; d. Barnes Bridge, Barnes Common, South-west London, 16 September 1977]. Singer, guitarist: John's Children, Tyrannosaurus Rex
5 Oct Washington: In the first televised White House address, President Truman asks Americans to refrain from eating beef and pork on Tuesdays and poultry on Thursdays to help stockpile grain for starving people in Europe (NYTimes)
6 Oct Claredon, Jamaica: Mildred ("Millie") Small
10 Oct Birmingham: Philip Peter Cash. Applejacks
13 Oct Hammersmith, London: Alan Wakeman. Saxophone/clarinet/flute, piano: The London Youth Jazz Orchestra, The National Youth Jazz Orchestra, The Dave Holdsworth Quartet, Mike Westbrook, The Alan Wakeman Band, Soft Machine, The David Essex Band
14 Oct California: Chuck Yeager becomes the first person to break the sound barrier
20 Oct Birmingham: Martin Thomas Baggott. Applejacks
24 Oct Warwick, Warkwickshire: Robert Edgar Broughton. Guitar, vocal: The Edgar Broughton Band
25 Oct Woodbridge, Suffolk: Barry Landerman. Organist: Sounds 4 + 1, Three's a Crowd, Kippington Lodge, Vanity Fare
2 Nov Birmingham: David Pegg. Bassist, vocalist, guitarist: Roy Everett's Blues Hounds, The Uglys, The Ian Campbell Folk Group, Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull
4 Nov Neath, Glamorgan, South Wales: Michael "Mike" Joseph Smith. Tenor sax: Lot 13, Amen Corner, Judas Jump
5 Nov Manchester: Peter Blair Denis Bernanrd Noone. Vocals: Hermans Hermits
6 Nov Glasgow: George Young. Easybeats
Belfast, Northern Ireland: John Wilson. Drummer: Them, The Misfits, Cheese
10 Nov Bournemouth, Dorset: Gregory Stewart Lake. Bass, guitar, vocals: King Crimson
16 Nov St. Albans, Hertfordshire: Paul Raymond. Plastic Penny
20 Nov London: Britain's future queen, Princess Elizabeth, marries Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, in a ceremony broadcast worldwide from Westminster Abbey
22 Nov Willesden, North-west London: Roderick Price [d. 23 March 2005, Wilton, New Hampshire]. Guitar: Shakey Vic's Big City Blues Band, The Dynaflow Blues, The Black Cat Bones, Foghat
24 Nov London: Congress cites a group of writers, producers and directors (the "Hollywood Ten") for contempt for refusing to answer questions about alleged Communist influence in the movie industry
28 Nov Walton-on-Thames: Graham ("Gary") Taylor. Herd
29 Nov UN: resolution calling for the partition of Palestine between Arabs and Jews
Dec Bombay, India: Garth Watt-Roy. Guitarist, vocalist: The Living Daylights, The Ossie Lane Show, The Greatest Show on Earth, Fuzzy Duck, East of Eden, Marmalade, The Barron Knights
6 Dec Newbridge, Powys, Wales: Kim Maiden Simmonds. The Savoy Brown Blues Band, Savoy Brown
12 Dec Skegness: Graham Bonnet. Marbles
22 Dec Bell Labs, New Jersey: William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain build first practical point-contact transistor
23 Dec Wynonie "Blues" Harris records "Good Rockin Tonight"
28 Dec Hilversum, Netherlands: Richard Diamonde [b. Dingerman Van Der Slys]. Bass: Easybeats
30 Dec Birmingham: Jeff Lynne. Guitar, vocals: Idle Race, Move
  Other 1947 Artifacts
  Leek, Staffordshire: Geoffrey Paul Boyer. Organ. The Purple Gang.
Hyde, North Staffordshire: Gerry Robinson [b. David John Robinson]. Piano and washboard. The Purple Gang.
Scotland: William ("Billy") Bremner. Guitar; Johnny B Great and the Quotations, Rockpile
Britain?: Peter Clarke. Drummer: The Escorts, Them Grimbles, session musician
Whitton, Middlesex: David Dilloway. Bassist: 1984, The Left Handed Marriage
Liverpool?: Michael Gregory. Bassist, vocalist: The Escorts, The Swinging Blue Jeans
Hounslow, Middlesex: Richard Thompson. Drummer: The Fifth Column, 1984
Belfast, Northern Ireland: Eric Wrixon. Organist: Them, Thin Lizzy

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