New Musical Express | April 1955

1 April 1955
Driscoll, Craig Petula Clark: The Star with a Problem [Interview with Clark about career, acting, love] 3
n.a. Welcome, Johnnie Ray! [Ray opens at Glasgow on Monday] 3
n.a. MU & TV: No Decision Yet on Filmed Music [Musicians' Union about music on TV, bandleader Nat Temple comments] 6
Collins, Frank Jack Parnell Is Great Dance Band 'Ambassador' in South Africa [Reviews Parnell Band's performance in South Africa] 6
n.a. Rosemary Clooney for London Palladium [Rumors confirmed: Clooney visits Britain in May] 7
Green, Benny Portrait of Patti [Patti de fois Gras: prototype of average girl vocalist] 8
Kinn, Maurice Eddie Fisher: The Boy Next Door [Reviews opening of London Palladium Star Variety season] 10
Watson, Jimmy Four Aces Conquer Glasgow [Reviews Aces' debut British performance] 10
8 April 1955
Watson, Jimmy Meet the 1-2-3-4 Aces [Interview and bios of band members] 2
Ray, Johnnie Music, Music, Music [American singer talks about British bands and singers] 3
Watson, Jimmy Johnnie Ray Slays 'Em in Glasgow [Reviews Ray's opening at Glasgow Empire] 3
n.a. Geraldo for Monte Carlo [Orchestra booked for four weeks this summer in Monte Carlo] 6
n.a. Autumn Variety Debut Fixed for Eric Delaney Band [Details coming Delaney performances] 7
Butcher, Mike Enter the Tubby Hayes Band [Reviews band debut at South Parade Pier] 8
Green, Benny Goodbye to All That! [Thoughts about upcoming final performance by Ronnie Scott Orchestra] 8
Wedge, Pip Dickie: the Call-Boy Goes Back as the Star [Interview with ex-Heath singer Valentine] 10
Wedge, Pip Dennis: From Band-Singer in Australia to Solo Star in Manchester [Interview with ex-Heath singer Lotis] 10
15 April 1955
Wedge, Pip Welcome to Doris Day! [Impressions of American film and recording star, interview] 3
Hartley, James Dennis Lotis Makes a Great Solo Debut [Reviews Lotis' Variety debut at the Hippodrome] 3
Sonin, Ray Valentine's Day! [Reviews Dickie Valentine at the Palladium] 6
Kinn, Maurice The Queen Sees Sensational Royal Variety Show [Reviews performance at Blackpool Opera House- best ever Royal Variety Show] 6-7
n.a. Hollywood Film Offer Is Reported Aftermath of David Whitfield's U.S. Triumph [British singer Whitfield will film with MGM] 7
Eckstine, Billy Hello, Friends, I'm Looking Forward to Seeing You Again! [American singer Eckstine talks about audiences and performing] 8
Green, Benny Like Father, Like Son [Reviews bandleading team Ivor and Basil Kirchin 9
Kinn, Maurice Dickie Valentine's Palladium Triumph [Background story of Valentine's debut at the Palladium] 10
22 April 1955
n.a. Question-Time with the Stars [Readers' queries answered by Don Cornell] 9
Wedge, Don The Fabulous Billy Eckstine Comes to Town [Reviews Eckstine's performance at the Empire] 3
Eckstine, Billy Billy Eckstine Writes His Own Story of His British Tour and Future Plans [Extra musicians, continental shows. 6
n.a. BBC Dance Music Festival to be Annual Event [Concert exceeded all expectations in popularity] 6
n.a. Parnell Band Makes World-Tour Plans [Comments from Parnell about Variety tour] 7
Green, Benny Conversation Piece [Musician tries to pick up girl, humor] 8
Goodman, Benny My Film, My Band, My Home [American musician Goodman talks about his film, British music, and his band] 10
29 April 1955
Wedge, Don David Whitfield Says- 'I Danced in Front of 60 Million People!' [Whitfield talks about his appearances on U.S. TV] 3
Sonin, Ray A Gay 'Jazz Train' Steams In [Reviews "The Jazz Train" at the Piccadilly Theater] 3
n.a. Johnnie Ray-ves! [Leading newspaper writers and critics praise Ray] 6
n.a. Valentine, Whitfield, Wisdom for Peak-Hour Commercial TV ["'Sunday Night at the London Palladium" to Air on ABC-TV] 7
n.a. Three U.S. Labels in Big Decca Record Tie-Up [British Decca Company acquires British rights to Essex, Bethlehem, and Marquee] 7
Morton, Rex Stranger to Us, Maybe, but He's No Stranger to 'Paradise' [The story of American vocalist Tony Bennett] 8
Green, Benny Johnnie Ray [Review] 8
Harvey, Frank Eddie Calvert Sings -- and Sings Well in His Variety Show [Reviews debut performance] 8
n.a. Ted Heath Back [Australia is the coming country for music] 9
Kinn, Maurice California Cavalcade [Jack Benny, Danny Kaye, Eartha Kitt, Al Martino, and Eddie Fisher] 10

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