New Musical Express | March 1956

  2 March  
Morton, Rex Anne Shelton 3
Irving, Gordon Slim Whitman Lacks Showmanship [Whitman's Glasgow debut] 3
Green, Benny The Wizard of Islington [About the saxophone] 8
Butcher, Mike Salute to Kenton [About the Stan Kenton Orchestra] 10
  9 March  
anon. Welcome to the Kenton Band! [Interview with Stan Kenton] 3
anon. Great Welcome Planned for Kenton [Stan Kenton tour of Britain] 6
anon. No "Pretender" to Fame Is Jimmy Parkinson 8
Watson, Jimmy Annie Ross Makes a Sensational Success in New Revue [Annie Ross, "Cranks"] 8
Watson, Jimmy Dave King, the Versatile Star [Comedian Dave King] 10
Atwell, Winifred Winifred Atwell Writes [Winifred Atwell world tour] 10
  16 March  
Morton, Rex Welcome Back Don Cornell! 3
anon. Don and Donegan are Fighting a Record Battle Over 'Rock Island Line' [Don Cornell and Lonnie Donegan fight over "Rock Island Line"] 3
Watson, Jimmy BBC Festival is a Smash Hit [BBC Light Programme presents "Festival of Dance Music"] 3
Govey, Charles Dennis Lotus Scores in New Film [Dennis Lotus in "The Extra Day"] 4
anon. What They Say about Kenton [Various reviews of Stan Kenton Orchestra] 6
Butcher, Mike Fabulous Kenton [Review of Royal Albert Hall Concert] 8
Lyttelton, Humphrey Paris Holds a European Jazz Festival [Review of First European Festival of New Orleans Jazz ] 9
  23 March  
Harvey, Frank British Disc-Stars Triumph at Palladium [Winifred Atwell, Alma Cogan, David Whitfield] 3
Watson, Jimmy The Starr Shines Again [Success story of Kay Starr] 3
Butcher, Mike The "Three Penny Opera" Theme Iis Coining a Fortune [Story of the composition with 3 titles: "Moritat," "Ballad of Mack the Knife," or "Theme from 'The Three Penny Opera'"] 10
Watson, Jimmy Don Cornell's Grand Show 10
  30 March  
Cornell, Don. Your Own Queries Answered by Don Cornell 3
Morton, Rex Dick Hyman, The "Three Penny Hit-Maker" 3
anon. British Bands in the News [Ronnie Scott, Johnny Dankworth] 7
Kenton, Stan Stan Kenton Writes [Stan Kenton writes about himself] 10
anon. Courtley-Seymour Band Personnel Chosen [New members chosen for Bert Courtley-Jack Seymour Orchestra] 10

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