New Musical Express | February 1956

  3 February  
n.a. Lena Horneā€”I Will Not Sing in Britain! [Lena Horne in Europe, won't go to Britain] 1
n.a. Through South Africa with Johnnie Ray [Vic Lewis discusses his tour with Johnnie Ray] 2
  10 February  
n.a. Lionel Hampton Answers Your Queries [reader's questions] 3
n.a. Ronnie Scott's New Band Makes Its Bow 4
Green, Benny Edward, My Son [Tubby Hayes] 8
Goodwin, Keith Weaver's Hit Disc Is No Dream [Dream Weavers] 9
n.a. Two 'Robin Hoods' Fight a Record Battle [Dick James, Gary Miller success stories] 10
  17 February  
Butcher, Mike Happy "Memories" for Dean [Dean Martin, life story] 3
n.a. British Tour Offered to Bill Haley and the Comets 7
n.a. Tribute to Johnny Claes [impact on British Music business of the 30's and 40's] 10
  24 February  
n.a. BBC Song Banning [Johnnie Ray, Eddie Calvert, Janie Marden; BBC bans] 3
n.a. Winifred Atwell Sensation [refuses to appear on American TV show] 7
n.a. David Hughes Scores Big Success [musical 'Summer Song'] 8
Butcher, Mike Meet Victor Young 10
n.a. Meet Slim Whitman 10


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