New Musical Express

October 1957

October 4    
Goodwin, Keith Two Famous American Singers are Saying Their Fond Farewells to Britain This Week [Mel Torme, Charlie Gracie] 2, 3
Goodwin, Keith Earl Hines Piano Work Is a Real Knockout! 12
Govey, Charles Cyril Stapleton Heads Big Bright Package [Show Band] 12
n.a. Elvis Presley Writes a Personal and Intimate Message to You 7
Johnson, Derek All about Elvis 8, 9
Evans, Allen Pat Boone Wants to Be Independant of Show Business 14
October 11    
Goodwin, Keith 'Miss Show Business' Herself Comes Back to Britain—And How Welcome She Is! [Judy Garland] 2, 3
n.a. Gordon Jenkins Forsaked his Manhattan Tower for Judy [Judy Garland] 12
Govey, Charles The Crickets [Buddy Holly] 14
October 18    
n.a. It Was One Big Whirl! [Russ Hamilton] 2, 3
Anka, Paul There Is a Diana [Paul Anka, Diana Ayoub] 3
n.a. Extra Four-Page Suppliment To Celebrate Tommy Steele's Golden Year 7, 8, 9, 10
n.a. Jim (Be My Girl) Dale is the Fans' Boy 13
Johnson, Derek After Jerry Lewis, Now Comes Jerry Lee lewis 14
n.a. Billy Eckstine Admits, "I'm as At Home in Britain as in the States" 14
October 25    
Johnson, Derek Focus on Newcomers to Discland [Larry Page, Laurie London, Marty Wilde, Terry Wayne, Colin Hicks] 2, 3
n.a. Frankie Vaughan Tells Why I like Boys' Clubs 8
Govey, Charles Look and Listen for Diahann [Diahann Carroll] 8
Evans, Allen Dickie Valntine [Guy Mitchell, Johnnie Ray, Perry Como, interview] 10 on Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 22:25:56  
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