1960s British Rock and Pop Chronology
January JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 West Hampstead, London: Brian Poole & the Tremeloes and the Beatles audition for Decca
3 US: Army expanded to 16 divisions
5 Tony Sheridan with the Beat Brothers: "My Bonnie"/"The Saints" [Polydor NH 66833; UK release; no chart]
11 Cliff Richard and the Shadows: "The Young Ones" [Columbia DB 4761, charts; UK #1, 6 weeks]
  Joe Brown and the Bruvvers: "What a Crazy World We're Living In" [Piccadilly 7N 35024, charts, UK #37]
14 Bradford: Musicians supporting the colour bar in dance halls form a rival union, the British Federation of Musicians
15 Britain: weather service begins issuing centigrade temperature measurements with Fahrenheit equivalents
18 Eden Kane: "Forget Me Not" [Decca F 11418, charts, UK #3]
Lonnie Donegan: "The Commancheros" [Pye 7N 15410, charts, UK #8] /"Ramblin' Round"
Adam Faith: "Lonesome" [Parlophone R 4864, charts, UK #12]
Danny Williams: "Jeannie" [HMV POP 968, charts, UK #14]
24 Liverpool: The Beatles sign a management contract with Brian Epstein
25 Karl Denver: "Wimoweh" [Decca F 11420, charts, UK #4]
30 Bradford: Mecca Locarno drops its colour ban
  Other January Events
  London, South Grove Youth Club: The Dave Clark Five give a concert to raise fund for a trip to Holland by the Tottenham Hotspurs F.C.
February JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Miki and Griff: "Little Bitty Tear" [ Pye 7N 15412, charts, UK #16]
4 Sunday Times: First colour supplement
5 Liverpool: Pete Best calls in sick and the Beatles recruit Ringo Starr to sub that night.
6 London: Brian Epstein meets with Dick Rowe and Sidney Arthur Beecher-Stevens at Decca's Embankment offices to try to convince them to change minds about the Beatles.
7 London: Brian Epstein meets with Tony Meehan to discuss the possibility of him producing a recording by the Beatles. The discussions come to naught.
8 Matt Monro: "Softly as I Leave You" [Parlophone R 4868, charts, UK #10]
  London: Brian Epstein visits Bob Boast at HMV at Oxford and Bond Streets, has engineer Jim Foy copy the Beatles' Decca demos to discs who puts him in touch with publisher Sid Colman, who makes an appointment for Epstein with George Martin (Lewisohn 1992: 53).
9 London: George Martin and Sid Colman meet to discuss, among other things, the Beatles.
10 Liverpool: Brian Epstein writes to Dick Rowe that he has received an offer of a recording contract with a different company.
12 BBC Manchester: Beatles audition for the program Teenagers Turn.
13 London: Brian Epstein meets with George Martin to discuss recording the Beatles.
15 Helen Shapiro: "Tell Me What He Said" [Columbia DB 4782, charts, UK #2]
Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen: "March of the Siamese Children" [Pye Jazz 7NJ 2051, charts, UK #4]
20 Cape Canaveral, Florida: John Glenn in Friendship 7 orbits the earth 3 times
22 Elvis Presley: "Rock-a-Hula Baby"/"Can't Help Falling in Love" [UK #1; 4 weeks]
  Karl Denver: "Never Goodbye" [Decca F 11431, charts, UK #9]
Don Charles: "Walk with Me My Angel" [Decca F 11424, charts, UK #39]
27 London: Commonwealth Immigrants Bill passed establishing a quota system
  Other February Artifacts
  Howie Casey and the Seniors (Liverpool): "Double Twist"/"True Fine Mama"
March JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 The Shadows: "Wonderful Land" [Columbia DB 4790, charts, UK #1]
Johnny Keating: "Theme from 'Z Cars'" [Piccadilly 7N 35032, charts, UK #8]
8 Manchester, BBC: Debut radio broadcast of a taped Beatles performance for the BBC Light's Teenager's Turn—Here We Go. They also wear matching suits for the first time (Lewisohn 1992: 52).
11 London: Joe Arbiter (Drum City) dies
15 Billy Fury: "Letter Full of Tears" [Decca F 11437, charts, UK #32]
John Leyton: "Lone Rider" [HMV POP 992, charts, UK #40]
17 Ealing, London: Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies open an electric blues club below the ABC tea-rooms
20 Howie Casey and the Seniors: Twist At the Top [probable release date]
22 The Shadows: "Wonderful Land" [UK #1 for 8 weeks]
  Craig Douglas: "When My Little Girl Is Smiling" [Top Rank JAR 610, charts, UK #9]
Bruce Channel: "Hey! Baby" [Mercury AMT 1171, charts, UK #2]
29 Jimmy Justice: "When My Little Girl Is Smiling" [Pye 7N 15421, charts, UK #9]
Joe Loss: "The Maigret Theme" [HMV POP 995, charts, UK #20]
April JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
4 Finchley, London: Two London gangs, the Mussies from Muswell Hill and the Finchley Boys, battle resulting in several stabbings. Mussie, Peter Quaife (later of the Kinks) escapes by clinging to the bottom of a parked car.
5 Lonnie Donegan: "The Party's Over" [Pye 7N 15424, charts, UK #9] /"Over the Rainbow"
7 Ealing, London: Elmo Lewis (Brian Jones) guests with Blues Incorporated
10 Hamburg, West Germany: Stuart Sutcliffe dies of a brain Hemorrhage
11 Hamburg, West Germany: The Beatles arrive for a residence at the Star Club and learn of Sutcliffe's death at the airport from Astrid Kirchherr
12 Danny Williams: "Wonderful World of the Young" [HMV POP 1035, charts, UK #8]
15 Wembly, London: NME Winners Concert
21 Rome: Law passed banning films "offensive to good custom, by the inclusion of elements contrary to common feelings of modesty and decency, tending towards disturbing morality and the institution of the family..." (Marwick 1998: 187).
22 Blackpool: Brian "Licorice" Locking replaces Jet Harris in the Shadows
23 Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers: "My Bonnie" / "The Saints" [Decca US release]
  Cape Canaveral, Florida: US Ranger launched for lunar landing
26 Cape Canaveral, Florida: UK's first satellite, Ariele, launched
  Moon: US Ranger lunar landing
  Other April Events
  The Tornados: "Love and Fury" [no significant chart action]
3 Billy Fury: "Last Night Was Made for Love" [enters UK charts; UK #4]
Adam Faith: "As You Like It" [Parlophone R 4896, charts, UK #5]
Billy Fury: "Last Night Was Made for Love" [Decca F 11458, charts, UK #4]
John Leyton: "Lonely City" [HMV POP 1014, charts, UK #14]
Helen Shapiro: "Let's Talk about Love" " [Columbia DB 4782, charts, UK #23]
The Countrymen: "I Know Where I'm Going" [Piccadilly 7N 35029, charts, UK #45]
Terry Lightfoot and His New Orleans Jazzmen: "Tavern in the Town" [Columbia DB 4822; charts; UK #49]
  London: Blues Incorporated begin playing Thursday nights at the Marquee Club, 165 Oxford St
9 EMI, Abbey Road, St. John's Wood, London: Brian Epstein and George Martin meet. Martin proffers a recording contract for the Beatles. Epstein telegraphs the Beatles to begin preparing new material.
10 Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard: "Come Outside" [Parlophone R 4902, charts, UK #1]
Cliff Richard and the Shadows: "I'm Looking Out the Window" [Columbia DB 4828, charts, UK #2] / "Do You Wanna Dance"
Eden Kane: "I Don't Know Why" [Decca F 11460, charts, UK #7]
17 B. Bumble and the Stingers: "Nut Rock" [UK #1, 1 week]
  Joe Brown and the Bruvvers: "A Picture of You" [Piccadilly 7N 35047, charts, UK #2]
Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen: "The Green Leaves of Summer" [Pye Jazz 7NJ 2054, charts, UK #7]
Vernon's Girls: "Lover Please" [Decca F 11450, charts, UK #16]
24 Elvis Presley: "Good Luck Charm" [UK #1, 5 weeks]
  Marty Wilde: "Jezebel" [Philips PB 1240, charts, UK #19]
Jet Harris: "Besame Mucho" [Decca F 11466, charts, UK #22]
  Other May Artifacts
  Howie Casey and the Seniors: "I Ain't Mad at You"/"Twist at the Top"
June JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
4 Bruce Channel arrives in UK
5 Maidstone: Bruce Channel begins British tour
  London: George Martin sends a "Contract for the above artists duly signed."
6 EMI, Abbey Road, St. John's Wood, London: The Beatles perform "Love Me Do" and other songs in a recording test. George Martin, Ron Richards, and Norman Smith tell them what they think the Beatles need to do to improve. George Harrison doesn't like Martin's tie.
7 Karl Denver: "A Little Love, A Little Kiss" [Decca F 11470, charts, UK #19]
14 Jimmy Justice: "Ain't that Funny" [Pye 7N 15443, charts, UK #8]
18 London: George Martin sends a signed contract to Brian Epstein.
21 Tower Ballroom, New Brighton: The Beatles appear with Bruce Channel and Delbert McClinton
23 Liverpool: Brian Epstein forms NEMS Enterprises to handle Beatles business
25 Wembley Town Hall: Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages headline. Keith Moon asks drummer, Carlo Little for lessons.
26 London: EMI marketing manager Ron White sends apologetic letter to Brian Epstein for EMI's original rejection of the Beatles.
28 Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard: "Come Outside" [UK #1, 2 weeks]
  Craig Douglas: "Our Favourite Melodies" [Columbia Db 4854, charts, UK #9]
  Other June Artifacts
  Blues Incorporated performs on BBC's Band Beat (e.g., "Everything She Needs")
July JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
5 Frank Ifield: "I Remember You" [Columbia DB 4856, charts, UK #1]
Danny Williams: "Tears" [HMV POP 1035, charts, UK #22]
10 Cape Canaveral, Florida: US launches Telstar I
11 Jazz News: "Mick Jagger, R&B vocalist, is taking a rhythm and blues group into the Marquee tomorrow while Blues Inc. is doing its Jazz Club gig. Called 'The Rolling Stones' ('I hope they don't think we're a rock 'n' roll outfit,' says Mick), the line-up is Jagger (vocal), Keith Richards, Elmo Lewis (guitars), Dick Taylor (bass), 'Stu' (piano), Mike Avery (drums)."
12 Ray Charles: "I Can't Stop Loving You" [UK #1, 2 weeks]
  Helen Shapiro: "Little Miss Lonely" [Columbia DB 4869, charts, UK #8]
  Soho, London: The Rolling Stones make their first appearance at the Marquee Club
19 Billy Fury: "Once Upon a Dream" [Decca F 11485, charts, UK #7]
26 Frank Ifield: "I Remember You" [UK #1, 7 weeks]
28 Richmond, London: Second National Jazz Festival opens with Chris Barber, Humphrey Lyttleton, Alex Welsh, Bruce Turner, Bob Wallis, Wally Fawkes, and Gerry Brown
29 Richmond, London: Second National Jazz Festival concludes with Kenny Ball, Johnny Dankworth, Terry Lightfoot, Tubby Hayes, Dick Charlesworth, Joe Harriott, Forrie Cairns, Don Rendell Quintet
  Other July Artifacts
  London: The Detours play 3 dates at the Paradise Club, Peckham
  Commonwealth Immigration Act
August JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
2 The Shadows: "Guitar Tango" [Columbia DB 4870, charts, UK #4]
5 Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe found dead
6 Jamaica: Becomes an independent dominion within the British Commonwealth
9 Clyde Valley Stompers: "Peter and the Wolf" [Parlophone R 4928, charts, UK #25]
11 Kazaksthan: Soviet cosmonaut, Andrian Nikolayev begins a 94-hour flight
14 Liverpool: John Lennon calls Ringo Starr and asks him to join the Beatles
16 Lonnie Donegan: "Pick a Bale of Cotton" [Pye 7N 15455, charts, UK #11] /"Steal Away"
Jet Harris: "Main Title Theme from 'Man with the Golden Arm'" [Decca F 11488, charts, UK #12]
  Liverpool: Brian Epstein informs Pete Best that John, Paul, and George want him out of the band.
17 Berlin: East German border guards shoot and mortally wounded 18-year-old Peter Fechter, who is attempting to cross the Berlin Wall
  Tornados: "Telstar" [release]
18 Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, Birkenhead: Ringo Starr officially debuts with the Beatles at the Port Sunlight Horticultural Society's "After Show Dance."
19 Cavern Club, Liverpool: Ringo Starr debuts with the Beatles in their home club. A disgruntled Best fan head butts George Harrison giving him a black eye.
21 London: British Fascist leader, Colin Jordan is jailed for nine months after inciting a riot during a speech in Trafalgar Square the previous month.
22 Cavern Club, Liverpool: Granada Television tapes a performance by the Beatles for later broadcast.
23 Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen: "So Do I" [Pye Jazz 7NJ 2056, charts, UK #14]
Jimmy Justice: "Spanish Harlem" [Pye 7N 15457, charts, UK #20]
John Leyton: "Down the River Nile" [HMV POP 1175, charts, UK #42]
  Liverpool: John Lennon and Cynthia Powell wed in a private ceremony
27 Florida: US launches Mariner II to Venus
28 BBC: The BBC's Third Program begins regular FM broadcasts in stereo
  Paris: Assassination attempt on deGaulle
30 Tornados: "Telstar" [Decca F 11494, charts, UK #1]
Shirley Bassey: "What Now My Love" [Columbia DB 4882, charts, UK #5]
Adam Faith: "Don't That Beat All" [Parlophone R 4930, charts, UK #8]
Mike Sarne and Billie Davis: "Will I What?" [Parlophone R 4632, charts, UK #18]
September JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Acton Town Hall, Acton, London: The Detours play the intervals for the Ron Cavendish Orchestra
4 EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London: The Beatles fly to London to record "Love Me Do" and "How Do You Do It" with Ringo Starr on drums. They introduce "Please Please Me" to George Martin.
6 Cliff Richard and the Shadows: "It'll Be Me" [Columbia DB 4886, charts, UK #2]
Vernon's Girls: "Loco-Motion" [Decca F 11495, charts, UK #47]
8 Melody Maker: The British Federation of Musicians disbands
11 EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London: The Beatles return to re-record "Love Me Do" and "P.S., I Love You." Andy White drums while Ringo Starr provides percussion. They make another attempt at "Please Please Me."
13 Elvis Presley: "She's Not You" [UK #1, 3 weeks]
  Joe Brown and the Bruvvers: "Your Tender Look" [Piccadilly 7N 35058, charts, UK #31]
20 Karl Denver: "Blue Weekend" [Decca F 11505, charts, UK #33]
27 Mr. Acker Bilk with the Leon Young String Chorale: "Lonely" [Columbia DB 4897, charts, UK #14]
  New York: Houghton Mifflin publishes Rachel Carson's Silent Spring
31 Trinidad and Tobago: Independence within the British Commonwealth
  Other September Artifacts
  USSR agrees to deliver arms to Cuba for protection
October JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 Liverpool: The Beatles sign a revised management contract with Brian Epstein that gives NEMS 25% of the gross over the next 5 years. Lennon and McCartney sign a songwriting contract with NEMS promising them 50% ownership split with whatever publishing company they engaged.
3 Cape Canaveral, Florida: Astronaut Wally Schirra takes a nine-hour flight aboard the Sigma 7
4 Tornados: "Telstar" [UK #1, 5 weeks]
5 The Beatles: "Love Me Do" / "PS, I Love You" [Parlophone R 4949, UK release]
EMI House, Manchester Square, London: Beatles record interview for Friday Spectacular (12 October)
  London: The first Bond movie, Dr. No, premiers at the London Pavilion
8 Little Richard begins UK tour
  London: Tony Richardson releases his film Alan Sillitoe's The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
11 Susan Maughan: "Bobby's Girl" [Philips 326544 BF, charts, UK #3]
The Beatles: "Love Me Do" [Parlophone R 4949; charts, UK #17]
  Rome: Pope John XXIII convenes the Roman Catholic Church's 21st Ecumenical Council (Vatican II)
12 Radio Luxembourg: The Beatles appear on the program The Friday Spectacular.
14 Stokholm: Martin Luther King Jr. named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
15 Cuba: American reconnaissance flights reveal USSR missile installations
17 Granada Television, Manchester. The Beatles appear on People and Places, their first television appearance.
18 Craig Douglas: "Oh Lonesome Me" [Decca F 11523, charts, UK #15]
Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen: "The Pay Off" [Pye Jazz 7NJ 2061, charts, UK #23]
Helen Shapiro: "Keep Away from Other Girls" [Columbia DB 4908, charts, UK #40]
21 Manchester: Melody Maker's Blues and Folk Festival at the Free Trade Hall opens with Helen Humes, Jump Jackson, Memphis Slim, Willie Dixon, Shakey Jake, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, T-bone Walker, and John Lee Hooker
  CBS: Cliff Richard debuts on the Ed Sullivan Show in an elaborate production number
22 Washington: John F. Kennedy announces discovery of USSR missile installation in Cuba and imposes a naval quarantine on Cuba
24 Apollo Theater, Harlem: James Brown records Live at the Apollo
25 Frank Ifield: "Lovesick Blues" [Columbia DB 4913, charts, UK #1]
Billy Fury: "Because of Love" [Decca F 11508, charts, UK #18]
Marty Wilde: "Ever Since You Said Goodbye" [Philips 326546, charts, UK #31; last charting single]
  Manchester: The Beatles appear in a taped performance on Here We Go (BBC Light)
26 Curly Clayton's Studio, Highbury, North London: The Rolling Stones (Jagger, Jones, Richards and Tony Chapman) record three tunes to encourage EMI and Decca to consider them. The studios reject them.
27 Washington, D.C.: The Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend an air attack to President Kennedy to take out Soviet missiles in Cuba
28 CBS: Acker Bilk & Helen Shapiro debut on the Ed Sullivan Show
Moscow: Khrushchev agrees to withdraw missiles from Cuba

  Other October Artifacts
November JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
1 John Barry Orchestra: "James Bond Theme" [Columbia DB 4898, charts, UK #13]
Joe Loss: "Must Be Madison" [HMV POP 1075, charts, UK #20]
  Hamburg: The Beatles begin a two-week residence at the Star-Club with Little Richard
2 Granada Television, Manchester. The Beatles make second appearance on People and Places in a taped performance of "Love Me Do" and "A Taste of Honey"
8 Frank Ifield: "Lovesick Blues" [UK #1, 5 weeks]
15 Joe Brown and the Bruvvers: "It Only Took a Minute" [Piccadilly 7N35082, charts, UK #6]
16 London, EMI Headquarters, Manchester Square. The Beatles appear for a mimed performance for EMI's The Friday Spectacular (23 November). Publicist Tony Barrow notes that the audience shrieked at Muriel Young's introduction of the band, the first London evidence of a growing fan base.
20 Moscow/Washington: Khrushchev announces removal of bombers from Cuba; Kennedy announces end of quarantine
23 Kent: The Detours play at the Grand Ballroom, Broadstairs
  Radio Luxembourg. The Beatles appear on EMI's radio program, The Friday Spectacular.
  St. James Church Hall, Gloucester Terrace, London. The Beatles audition for BBC television arranged through fan. The audition fails. (See Lewisohn 1992: 83-84)
29 Maureen Evans: "Like I Do" [Oriole CB 1760, charts, UK #3]
30 New York City: U Thant of Burma elected Secretary-General of the United Nations
December JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC
4 Wembly (London). Beatles make live London television debut on the children's show, Tuesday Rendezvous.
  London. Beatles make taped London radio debut on BBC Light's The Talent Spot.
6 Cliff Richard and the Shadows: "The Next Time" [Columbia DB 4950, charts, UK #1]
Kenny Lynch: "Up on the Roof" [HMV POP 1090, charts, UK #10]
7 London: Bill Wyman joins the Rolling Stones
13 Elvis Presley: "Return to Sender" [UK #1, 3 weeks]
  The Shadows: "Dance On" [Columbia DB 4948, charts, UK #1]
Adam Faith: "Baby Take a Bow" [Parlophone, charts, UK #22]
15 Hornsey College of Art and Crafts, Crouch End Hill, London: Ray Davies introduces himself to Alexis Korner after Blues Incorporated performs at the Christmas dance.
18 Hamburg. Beatles begin last residency in Germany at the Star-Club.
21 Piccadilly Jazz Club, Great Windmill Street, London: Ray Davies sits in with Dave Hunt's Rhythm & Blues Band. The supporting act, "The Rollin' Stones"impresses him.
22 The Tornados: "Telstar" [US #1]
27 Record Retailer and Music Industry News. The Beatles' "Love Me Do" peaks at #17.
28 London: Heinz Burt announces he will leave the Tornados to pursue a solo career
30 Soho, London: Top Ten Club opens in Carnaby Street

Other 1962 Events
  • Vox introduces its Continental electronic organ
  • Hohner introduces the Pianet
  • Marshall McLuhan's The Gutenberg Galaxy
  • Ian Fleming, The Spy Who Loved Me
  • John Schlesinger's film, A Kind of Loving
  • Carry On Cruising
  • British and French agree to develop the Concorde supersonic airliner

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