New Musical Express | May 1956

4 May 1956
Keating, Johnny Keating to Write for Herman [writes for Woody Herman Band] 2
Butcher, Mike Frank Excites the First Bobbysoxers [The Sinatra story (part 2)] 3
Hentoff, Nat Sensational Carnegie Concert Climaxes Heath's US Triumphs [Ted Heath's US tour] 7
Goodwin, Keith Billy Daniels Heads Star Palladium Bill [London Palladium Variety Bill; Billy Daniels] 8
Govey, Charles No Other Love But Singing Has Brought Ronnie to the Top [Ronnie Hilton] 10
11 May 1956
Butcher, Mike 40 Million Fans... Then the Crash [Sinatra Story (pt. 3)] 3
Goodwin, Keith Despite the Acoustics, Louis is Great [Review of Armstrong at London's Empress Hall] 3
n.a. Welcome Home Ted Heath [About the Ted Heath band] 7
Butcher, Mike Year-by-Year Highlights in Heath Band History [Ted Heath band 1945-1956] 8
n.a. Ted Heath's Own Impressions of his US Tour 9
n.a. What the US Stars Say About Ted Heath 10
Govey, Charles The Cowboy Singer Who Also Shines as a Movie Star [Faron Young] 13
Goodwin, Keith Elvis Presley 14
18 May 1956
Butcher, Mike That "Eternity" Oscar [Sinatra story (pt. 4)] 3
Lyttelton, Humphrey The Great Louis [Louis Armstrong at the Empress Hall] 4
Goodwin, Keith No Wonder This Whistler is Happy [About Don Robertson] 8
n.a. Trio of Disc Stars for Palladium Summer Show [Harry Secombe, Winifred Atwell, Alma Cogan] 9
n.a. Louis Armstrong Writes 10
Govey, Charles Good Luck, Freddy [Freddy Randall] 10
25 May 1956
Watson, Jimmy Billie's Always in a Rush [Billie Anthony] 2
Watson, Jimmy Sensational Palladium Show [Cogan, Secombe, Atwell at the Palladium] 3
Atwell, Winifred Winifred Atwell [Atwell writes about herself] 7
Butcher, Mike The Crowning Success of the 'Queen of the Ivories' [Winifred Atwell at the Palladium] 8
n.a. Life and Triumph of Winifred Atwell 9, 10
Butcher, Mike Back at the Top [Sinatra story (pt. 5)] 10
Butcher, Mike Mel Torme 14
Watson, Jimmy Teresa's "Tear" Falls—But Her Popularity Grows 14

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