New Musical Express | June 1955

> 3 June 1955
n.a. The King of the Disc-Jockeys Who Used To "Say It with Music" [Story of Jack Payne] 3
Sonin, Ray Oh, Such a Night It Was! [Reviews Harrinngay Election Night Ball] 3
Butcher, Mike A Hit in the States: And He's Becoming a Hit over Here [Sammy Davis, Jr] 4
Hartley, James Kenny Baker Scoring at Blackpool [Reviews trumpeter Baker] 4
Green, Benny Little Blue Eyes [Portrait of Harry Klein] 8
C.G. Stapleton in Cinemascope Gives Big Film Boost to British Dance Music [Reviews "Cyril Stapleton and the Show Band"] 12
10 June 1955
Butcher, Mike The Golden Year of the Golden Trumpeter [Portrait of Eddie Calvert] 3
n.a. Hello, Joe, What Do You Know? Your Piano Recording Is Coining the Dough! [Review's Henderson's record "Sing It with Joe"] 3
n.a. Tommy Goes Leading [Reviews bandleader Tommy Whittle] 3
Green, Benny How to Become an Intellectual [Tito Burns, Harry Klein] 8
n.a. Welcome to Singer-Composer—Pianist Hoagy! [Hoagy Carmichael] 10
n.a. Barbara Is the Very Latest Candidate for Vocal Stardom [Bio of singer Barbara Lyon] 10
Kinn, Maurice Dennis Lotis Is the New Variety Star! [Review] 11
17 June 1955
Butcher, Mike Hoo-Ray for Anthony [Story of trumpeter Ray Anthony] 3
Morton, Rex The Gal that Got Away: And Came Back! [Comeback of Judy Garland 3
Govey, Charles Frankie Vaughan Is a Sensation on Ice! [Reviews "Wildfire" ice show] 4
Green, Benny How to Write a Filmusical [Humor] 8
Eckstine, Billy You Fans Make Me Feel that I'm a Lucky Guy! [Eckstine on success] 10
n.a. This AFN Star Was a Disc-Jockey at the Age of Twelve! [Bio of Frank Badders] 10
24 June 1955
Butcher, Mike The Fabulous Liberace [Portrait of U.S. star] 3
Harrison, George Nonchalant Hoagy Carmichael Strolls to Success at Liverpool [Review] 3
Hartley, James Alma Scores in Blackpool's "Big Show" [Reviews "The Big Show of 1955," Alma Cogan] 4
Green, Benny Man in Search of a Column [Humor] 8
n.a. The Gypsy Street-Singer Who Became a Star [Story of Danny Purches] 10
Paise, Marke Dynamic Duke Ellington! [Review from Vancouver] 10

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