New Musical Express| December 1955

  2 December 1955  
Watson, Jimmy The Great Deeps [Deep River Boys] 3
Jerry Colona Jerry Colona Writes 3
n.a. Mantovani [tour of the US] 10
  9 December 1955  
n.a. 25 Years of Bandleading [Joe Loss] 3-4
Green, Benny Skeletons in the Cupboard [Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Lee Konitz] 8
  16 December 1955  
Morton, Rex Dickie Valentine's Success Story 3,11
Goodwin, Keith The Four Freshmen 5
Lyttelton, Humphrey Humph on Louis [Louis Armstrong in Paris] 12
Goodwin, Keith Here It Comes: The "Davy Crocket" Craze [The Ballad of Davy Crockett] 14
  23 December 1955  
Morton, Rex It's a Great Day [Doris Day] 3
Butcher, Mike Stan Kenton Is Swinging as Never Before [About the Stan Kenton Orchestra] 10
Govey, Charles Secrets of the Jack Jackson Show 10
  30 December 1955  
n.a. Singing Stars Shine in Pantomime [Eve Boswell, Dickie Valentine, Alma Cogan, Joan Regan, Jimmy Young, Beverly Sisters, Teddy Johnson] 3

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