New Musical Express | September 1956

7 September 1956
Govey, Charles Stars' Best Records - But They Weren't Hits (2). 2
Goodwin, Keith The Deeps are Back! [Deep River Boys] 3
Presley, Elvis. Article [Elvis] 3
Marlowe, Dane Movies and Musical Personalities [Hollywood] 4
Moving Day with Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine 4
NME Charts 5
n.a. Liberace Story
Jiver Hutchinson will Launch Own Band in November
Variety Radio for Anne Shelton
Stephan Grappelly in Yana TV series
Final Round of BBC Song Festival
More Variety for Don Rennie
n.a. Rock 'n' Roll Goes to College
Polydor Sign Peter Yorke
Lionel Hampton All-stars… Opening Dates in Britain
June Marlowe Joins Stargazers: Eula Parker Leaves
Lonnie Donegan West End Variety Debut
Lonnie Donegan - His Skiffle Plans and Hopes 12
Butcher, Mike Bechet Comes to Town 12
Tribute to Torme [discography, story] 7-10
Morton, Rex Sam Goldwyn Is Here to See His $5.5 Million Musical [film]
Drake, Ron Northern News 13
Geddes, Doug Anne Shelton Is Back among the Hits Again 14
Detheridge, Dennis Around the Midlands 14
Classifieds 15
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
14 September 1956
missing information
21 September 1956
TP. Room at the Top for All Kinds 2
Charles Govey Talking Points 2
Radio Luxembourg Program Schedule 2
AFN Highlights 2
"Life Is Suddenly Getting Very Hectic," says Ronnie Carrol 3
Band Call 4
Mike Butcher Modern Mood 4
Macintosh, Alex Weeks British Best is Holliday [Holliday, Reviews]
NME Charts 5
Concerts etc. 6-7
Death of Reggie Goff. 6
Rock 'n' Roll Supplement 7
Butcher, Mike Don't Think It all Began with Presley and Haley [Elvis Presley, Bill Haley] 8
I Told You So! [Alan Freed, Rock 'n' Roll Radio] 8
Spotlight on the Rock 'n' Roll Stars [Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Pat Boone] 9
He Writes Rock 'n' Roll and he Sings It Too [Fats Domino] 10
Rock 'n' Roll on Record [Bill Haley] 10
Weiss Leaves Capitol for Music Publishing 11
Green, Benny How to Write a Lyric 12
Lyttleton, Humphrey Bechet Afterthoughts. [Sidney Bechet]
Hentoff, Nat Norman Granz Undecided about Europe Tour 13
Govey, Charles A Film for Guys and Dolls [Film, Reviews, Sinatra] 13
Delaney, Eric This is Your Wife!
Northern News 13
Newman, Barbara Everything You Want to Know about Liberace 14
Classifieds 15
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
28 September 1956
Govey, Charles Talking Points - Riots: Why Blame Elvis? 2
Radio Luxembourg Program Schedule 2
AFN Highlights 2
Singing Stars Name the Voice of Their Choice [Sinatra, Cole, Shelton] 3
Macintosh, Alex Dreaming with Ray Anthony 4
Band Call 4
Mike Butcher Modern Mood 4
NME Charts 5
Elvis Presley makes Recording History [Elvis Presley] 6
Concerts etc. 6-7
Bill Haley's Comets Starring in another Hollywood Film 7
Green, Benny Open-air Jazz Does Not Leave me 'Cool' 8
Northern News 8
Lyttleton, Humphrey Amazing Armstrong Still Surprises the Critics [Louis Armstrong] 8
Liberace - assorted 10
Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12

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