New Musical Express | July 1956

6 July 1956
Eckstine, Billy Your Own Queries Are Answered by Billy Eckstine 3
Butcher, Mike It's Turned out Mice Again for Johnny Dankworth! [Johnny Dankworth's "Experiments With Mice"] 10
13 July 1956
Goodwin, Keith "The Wayward Wind" Blows Gogi Grant to Stardom [Gogi Grant; "The Wayward Wind"] 3
Butcher, Mike The MD You Hear on Discs by Cole, Starr, Torme, Day, etc. is in London [interview with Frank Devol] 3
Butcher, Mike "Rain or Shine" Brings a Silver Lining for Dick Haymes 10
Geddes, Doug The Hilltoppers Come to Town [Hilltoppers at Finsbury Park Empire] 10
20 July 1956
Butcher, Mike Welcome to Mel Torme 3
Goodwin, Keith Glen's the Boy for Jack! [Interview with Glen Mason; "Jack Jackson Show"] 3, 10
Butcher, Mike Humph, the Trumpeter Who "Plays as He Pleases" Waxes a Best-Seller [Humphrey Lyttelton] 9
Goodwin, Keith Gene Vincent 10
27 July 1956
Geddes, Doug Goon Songs at the Eventide [Interview with Spike Milligan, composer for the Goons] 3
Geddes, Doug It's a "Wayward Wind" that Blows Tex Ritter Plenty of Good [Gogi Grant and Tex Ritter battle with their versions of "The Wayward Wind"] 9
n.a. Mel Torme Takes Britain by Storm! 10
Daniels, Billy Your Own Queries Answered by Billy Daniels 10

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