New Musical Express | May 1955

  6 May 1955  
Shearing, George "I Thought I Had Failed!" British jazz pianist tells his life story] 3
n.a. Kenton-Heath Exchange: New Developments [Musicians' Union and American Federation of Musicians approve of exchange] 6
n.a. Five Bands to Play at Harringay Election Night Ball [Heath, Dankworth, Parnell, Mitchell, and Foster] 6-7
n.a. Film Rolls Set for Lita Roza and Dickie Valentine [Lita's film entitled "The Naked Flame," Valentine's unknown, both produced by Daniel Angel] 7
Heath, Ted What I Saw in America [Talks about bands and hospitality during 3-week stay] 8
Harding, Sam Meet the Four Aces [Interview with American band to play Palladium next week] 9
Kallen, Kitty I'm On My Way! [American singer reveals secrets of her act to open at Palladium] 10
Butcher, Mike The Last Time We Saw Perez [Story of Cuban Mambo Star Perez Prado] 10
  13 May 1955  
Harvey, Frank Music, Music- too Much Music at the Palladium! [Reviews Kitty Kallen, Four Aces, and Billy Cotton Band] 3
Butcher, Mike The Vocal Magic of Tony Martin [Singer in competition with Tony Bennett]  
n.a. Bunny Lewis Leaves Decca 6-7
Green, Benny A Reader's Guide to Tony Crombie [Interview and impressions of pianist and drummer Crombie] 8
  20 May 1955  
Shearing, George Plans for the Future [Pianist talks about troubles, family, and getting back to work] 2
Govey, Charles Disorder with Braden! [Reviews Bernard Braden at Chiswick] 2
n.a. Question-Time with the Stars [Reader's questions answered by Kitty Kallen] 3
Cornell, Don My Friend Frank [Cornell on his bassist Frank Ray] 3
M.C. Ruby Scores at Slough [Reviews Ruby Murray performance at Adelphi Slough] 4
Green, Benny How to Write a Best-Seller! [A guide to musical fiction, humor] 8
Bennett, Tony Thank You for Letting 'Stranger' Make Me Your Friend! [Bennett on his success 10
Hartley, James Patti Lewis in Variety [Reviews singer Lewis in solo debut at Blackpool] 10
  27 May 1955  
n.a. Question-Time with the Stars [Reader's queries answered by Billy Eckstine] 3
Wedge, Don Eve's Back! [Interview with singer Eve Boswell] 3
Govey, Charles Danny Kaye, The Great Bamboozler [Reviews Palladium opening]  
Green, Benny All About Annie [Interview and impression of singer Annie Ross] 8
Marshall, Jack Jack Parnell, Just Back from South Africa, Talks to the NME [Interview] 9
Watson, Jimmy Kitty Kallen Charms the Scots Jazz Bands [Report on the Scottish Jazz Band championship] 9
n.a. They're Both Chained to a Hit with 'Unchained Melody' [Al Hibbler, Jimmy Young] 10

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