New Musical Express

November 1957

November 1    
Gray, Andy Special Paris Round-Up [Frankie Laine, The Platters, Harry James] 2
n.a. Bob Cort Tells You How to Get Skiffling! 8
Johnson, Derek They Back the Stars to Win! [Geoff Love, Norrie Paramor, Ron Goodwin] 8
Kinn, Maurice Elvis Presley Sensation! 10
November 8    
n.a. They've Made it For The Second Time [Paul Anka, Everly Brothers] 2
n.a. I Always Wanted to Be a Comedian, But I'm a Hit Singer Instead! [Jim Dale] 3
n.a. Little Richard Packs It Up! 7
Hentoff, Nat Presley's Reply to Sinatra 8
Johnson, Derek Films? He's Too Busy With LP's [Wally Stott] 9
n.a. Frankie Vaughan Sent a Real Bouquet to the Kaye Sisters 10
November 15    
Charlton, Bruce Royal Jitters [Frankie Vaughan, Alma Cogan, Count Basie, Dennis Lotis] 2
Johnson, Derek Hello to Mario Lanza 3
n.a. Dickie Valentine's Film Debut in '6.5 Special' 6
Johnson, Derek Disc MD's Tip Terry Wayne and Dene Boys For Future Fame [Tony Osborne, Frank Cordell, Terry Wayne] 8
Goodwin, Keith Sister Rosetta Sings Her Sermons! [Sister Rosetta Tharpe] 8
Hentoff, Nat Yul Brynner Defends Presley  
n.a. Judy Garland, Question-Time With The Stars [interview] 10
Goodwin, Keith Great Guy [Gordon Jenkins] 10
November 22    
Johnson, Derek The Queen Clapped Time for Tommy's 'Blues" [Ronnie Hilton, Teddy Johnson, Dennis Lotis, Dickie Valentine, Frankie Vaughan, Malcolm Vaughan, David Whitfield, Tommy Steele] 2, 3
Goodwin, Keith Altogether in the Race to Make 'Alone' a Number One Disc Hit! [Shepherd Sisters, Petula Clark, Selmer Craft, Morton Craft, Southblanders, Kaye Sisters, Brother Sisters] 8
Hentoff, Nat Rock on Way Out, Says Ella [Ella Fitzgerald] 9
Kinn, Maurice Elvis Presley and Johnny Ray [interview] 10
November 29    
Wedge, Don Ted Heath Tells Why Dickie Valentine Left His Band in a Huff 2
Johnson, Derek He Conducts for the Goons [Malcolm Lockyer, Bob Sharples] 2
Johnson, Derek Harry Belafonte Is Too Good to Be Limited  
Charlton, Bruce Johnny Otis and Marie Adams and the Three Tons of Joy 8
Goodwin, Keith Keith Goodwin Says Hello to M.J.Q., Bravo to Sister Rosetta [Moden Jazz Quartet, Sister Rosetta Tharpe] 9 on Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 22:25:56  
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