New Musical Express | March 1958

No. 582 7 March 1958  
(cover page) '65 Stars of 6.5 Special'
Michael Holliday Is in Love
No. 14 Eddie Calvert's Great Continental Record Hit Mandy
Everly Brothers This Little Girl of Mine
n.a. Tommy Sands was really an overnight star! 2
Johnson, Derek How Jo's good looks led to the '6.5 Special' 2
n.a. Who's Where
Band Call
Radio Luxembourg
AFN Highlights
Gray, Andy Andy Gray flew to Belgium this week for an exclusive interview with Johnny Ray who says 'My ear operation has changed my voice!' 3
Philips Advertisement
Marty Wilde, "Oh-oh I'm Falling in Love Again," "Sing, Boy, Sing"
Doris Day, "A Very Precious Love," "Teacher's Pet"
Frankie Vaughan, "We're Not Alone," "Can't Get Along without You"
Jimmy Lloyd, "The Prince of Players," "Every Since I Met Lucy"
Guy Mitchell, "Wonderin' and Worryin'," "If Ya Don't Like It Don't Knock It"
Ronnie Carroll, "To Be Loved," "You're the Greatest"
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Frank Sinatra, Where Are You?
Henry Hall and his Orchestra and The Coronets, Hall-Marks [Columbia]
Webley Edwards, Waikiki [Capitol]
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review: Who Is 'To Be Loved' Most- Malcolm or Jackie? Malcolm Vaughn, "To Be Loved" (HMV)
Jackie Wilson, "To Be Loved" (Vogue-Coral)
Mario Lanza, "The Seven Hills of Rome" / "Come Dance with Me" (RCA)
Mike Holliday, "In Love" / "Rooney" (Columbia)
Everly Brothers, "This Little Girl of Mine" / "Should We Tell Him?"
Donnie Elbert, "Wild Child" / "Let's Do the Stroll" (Parlophone)
Ames Brothers, "In Love" / "A Very Precious Love" (RCA)
Donald Peers, "I Need Somebody" / "Oh, Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again" (Oriole)
Russ Hamilton, "I Had a Dream" / "Little One" (Oriole)
Bob Merrill, "Nairobi" / "Jump When I Say Frog" (Columbia)
Nancy Whiskey, "He's Solid Gone" / "Ella Speed" (Oriole)
Playmates, "Jo-Ann" / "You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming" (Columbia)
Valerie Carr, "You're the Greatest" / "Over the Rainbow" (Columbia)
Oriole Pick of the Pops: March Releases
Russ Hamilton, "Little One" / "I Had a Dream"
Nancy Whiskey and Her Skifflers, "He's Solid Gone" / "Ella Speed
Clinton Ford, "Sweet Sixteen"
Donald Peers, "Oh! Oh! I'm Falling in Love" / "I Need Somebody"
Jack Warner with Tommy Reilly, "An Ordinary Copper" / "On the Way Up"
Rosanne June, "When a Woman Cries" / "The Great Chicago Fire"
Clinton Ford with the Hallelujah Skiffle Group, "Jesus Remembered Me" / "In the Sweet Bye and Bye"
NME Top Thirty
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
3. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "At The Hop," Danny & the Juniors (HMV)
5. "Don't," Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
2. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
3. "Love Me Forever" (Kassner)
4. "Sugartime" (Southern)
5. "April Love" (Robbins)
n.a. 'Golden Album' to Mark Presley's Enlistment [Each title topped million sales]
Jill Day in 'Bolger Show'
Hughes Heads North Again
Katz Back
Frankie Vaughan names own date for U.S. TV return
Donegan Illness Cancels Disc Plan
Disc centre
JATP package tour
All About... '65 Stars of 6.5 Special'
Palladium Stars' TV Plans Here
n.a. Rank To Enter Field In Britain [Powerful TV-cinema-ballroom company to launch own label]
Gracie to open in Liverpool
More Shows for Mario [Lanza]
Super Cinema Tours for Lee Lewis, Otis
Grounded band misses concert [Eric Delaney Band at Coventry Theatre"
Nancy Whiskey back on stage
Crickets in 'Off the Record'
Marion Invited to Moscow
Fans to play with Ted Heath Band
Belafonte at Brussels' Fair
New 208 Series
Sinatra teamed with Bardot
'Golden Disc' film to open earlier
Goodwin, Keith Holly-Crickets give us loudest rock show yet! 8
Leith, Stuart Paul Anka Thaws Out Aberdeen 8
n.a. Gary Miller's night drive in Cyprus was too thrilling!
Jazz records by Keith Goodwin
n.a. Cards from Britain made Guy's birthday happiest
Life-lines of Perry Como
From You... To Us
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson surveys the disc careers of two stars currently climbing the Hit Parade: Frankie Vaughan and Tommy Steele 10
n.a. A Star Speaks (Frank Sinatra) 10
n.a. Ballads and Rock 12
  Amanda Chase, Spring 2010  
No. 583 14 March 1958  
(cover page) Elvis Presley, Tommy Steele, Petula Clark, Johnny Way, Ronnie Hilton, Alma Cogan, Cyril Stapleton 1
Bruce Charlton Don Quit Band-Coaches to Ride to Fame on The 6.5 Special 2
NA Pet Clark has three hits in a row! 3
Keith Fordyce Advises Watch Out for "You're the Greatest"
Lita Roza: "You're the Greatest" / "I Need Somebody" (Nixa)
Beverlys: "Always and Forever" / "Siesta" (Decca)
Gordon Macrae: "Now" / "Till We Meet Again" (Capital)
Rosemary Squire: "Happy Is the Bride" / "Give Me the Simple Life" (HMV)
Dene Boys: "I Walk Down the Street" / "Skylark" (HMV)
Sammy Davis: "Hallelujah I Love Her So" / "I'm Comin Home" (Brunswick)
The King Brothers: "Hand Me Down My Walking Cane"/"6.5 Jive" (Parlophone)
Alan Evans EPs Review
Marty Wilde Quartet, Presenting Marty Wilde Quartet (Phillips)
Something Smith and the Redheads, Something Smith and the Redheads (Fontana)
Shelley Moore, Portrait of Shelley (Starlite)
The Kaye Sisters, Presenting the Kaye Sisters (Phillips)
The Flying Platters, The Flying Platters (Mercury)
The Diamonds, The Diamonds (Mercury)
Der Bingle, Bing (Phillips)
The Micheal Sammes Singers, Pick of Pal Joey (Fontana)
Frank Holder, Calypso Time (Nixa)
Frank Sinatra, Lover (Fontana)
Compilation, Your Choice (Mercury)
John Fraiser, Presenting John Fraiser (Nixa)
Advert Presenting Marty Wilde (Phillips)
Something Smith and the Redheads (Fontana)
Portrait of Shelley (Starlite)
Presenting the Kaye Sisters (Phillips)
The Flying Platters (Mercury)
The Diamonds (Mercury)
Bing (Phillips)
Pick of Pal Joey (Fontana)
Calypso Time (Nixa)
Lover (Fontana)
Your Choice (Mercury)
Presenting John Fraiser (Nixa)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "The Story of My Life," Mike Holiday (Columbia)
3. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors (HMV)
5. "Don't," Elvis Presley (RCA)
6. "Love Me Forever," Marion Ryan (PYE-Nixa)
7. "You Are My Destiny," Paul Anka (Columbia)
8. "April Love," Pat Boone (London)
9. "Oh Boy," Crickets (Coral)
10. "Nairob," Tommy Steele (Decca)
11. "Good Golly Miss Molly," Little Richard (London)
12. "Baby Lover," Petula Clark (Pye-Nixa)
13. "Can't Get Along without You" / "We Not Alone," Frankie Vaughn (Phillips)
14. "All the Way," Frank Sinatra (Capital)
15. "Mandy," Eddie Calvert (Columbia)
16. "Listen to Me," Buddy Holly (Coral)
17. "Catch Falling Star," Perry Como (RCA)
18. "Whole Lotta Women," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
19. "Peggy Sue," Buddy Holly (Coral)
20. "Witchcraft," Frank Sinatra (Capital)
21. "Sugartime," McGuire Sisters (Coral)
22. "Sugartime," Alma Cogan (HMV)
23. "Bony Moronie," Larry Williams (London)
24. "The Clouds Will Soon Roll By," Tony Brent (Columbia)
25. "Why Don't They Understand," George Hamilton IV (HMV)
26. "In Love," Michael Holiday (Columbia)
27. "To Be Loved," Jackie Wilson (Coral)
28. " Maybe Baby," Crickets (Coral)
29. "Sugartime," I'm Dale (Parlophone)
30. "La Dee Dah," Jackie Dennis (Decca)
31. "Raunchy," Ken Macinosh (HMV)
32. "Swinging Shepard Blues," Ted Heath (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappel)
2. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
3. "April Love" (Robbins)
4. "Catch a Falling Star" (Feidman)
5. "Love Me Forever" (Kassper)
6. "Sugartime" (Southern)
7. "All the Way" (Barton)
8. "Jailhouse Rock" (Belinda)
9. "Put a Light in the Window" (Dominion)
10. "My Special Angel" (Yale)
11. "You Are My Destiny" (Robert Mellin)
12. "Forgotten Dreams" (Mills Music)
13. "Chicago" (Feidman)
14. "Kisses Sweeter than Wine" (F. D & H)
15. "Mandy (Pansy)" (World Wide)
16. "Oh Boy" (Southern)
17. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" (Feidman)
18. "Peggy Sue" (Southern)
19. "Raunchy" (Aberbach)
20. "Nairobi" (Leeds)
21. "An Affair to Remember" (Feist)
22. "Why Don't They Understand" (Hendserson)
23. "Tammy" (Macmelodies)
NA Pat Boone Here For Easter!
Union Restrictions Cancel Otis Show Visit
BBC Buys Filmed Dinah Shore US TV Show
Paul Anka Story
Whitfield as Crusoe
Mario for Leicester
Harris Vaughan for "top numbers"
Dene Off to Sweden
Decca House is a palace
NA Monty re-booked before current tour has ended
"Cool for Cats" Stage Show In Spring
Quick Return for Dickie
Sara Vaughan at Leicester Square Odeon
Mike Holiday Is Radio Actor
Al Hibbler opens Monday at Liverpool
Ronnie Hilton in last record show
Paul Anka's next disks
Keith Goodwin The Hi Los Stuck to Their Ideals 8
James Wynn Convincing acting by Terry Dene  
Nat Hentoff Frankie Enjoyed being unknown, until... 9
NA Starvin Marvin is well-fed now! 10
Keith Goodwin Lonnie Donegan Starts Something  
  Mark Colangelo, Spring 2010  
No. 584 21 March 1958  
(cover page) In This Issue: Presley, Sinatra, Lanza, Anka, Steele, Heath, Hibbler, Jackie Dennis
This Trio Are Giving You Magic Moments [pictured: (Left to right) Michael Holiday, Paul Anka, and Perry Como]
[pictured: The Beverly Sisters (Bottom Left)]
[pictured: The Kaye Sisters (Bottom Right)]
Maurice Kinn Sinatra Sensation
Covers Sinatra's brilliant performance at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami
Malcolm Johns David Hughes Is Ballad Champion 2
NME NME Information Bureau: Who's Where
Lonnie Donnegan (Belfast Opera House)
The Southlanders (Chester Loyalty)
Michael Holiday and Peter Crawford Trio (Finsbury Park Empire)
David Whitfield (London Palladium)
Al Hibbler (Liverpool Empire)
  AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
Band Call
Malcolm Johns Bill Haley Art Expert [Bill Haley and the Comets] 2
Bruce Charleton These teen stars spin on discs today and now the Kid from Scotland [pictured: Sal Mineo, Terry Dene, Pauline Shepard, Paul Anka, Danny and the Juniors, Frankie Lymon, Laurie London, Jackie Dennis] 3
Derek Johnson While 'old hand' Tommy Steele celebrates a new hit - 'Nairobi'- and his second filmed, in which he appears as theDuke of Joy 3
Keith Fordyce Keith Fordyce of Radio Luxembourg fame reviews the pops:
Vera Lynn, "Say" / "My Shining Star" (Decca)
Carol Hughes, "Wake Up Little Suzie" / "First Date" (n/a)
Freddie Shaw, "All the Things You Are" / "When You're in Love" (Colombia)
Ted Heath, "Swinging Shepard Blues" / "Raunchy" (Decca)
Gerard Calvi, "On the Beach" (n/a)
Kaye Sisters, "The Pansy" (Philips)
Dennis Lotus, "I May Never Pass" / "Gretna Green" (Colombia)
Fats Domino, "The Big Beat" / "Don't You Know" (London-American)
Guy Mitchell, "Wonderin and Worryin" / "If Ya Don't Like It Don't Knock It" (Philips)
Ronnie Ronalde, "Innocent Sinners" / "Sweetwater Mountain" (Colombia)
Ronnie Carroll, "To Be Loved" / "You're the Greatest" (Philips)
Robin Gray "Made For Each Other" / "Dancing with My Shadow" (Parlophone)
Allan Evans LPs
Johnny Otis Show
Sing Boy Sing
Slow Walk Rock
The Melody Lingers On
The Four Lads Sing Frank Loesser
Eydie Gorme
NME Top 30 Best Selling Top Records in Britain
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Colombia)
3. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors (HMV)
4. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Don't," Elvis Presley (RCA)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
2. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
3. "Catch a Falling Star" (Feldman)
4. "Sugar Time" (Southern)
5. "Love Me Forever" (Kassner)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. The Champs, "Tequila"
2. Chuck Berry, "Sweet Little Sixteen"
3. Elvis Presley, "Don't / I beg of You"
4. Pat Boone, "A Wonderful Time Up There" / "It's Soon to Know"
5. Crescendos, "Oh, Julie"
n.a. Laurie London Plans U.S. Visit and Easter Holidays Offered Ed. Sullivan TV: disc is selling well in America
Charlie Kunz: Hit Recorder for 25 Years [dead at age 61]
Dates for Stars XI
Hours of Enjoyment in these two books: 65 Stars of 6.5 Special & Paul Anka Story
Hampton Goes Home [Lionel Hampton returns to the U.S.]
Soldier Elvis on Monday [joins Army]
Dankworth Weds Cleo [Johnny Dankworth marries Cleo Laine]
Frankie Vaughan TV Offers Cannot be Accepted
Ten Rock Discs for Ten Bob
Dickie's First Try at Musical Comedy [Dickie Valentine stars in BBC-TV's lavish "Hit the Headlines"]
Heat winners to skiffle at Met
Fifteen More Dates for Sarah Vaughan
Lanza Fights Bad Health
Anka: 'Cool' TV Show and Visit to Luxembourg
Charlie Gracie's Venues
Johnny Rae: Spring Tour, to Film with Max [The long awaited return of Johnny Rae to the film studios is likely to take place in Britain at the end of his present European concert tour]
Hilton Plans [Ronnie Hilton Easter Sunday at Blackpool]
Three Weeks of Variety from Marvin Rainwater [Marvin Rainwater starts tour of Britain at Manchester Hippodrome]
Hibbler's Arrival [Al Hibbler arrives Sunday]
Few Seats Left for Ella
South African Teenagers Tried to Keep Tommy In
Knight to Tour
Max set for first 'trip'
Smiths to sell latest records
Pat Boone: Two Easter Concerts in London
Keel May Film Here
Kent Walton for Stage
Ted Heath Exclusive Tribute by one great artist about another
Ted Heath writes about Al Hibbler who never forgets a voice: Hibbler's Career
n.a. Now make a TV date with Dinah 8
n.a. Own Show 8
Nat Hentoff American Airmail. Ronnie Hilton and Norrie Paramour albums in the States: Frankie Vaughn, Frankie Farrell, Ronnie Hilton Album, Frank Sinatra 9
NME From You To Us [Letters from the readers] 9
n.a. Happy Birthday: Thanks to You! 9
n.a. Kent Rock Scores 9
n.a. The Much Impersonated Mario Lanza does some taking-off himself! ["Seven Hills of Rome," impersonating Dean Martin, Frankie Laine, Perry Como, and Louis Armstrong] 10
Bruce Charleton Bruce Charleton Recalls Memories of a Great Team
Billy Read writes and Dorothy Squires sings
March Issue of Hit Parade now on sale
'Meet Frankie Laine'
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
  Bron's Current "Pop" Orchestrations S.O.
1. Rooney
2. Sophia
3. Cry My Heart
4. 6-5 Jive
5. Overdrive
  New ARRS. (Suitable from Trio to F.O)
1. Rose Marie
2. Rosita (Tango)
3. Say It Isn't Sp
4. Say It With Music
5. Says My Heart
  The Life-lines of Elvis Presley 12
  Matt Czerkowicz, Spring 2010  
No. 585 28 March 1958  
(cover page) Paul Anka, Buddy Holly Send Personal Farewell Message
April 'Hit Parade' on sale Tuesday
Marvin Alma and Jackie jump up the Hit Parade [photos]
Whole Lotta Success
Johnson, Derek They're All Famous Record Stars, but a British Top Twenty Listing Has Eluded Them: Why Aren't They Disc Hits Here? 2
NME NME Information Bureau [Who's Where, Band Call, Radio Luxembourg, AFN Highlights] 2
N.A Tommy Steele Dress Style Leader [photos] 3
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Frank Sinatra, Adventures of the Heart
Sal Mineo, Sal
Ferlin Husky, Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Gordon Jenkins, Stolen Hours
Russ Conway, Piano Request
Ken Griffin, Hawaiian Magic
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Jimmy Young, "Love Me Again/ "Every Precious Love" Eve Boswell, "Love Me Again" / "I Do" [Parlophone]
Danny and the Juniors, "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay" / "School Boy Romance" [HMV]
Ronnie Hilton, "I May Never Pass this Way Again" / "Love Walked In" [HMV]
Dean Martin, "Return to Me" / "Forgetting You" [Capital]
Voxpoppers, "Wishing for Your Love" / "The Last Drag" [Mercury]
Kuf Linx, "So Tough" / "What'cha Gonna Do" [London American]
Glen Mason, "I May Never Pass this Way Again" / "A Moment Ago" [Parlophone]
Joe Henderson, "Mandy" [Nixa]
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "Don't," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "The Story of My Life", Michael Holliday (Columbia)
4. "Nairobi," Tommy Steele (Decca)
5. "Whole Lotta Women," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
2. "Check a Falling Star" (Feldman)
3. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
4. "Sugar Time" (Southern)
5. "April Love" (Robbins)
NME Top Hits
"Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay", Danny and the Juniors (HMV)
"In Love," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
"Lollipop," Mudlarks (Columbia)
"Swinging Shepherd Blues," The Johnny Pate Quintet (Parlophone)
"Oh, Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again," Jimmie Rogers (Columbia)
"To Be Loved," Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
NME Laurie London's New York trip Definite Now
More Music Less Talk is '6.5' Future Policy
Big London "Hello" for Liberace
Calloway "Cotton Club" show as autumn attractions
Dave King's Own Show
Southlanders Summer in Scarborough
AR/TV Plan 'Fair Lady' Scoop
Sonny Zahl's New Post
US Song Writer Dies
NME Guy Mitchell Return Plans
Big Test Day for Terry Dene
Miami Seeks Frankie Vaughan
ATV Plans Major Summer Switches
Ted Heath to be Honored on Sunday
Tommy Steele Exciting May 'Double'
Vera Lynn in radio 'Toast'
'Show Band' Attractions
Ray's Palladium Engagement Fixed
Belafonte in September
Goodwin, Keith The Amazing Feat of Irving Berlin: Fifty Years as the Master Mind of Song 8
N.A The Life-Lines of Pat Boone 8
N.A Million Dollars offered to Pat Boone off TV 9
NME From You.... To Us 9
Goodwin, Keith Two Star Attractions ended Nation-wide Tours this Week and Send Personal Farewells to NME Readers 10
  Classifieds 11
N.A Tommy to fly? 12
N.A Perry Como's Unusual Confessions in April 'Hit Parade' 12
The Alleycat Tail-Pieces 12
  Jessica Dankner, Spring 2010  

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