New Musical Express

August 1957

August 2    
Goodwin, Keith Welcome to Charlie Gracie 2, 3
Fordyce, Keith Paul Anka Is a Teenager Who Should Wow Teenagers! 4
n.a. Lonnie Donegan Denies Alleged Attack on Fans and Teenagers 6
n.a. Dickie Valentine May Become New 'Buttons' 7
Hentoff, Nat The Movie Critics All Declare: Boone Is a New Bing [Pat Boone, Bing Crosby] 8
Wedge, Don Record Star by Accident [John Fraser] 9
Johnson, Derek Mineo's Disc Is Surprise Hit [Sal Mineo] 10
August 9    
Cross, Francis Tommy Steele: He's Just the Same as Before His Fame 2, 3
n.a. She's a Real Pet, Is our Petula Clark 8
n.a. Lucille Mapp Makes Moonlight More Romantic 8
Hentoff, Nat Elvis Denies Slur [Elvis Presley, racism] 9
Duncan, Johnny C&W: How It Started and Who Made It World Famous [Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bill Haley, Guy Mitchell, Elvis Presley, Tex Ritter, Sonny James, Johnny Duncan] 10
August 16    
Gray, Andy Cyril Stapleton Relates His American Adventures 2, 3
Fordyce, Keith Keith Fordyce Gets Tough with the Latest Stardust Disc..., But He Likes These Three Girls! 4
Evans, Allen The King Brothers Discuss the Joys and Sorrows of Living in Triplicate! 8
Hentoff, Nat Pat Boone's Education Is Agent's Headache! 9
n.a. Mel Torme [interview] 10
August 23    
Evans, Allen David Whitfield Talks about Opera, Worry, Anger 2
n.a. Paul Anka Wins Fame With "Diana" 3
Goodwin, Keith Two Fours Make Two (Good Discs) [Dene Boys, Oriole] 8
Goodwin, Keith Ray Anthony Pays Us a Call 10
August 30    
Gray, Andy The Amazing Russ Hamilton: There's a Real "Rainbow" Round His Shoulders 2, 3
n.a. BBC to Honour Tommy Steele in Hour-long Anniversary Show 7
Goodwin, Keith Billy Writes to Himself and Fame Answers! [Billy Williams] 8
Hentoff, Nat Judy Sues for a Million [Judy Garland, CBS] 9
n.a. Ronnie Hilton Says Decisions Are Tough at the Top! 10
n.a. Are They Britain's Answer to the Bellboys? [John Barry Seven] 10
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