New Musical Express

May 1957

May 3    
Donegan, Lonnie We Had a Real Ball with the Globetrotters 3
Detheridge, Dennis Saucy Shirley Turns on the Heat [Shirley Bassey] 3
Goodwin, Keith Cool King Mulligan Comes to Town [Gerry Mulligan] 8
Geddes, Doug Big Welcome for the Great Sophie [Sophie Tucker] 9
Govey, Charles The Platters Aren't Worried by the End of Rock 'n' Roll 9
Bell, Freddie Ding Dong—It's Those Crazy Bellboys [interview] 10
May 10    
Goodwin, Keith McDevitt Whiskey and Wild, Wild Skiffle [Vipers, Chas. McDevitt, Nancy Whiskey, Bob Cort, Rusty Draper, style] 3
Black, Don Tony Martin Sings So-So in New Film 3
n.a. Bellboys Meet Steelmen [The Bellboys, The Steelmen, Tommy Steele, Freddie Bell] 8
Harvey, Frank Nice to See You Again, Frankie Laine 10
May 17    
n.a. Presley Back in Top Ten [Elvis Presley] 1
n.a. Domino Advises Wagner [Fats Domino] 1
Johnson, Derek The Reason for Nat 'King' Cole's Lasting Success 3
Fordyce, Keith Marion, Yana, Dot & Ruby Go For 'Mr. Wonderful' [Marian Ryan, Ruby Murray, Dorothy Collins, Yana] 4
n.a. Traditional Wins Applause [BBC, Chris Barber Band, Eric Delaney Band, Johnny Gray, Ray Ellington, BBC Show Band, Suzi Miller] 4
Barry, Ron Meet Frankie Laine 6
n.a. Goofy Goofers Set for Palladium Revue 6
n.a. Jimmy Dorsey's Condition 'Very Grave" 6
n.a. McDevitt Soars in U.S. Hit List [Chas McDevitt Group] 6
n.a. Lee Lawrence Quits Britain: Seeks New Career in States 6
Hentoff, Nat Bill Haley Goes to Calypso Land 8
Charlton, Bruce Welcome, Howard Keel 9
Morton, Rex Julie London is So Tasty 10
May 24    
Goodwin, Keith Comedy Records Are On the Up [Stan Freberg, Spike Jones] 2-3
Fordyce, Keith Sinatra, Como, Haymes: Who's Tops? [Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Dick Haymes] 4
Hentoff, Nat Pat Boone Praises Presley 8
Wynn, James Charlie Gracie's Gaining! 9
n.a. Tommy Steele Triumphs! 9
Goodwin, Keith Peggy's Hit List Debut Is Wonderful 'Mister' [Peggy Lee] 10
May 31    
Johnson, Derek Film Stars Become Disc Hits 2, 3
Fordyce, Keith Gracie was Right to Record 'Around the World' [Gracie Fields] 4
Hentoff, Nat 'Uncle Tom' Armstrong Laughs Gillespie's 'Red Face' Away [Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie] 9
Goodwin, Keith They Both Brought Eddie Joy [Mindy Carson, Guy Mitchell] 10 on Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 22:25:56  
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