New Musical Express | June 1958

No. 595 6 June 1958
Cover He’s Here! The Purple People Eater flies from the U.S.A. piloted by Sheb Wooley. Now in the American Top Ten and Still Moving! 1
Maurice Kinn Two Famous Men Who Helped to Make the Record Industry Great, Have Died [Sir Louis Sterling, Tom Rockwell] 2
Leslie Macdonnell Tom Rockwell found the stars. 2
N.A. AFN Highlights 2
N.A. Sir Louis Sterling put them on wax 2
N.A. Vocal Directory 2
N.A. Now on Sale! The Thrilling Magazing “65 Stars of 6.5 Special. 2
N.A. A Birthday in London (Vic Damone) 3
N.A. Vic Damone Confesses, “I sang my greatest hit into a dead mike” (But Mitch Miller had two others very much alive!) 3
NME Michael Holiday climbs up the Hit Parade with “Stairway of Love” coupling: “May I?” 3
Keith Fordyce Bobby Helms is headed for the charts at last ["Jaqueline"; Johnnie Ray, Guy Mitchell, The Shirelles, Nat Cole] 4
N.A. POPS PAGE: Personalities: Johnnie Ray, Guy Mitchell, The Shirelles, Nat Cole, Maxine Daniels, Frank Chacksfield, Eydie Gorme, Billie Anthony, Joe Henderson, Jack Scott. 4
N.A. A Great New Vocal Group! The 4 Gibson Girls. Orchestra Directed by Bernard Ebbinghouse 4
Allen Evans LPs: “The Call of the Wild West,” Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Btera, and The Witnesses. (Capitol)
“Where’s Charlie?,” Norman Wisdom (Columbia re-records Frank Loesser’s song)
“Havana in Hi-Fi,” Richard Hayman
“Teenage Rock,” Tommy Sands, Gene Vincent, Ferlin Husky. (Capitol)
“Pinocchio,” Disney Soundtrack
N.A. Mudlarks Pay Up! 4
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Who’s Sorry Now,” Connie Francis (MGM)
2.  “Tom Hark,” Elias and his Zig Zag Jive Flutes (Columbia)
3.  “On the Street Where You Live,” Vic Damone (Phillips)
4.  “A Wonderful Time Up There,” Pat Boone (London)
5.  “Lollipop,” Mudlarks (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “Who’s Sorry Now” (Feldman)
2.  “I May Never Pass This Way Again” (Chappell)
3.  “Stairway of Love” (Leeds)
4.  “On the Street Where You Live” (Chappell)
5.  “Tulips from Amsterdam” (Cinephonic)
advertising Top Hits: “Fuzzy Night,” Black Mambazo
“Book of Love,” Barry Barnett
“Stairway of Love,” Alma Cogan
“Flippin’ Over You,” Ronnie Pearson
“Secretly,” Jimmie Rodgers
“Torero,” Renato Carosone
N.A. Frankie Vaughan Offered Jolson Role in ‘Jazz Singer’ Re-make
Test match won’t catch “6.5” out on Saturday
No Variety Season for Prince of Wales: Delfont Busy with “Corner” plans
Lonnie Donegan Wants New U.S. Disc Deal
Melcher-Toff Part Company
Rank Prepares Sales Drive to Invade Disc Market
Stars Attend Funeral
Fourth Birthday Issue of ‘Hit Parade’
Vic Damone Prepares to Visit Your Street
  Frank Sinatra here: Talks of biggest film deal ever
Dennis Lotis- BBC disc-jockey and performer as well!
Billie Holiday Concert Off
Royal Show kept short at Queen’s request
Laurie London to star in U.S. ‘spiritual’ package show
Alma Cogan off to Stockholm
Jazz Afloat
Good’s Guests
New Stargazer
Dickie Valentine Offered Five-Week Tour Down Under
Jerry Lee Carries On
Johnny Mathis on Como TV show
Dave King Has Double TV Date
Shirley Bassey’s extra bad luck
Shock for Dankworth
Eddie Fisher: Appendicitis
Charles Govey Atten-Shun: Your Missing lots of fun if you’re not playing The Army Game. 8
N.A. Buy your records the MODERN way at no extra cost! 7-inch 45 R.P.M 8
N.A. Who’s Where
One-Night Stands
Band Call
N.A. Frankie Vaughan 9
Keith Goodwin Jazz 9
Nat Hentoff American News-Box 9
various …Well, all write: Was Jackie Dennis avoiding Tommy Steele’s fate? 9
Derek Johnson Tells how two sacked men paved the way to the fame of the Everlys [Arthur Godfrey] 10
Keith Goodwin Platters Shine at Twilight Time 10
Jeff Chandler A Star Speaks 10
The Alley Cat More London Laurels? 12
N.A. A Great Sincere Ballad: A Prayer for Peace 12
  Sam Brouse, October 2009  
No. 596 13 June 1958  
Goodwin, Keith Four Preps changed label-and luck! [American musical group] 2
Goodwin, Keith Jazz [Review of up and coming American jazz musicians, including Sonny Rollins and Barney Kessel] 2
Johnson, Derek The Mudlarks are doing what comes naturally [Britain’s premier vocal group] 3
Philips Stardiscs [ad] Vic Damone, “On the Street Where You Live” / “Arrivederci Roma,”
Valerie Shane, “When the Boys Talk about the Girls” / “Careful, Careful,”
Frankie Vaughan, “Kewpie Doll” / “So Many Women,”
Johnnie Ray “Lonely for a Letter” / “Endlessly,”
Guy Mitchell, “Hangin’ Around” / “Honey Brown Eyes”
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail Reports…Harry Belafonte to promote Negro talent [Belafonte’s talent agency looks to find and develop new singers and dancers who have a lot to give] 3
Fordyce, Keith The Torrent of ‘Torero’ Discs Will Cheer Us All Up! [Famous DJ Fordyce reviews singles by bands such as Southlanders, King Brothers, and Stargazers]
Julius La Rosa: “Torero” / “Miliano” (RCA)
The King Brothers: “Torero” / “Moonlight and Roses” (Parlophone)
The Kaye Sisters: “Torero” / “Stroll Me” (Philips)
Winifred Atwell: “Lazy Train” / “At the Woodchoppers’ Ball” (Decca)
Jackie Dennis: “The Purple People Eater” / “You-oo” (Decca)
Barry Cryer: “The Purple People Eater” / “Hey! Eula” (Fontana)
The Stargazers: “Big Man” / “Lonely for a Letter” (Decca)
Kenny Baker: “Bakerloo Non-Stop”/ “Trumpet Blue and Cantible” (Nixa)
Kay Starr: “Stroll Me” / “Rockin’ Chair” (RCA)
Billy Ward: “Jennie Lee” / “Music, Maestro, Please” (London-American)
Al Hibbler, “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That Baby” / “Honeysuckle Rose” (Brunswick)
Tony Bennett: “Young, Warm and Wonderful” / “Now I Lay Me down to Sleep” (Philips)
Jack Warner: “Ordinary Copper” / “On the Way Up” (Oriole)
N.A. Top Thirty
1.  “Little Pixie,” Eddie Calvert [Columbia]
2.  “You Need Hands,” Eydie Gorme [H.M.V.]
3.  “Torero,” The King Brothers [Parlophone]
4.  “Witch Doctor,” Don Lang and his Frantic Five [H.M.V.]
5.  “The Shrine on the Second Floor,” Danny Purches [Columbia]
N.A. Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1.“Who’s Sorry Now” [MGM]
2. “Tom Hark” [Columbia]
3. “Stairway of Love” [Columbia]
4. “On the Street Where You Live” [Philips]
5. “Witch Doctor” [H.M.V.]
N.A. All-Star Bills for Seaside [Harold Fielding’s “Music for the Millions” summer performances include Tommy Steele, Guy Mitchell, and Lonnie Donegan, among others] 6
Wilson, Meredith Max Bygraves Will Star in 1959 Palladium Revue [Scheduled for spring to December at the London Palladium] 6
N.A. Toni Dalli Back from U.S. Dates [Dalli returned from his four-month American visit]
Johnnie Ray film off until January [First British film to star Johnnie Ray Wake Up, Darling]
Vic Damone: Four Weeks of Variety [Four weeks at provincial theaters after ATV “Saturday Spectacular” series on July 15]
Coastal Dates for Earle and Vaughan [Singer Malcolm Vaughan and stage partner Ken Earle on Harold Fielding’s variety show]
Efforts to Bring Connie Francis, Everlys Here [Francis on three major TV shows, as well as London concerts, and the Everly Brothers for TV bookings, though nothing finalized]
Norman Wisdom in ‘Where’s Charley?’ [Bernard Delfont on ATV Sunday variety to present Norman Wisdom in “Where’s Charley?” segment, the musical version of “Charley’s Aunt” London theatre production]
N.A. ITV Company Drops Own Show to Televise Tommy Steele! [The Tommy Steele Show to air]
Diana Dors Heads Package Show [Film star returns to variety next month with a singing act and a package show, which will include Group One and comedian Dickie Dawson]
BBC-TV Plans Pop Song Parade on June 28th [Peak-hour Saturday night show with the title “Burst into Song” as revue-type entertainment]
Dickie Valentine’s First London Pantomime Fixed [Britain’s No. 1 vocal personality to star in first pantomime at Finsbury Park Empire this Christmas]
Ross to America [British jazz saxist Ronnie Ross departs for Newport Jazz Festival in America, which is July 3-6]
Jim Dale to Star in Dramatic Film [Singer Dale to star in Sydney Box film in dramatic role’]
U.S. TV Firm to Start Label Here [National Telefilm Associates to form major record label in Britain]
Guy Mitchell Gets Palladium TV Call [“Sunday Night at the London Palladium”]
Evans, Allen LPs
Ronnie Carroll: Lucky 13 (Philips)
Guy Mitchell: A Guy in Love (Philips)
Compilation: Just for Variety (Capitol)
Lena Horne: Stormy Weather (RCA)
Jack Payne: Say it with Music (HMV)
Johnny Mathis: Warm (Fontana)
Govey, Charles Max Bygraves Has Golden ‘Hands’ [Successful comedian, singer, songwriter, and music publisher] 8
Johnson, Derek Don Lang Your Favourite ‘Witch Doctor’ [Trombonist appeared in star bands such as Vic Lewis Orchestra and sang in vocal groups including Ken Macintosh’s “Mackpies” to attain fame] 9
N.A. Question Time with Guy Mitchell [Lonnie Donegan and Tommy Steele will outstay rock ‘n’ skiffle, says Mitchell] 10
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [Pays respect to British Top Ten achievements from many home-grown musicians] 12
  Zach Brown, October 2009  
No. 597 20 June 1958  
Cover Doris Day, Lonnie Donegan, Dean Martin, Whitfield, Sinatra, Steele 1
Cover Announcements:
A Terrific Hit Song! “Stroll Me” Kay Starr [RCA], Kaye Sisters [Philips], Kerry Martin [Parlophone]
A Hit Song from a Hit Record! “Tulips from Amsterdam” Max Bygraves [Decca]
A Hit Song from a Hit Film! “Kari Waits for Me” Easy Riders [Philips], Eddie Fisher [RCA]
Evans, Allen They Play Their Flutes When the Coppers Are Patrolling Nearby! [The Real Inside Story of ‘Tom Hark’] 2
Walsh, Peggy Sara Vaughn Is Relaxed Success [Reviews by NME Critics] 2
N.A. NME Information Bureau [Radio Luxembourg, Who’s Where, Band Call, AFN Highlights] 2
Johnson, Derek Doris Day Is a Five Gold Disc Girl [Day’s ‘amazing record career’ is surveyed] 3
N.A. Magic Moments for Bernard Bresslaw! 3
N.A. Announcement:
Doris Day —  Her Latest Hit Record: “A Very Precious Love” / “Teacher’s Pet” [Philips]
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed: The Light Brown Hair Turns Yellow!
Marty Wilde: “Her Hair Was Yellow”/ “Endless Sleep” (Philips)
Jimmy Young: “The State of Happiness”/ “Her Hair Was Yellow” ( Columbia)
Don Rondo: “Her Hair Was Yellow”/ “Blonde Bombshell” (London-American)
Connie Francis: “Who’s Sorry Now?” /” I’m Sorry I Made You Cry” (MGM)
Lita Roza: “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry”/ “Hillside to Scotland” (Nixa)
Vera Lynn, “Every Hour, Every Day of My Life”/ “The Wind Cannot Read” (Decca)
Ryan-Miller [Marion Ryan and Gary Miller]: “A Couple of Crazy Kids” (Nixa) 
Buddy Holly: “Rave On” / “Take Your Time” (Vogue Royal)
Slim Whitman: “Candy Kisses” / “Tormented” (London-American)
Debbie Reynolds: “This Happy Feeling”/ “Hillside in Scotland” (Vogue Royal)
Ella Fitzgerald: “Beale Street Blues” / “St. Louis Blues” (HMV)
Ron Goodwin: “Jumping Jupiter” / “Skiffling Strings” (Parlophone)
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
Dakota Staton: The Late, Late Show [Capitol]
Patti Page: You Go to My Head [Mercury]
Laurie Johnson: Operation Orchestra [Nixa]
N.A. Announcements:
A New Russ Hamilton Smash Hit! “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” coupled with “Drifting and Dreaming [Oriole]
It’s Great! Lit Roza.  “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry” [Nixa]
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain (Top Thirty):
1.“Who’s Sorry Now?” Connie Francis (MGM)
2. “On the Street Where You Live,” Vic Damone (Philips)
3. “Tom Hark,” Elias and his Zig Zag Jive Flutes (Columbia)
4. “All I Have to Do Is Dream”/  “Claudette,” Everly Brothers (London)
5. “Stairway of Love,” Michael Holiday (Columbia)
6. “Tulips from Amsterdam” / “You Need Hands,” Max Bygraves (Decca)
7. “Witch Doctor,” Don Lang (HMV)
8. “Army Game,” Bernard Bresslaw, Michael Medwin, Alfie Bass, Leslie Fyson (HMV)
9. “A Wonderful Time Up There,” Pat Boone (London)
10. “Lollipop,” Mudlarks (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “On the Street Where You Live” (Chappell)
2.  “Stairway of Love” (Leeds)
3.  “Who’s Sorry Now?” (Feldman)
4.  “I May Never Pass This Way Again” (Chappell)
4.  “Tulips from Amsterdam” (Cinephonte)
6. “Lollipop” (Anglo-Pic)
EMI [ad] Top Hits: Sheb Wooley, “The Purple People Eater” (MGM), Don Lang and his Frantic Five, “Witch Doctor” (HMV), The Stars of the TV Series “The Army Game” (HMV), Eydie Gorme, “You Need Hands” (HMV), Jimmie Rogers, “Secretly” (Columbia), Elias and his Zig Zag Jive Flutes, “Vuka’ Magcwabeni” (Columbia)
Rapidly Climbing the Hit Parade! “Book of Love,” The Mudlarks (Columbia)
Climb Aboard the “Lazy Train” with Winifred Atwell (Decca), Joe “Fingers” Carr (Capitol) and Joe “Harmonia” Harper (MGM)
N.A. Joan Regan: Big HMV Capture [Plans for Ex-Decca Star] 6
N.A. Frank Sinatra Scores Three Out of Three in U.S. Deejay Polls 6
Carroll, Ronnie Jack Good to Produce for Stage and Extra TV 6
N.A. No Big BBC Productions at Radio Show
Stanley Black Gets Own Show [BBC-TV show called “Black Magic” will feature his orchestra]
Dickie Offered 12 Radio Dates [Dickie Valentine may take 12 lunch-hour radio dates]
Producer Brian Tesler Tries Out New Idea [Tesler to produce tele-recorded 60-minute program for transmission on a later date]
Frankie’s Disc Out Next Week [Frankie Vaughan’s “Judy” will be released]
N.A. Little Richard, “Ooh! My Soul;” Pat Boone, “Sugar Moon;” Bobby Freeman, “Do You Want to Dance?” [London] 6, 7
N.A. David Whitfield to Be ‘Crusoe’ Again [Decca singing star plays title role for second successive year] 6, 7
N.A. Lonnie Donegan’s Amazing Disc Deal: First British Star to have Independent U.S. Release
Rank Record Chief Non-Committal on Eric Delaney Signing Speculation [Eric Delaney and label Pye-Nixa two-year contract termination results in speculation]
Laurie London U.S. Tour Next Month
Sinatra to Lead ‘100 Stars’ [Sinatra asked to lead midnight concert, “Night of 100 Stars”]
In Musical [Accordian star Camilleri will be featured in “Irma La Douce” (new musical starring Elizabeth Seal]
Lita, Alma Duet in Panto Again [They will sing in “Babes in the Wood” pantomime]
Opening London Branches [Capitol is opening London Branches]
Film Music by Dankworth [“The Whole Truth” fim will feature Dankworth Orchestra music]
N.A. NMExclusive: Tommy Steel Talks about His ‘Back to Work’ Joy! 8, 9
N.A. Steele Fans Write about Tommy’s Engagement [Confessions of Tommy Steele, close-up on his fiancé, Ann Donoughue] 8
Goodwin, Keith Jazz [Jazz bands are discussed] 8
Johns, Malcolm Ann Helped Tommy to Triumph Again! [Insight on Tommy’s and Ann’s Relationship is given] 9
Hentoff, Nat American News Box [Negro Musical, Script Changed Sinatra’s Mind, New Tape Magic] 9
N.A. A Great Capitol EP From Frank Sinatra, featuring four of his biggest hit songs – truly a great buy! 9
Goodwin, Keith Focus on The Purple People Eater and Sheb Wooley [background information and facts are given on Wooley] 10
N.A. Johnny Mathis, “Teacher, Teacher” coupled with “Easy To Love” [Fontana]
The Overnight Novelty Sensation “Purple People Eater,” Sheb Wooley, Jackie Dennis, Barry Cryer [Peter Maurice Music]
N.A. The Life-Lines Of Dean Martin 10
N.A. World Exclusive! A Sensational Magazine Now on Sale! The Paul Anka Story
Now On Sale!  Announcing the June Issue of Hit Parade
N.A. A Great New Record! Audrey Jeans, “Send a Letter to Jeanette – Yet” [Decca]
A Super Natural! “Witch Doctor,” Great Recordings by David Seville (London), Don Lang (HMV)
A Great Sincere Ballad: “A Prayer for Peace” by Perry Como (RCA)
It’s the Mostest! Elvis Presley, Tommy Steele Glossy Photos Available [Ordering information]
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces:
‘OH Boy’: Good Show! [TV Musical Presentation Reviewed]
A Star Speaks: Vic Damone
  Kylen Clark, October 2009  
No. 598 June 27, 1958  
Advertisement Purple People Eater 1
Decca Jackie Dennis: Purple People Eater 1
Cover Story 3 Terrific New Records by British Stars! Tommy Steele, the Beverly Sisters, Winifred Atwell 1
Advertisement Vic Damone writes about Perry Como 1
Advertisement Exciting Articles on David Whitfield, Alma Cogan 1
Advertisement July 'Hit Parade' On Sale Tuesday 1
Charles Govey Oscar Robin kept his band young by encouraging newcomers, so youth loved to dance to his happy music 2
NME AFN Highlight 547, 344, 271 Metres
Radio Luxembourg Full Programmes - - 208 Metres
Who's Where
Band Call
Advertisement London's Great Record Centre FOYLES * For Books* 2
Advertisement Vocal Directory 2
Advertisement 65 Stars of 6.5 Special 3
Derek Johnson David Whitfield (minus tonsils) Finds Singing Much Easier 3
Columbia, Philips After Midnight...When the Boys Talk about the Girls 3
Advertisement  Decca The two latest records by David Whitfield 3
P.E. Bagshaw Teddy and Pearl Keep Yarmouth Bright 3
Advertisement Stardiscs 3
Keith Fordyce & Hugo Perelti Quote
Malcom Vaughn Makes a Ballad Big
Impressive Lonnie Donegan Speeds up 'Sally' for Excitement
David Whitfield Could Have Two on the Trot
Frankie Vaughan Sounds Different on S-Made 'Judy'
Viv Damone's Hawaiian Joy
Keith Goodwin JAZZ 4
Advertisement Alma Cogan's Recording of a Great Song, "Fly Away Lovers" 4
Record Dealers' Directory Les Aldrich, Records by Post, Bernard’s Record Shop 4
Nixa Lonnie Donegan, Patti Page 4
Advertisement South Pacific and Oklahoma Selections
"Rhythm in Blues," Manahattan Rhythm Boys
"Honky-Tonk Piano," "Piano Roll" Cook
"Songs from the Emerald Isle," Terry O'Toole
"Tap," Instrumental Hit Sons from Famous Films
"Music for Romance," Joseh Kiley at Metropolitain Organ
"Banjo Music," Les Perry Banjo Maniacs
"Dance Date," Music for Dancing
"Cocktails and Piano," Rollo Scott
"Memories of Italy," Roberto Pietri
"Songs for Lovers," Sam Browne and Lew Stone Orchestra
"Favorite Polkas," Old Time Polkas
"Tribute t Freddy Gardener," Saxophone
Columbia Spotlight on Jimmie Rodgers 5
London Records Jody Reynolds, Jan and Arnie 5
NME Singles Review
1.Connie Francis: "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry" (MGM)
2.Ronnie Hilton: "Her Hair was Yellow" (H.M.V.)
3. Don Lang and his Frantic Five: "Witch Doctor" (H.M.V.)
4. The Mudlarks: "Book of Love" (Columbia)
5. Marvin Rainwater: "I Dig You Baby" (MGM)
6. Malcolm Vaughan: "Ev'ry Hour, Ev'ry Day of My Life" (H.M.V.)
Advertisement Kari Waits for Me (Film) 5
Advertisement Two Fabulous Offers: "The Vidor" the "Fidelity" 5
Advertisement Fontana H130 Johnny Mathis "Teacher Teacher" 5
NME Top Thirty Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1.  “On the Street Where You Live,” Vic Damone (Philips)
2.  “All I have to Do Is Dream/ Claudette," Everly Brothers
3.  “Who's Sorry Now," Connie Francis (MGM)
4.  “Stairway of Love," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
5.  “Army Game," Bernard Bresslaw, Micael Medwin Albie Bass, Leslie Fyson (HMV)
6.  “Witch Doctor," Don Lang (HMV)
7.  “Tom Hark," Elias & His Zig Zag Flutes (Columbia)
8.  “Tulips from Amsterdam/You Need Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
9.  “Book of Love," Mudlarks (Columbia)
10.  “Big Man,: Four Preps (Capitol)
11.  "A Wonderful Time up There," Pat Boone (London)
12. “Twilight Time," Platters (Mercury)
13.“Kewpie Doll," Frankie Vaughan (Philips)
14. "Purple People Eater," Sheb Wooley (MGM)
15.  “Rave On," Muddy Holly (Capitol)
16. “I May Never Pass This Way Again," Robert Earle (Philips)
17. “Return to Me," Dean Martin (Capitol)
18. "On the Street Where You Live," David Whitfield (Decca)
19.“Sugar Moon," Pat Boone (London) 20.  “Lollipop," Mudlarks (Columbia)
21.  "I Dig You Baby," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
22. “Grand Coolie Dam," Lonnie Donnegan (Pye-Nixa)
23. “Wear My Ring," Elvis Presley (RCA)
24. "I May Never Pass This Way Again," Perry Como (RCA)
25.  “Witch Doctor," David Seville (London)
26. “It's Too Soon to Know," Pat Boone (London)
27. “A Very Precious Love," Doris Day (Philips)
28. "A Little Serenade," Eddie Calvert (Columbia)
29.“Purple People Eater," Jackie Dennis (Decca)
30.“I'm Sorry I Made You Cry," Connie Francis (MGM)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “ On the Street Where You Live," (Chappell)
2.  “Tulips from Amsterdam," (Cinephonie)
3.  “Stairway of Love," (Leeds)
4.  “Who's Sorry Now," (Feidman)
5.  "I May Never Pass This Way Again," (Chappell)
6.  “I Could Have Danced All Night," (Chappell)
7.  “Tom Hark," (Southern
8.  “Witch Doctor," (Courne)
9.  “Lollipop," (Angio-Pic)
10.  “A Wonderful Time up There," (Morris)
11.  “Kewpie Doll," (Leeds)
12 . “Book of Love," (F.D. & H)
13. “You Need Hands," (Lakeview)
14. "Grande Coolie Dam," (Essex)
15. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," (Sherwin)
16. "All I Have to Do Is Dream," (Acuff-Rose)
16. "A Very Precious Love," (Blossom)
18. "To Be Loved," (Duchess)
19. "Magic Moments," (Chappell)
20. "Twilight Time," (Victoria)
21. "Whole Lotta Woman," (Sheldon)
22. "Return to Me," (Southern)
23. "April Love," (Robbins)
24."I Need You," (Henderson)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1.  “Purple People Eater," Sheb Wooley
2.  “All I Have to Do Is Dream” / “Claudette," Everly Brothers
3.  “Secretly” / “Make Me a Miracle," Jimmy Rodgers
4.  “Yakety Yak," Coasters
5.  "Witch Doctor," David Beville
6.  “Return to Me," Dean Martin
7.  “Do You Want to Dance?" Bobby Freeman
8.  “Looking Back” / “Do I Like It?" Nat King Cole
9.  “Jennie Lee," Jan and Arnie
10.  “Endless Sleep," Jody Reynolds
11.  “Sugar Moon” / “Cherie, I Love You," Pat Boone
12 . “Big Man," Four Preps
13. “Twilight Time," Platters
14. "Wear My Ring," Elvis Presley
15. "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," Laurie London.
16. "Chanson D'Amour," Art and Dotty Todd
17. "Oh, Lonesome Me/I Can't Stop Loving You," Done Gibson
18. "Johnny B. Goode," Chuck Berry
19. "What Am I Living for?" Chuck Willis
20. Zorro," Cordettes
N.A. Mantovani Winds World Wide Television Contract!
Questions about Jerry Lee Lewis in Parliament
Rabin Band to Carry on at the Lyceum
Lucy: Disc Firm Now?
Ted Health Brussels Fair Visit Confirmed: Hi-Lo's Reunion?
More Como Shows On BBC Network
Terry and Edna Engaged
Chico Hamilton, J-K groups for exchange?
Advertisement Elligton LP 6
N.A. Shirley Bassey Resumes Dates in Mid-July
Howard Keel the King?
N.A. Stanley Black Caesar MD
Des in Pantomime
London's US Tour Confirmed
'Oh-Boy!' Series Planned
British Stars for RCA Album
Platters to Film in London
Mills Bros. Visit Off: La Rosa. Connie Francis Hopeful
Dalli's Date
Powerful Anglo US Film and TV companies plan disc invasion in Britain
Jean Carson has to Decline
Seven Sunday Concerts for the Mudlarks
Frankie Vaughan Debut in December?
Royal Show on BBS
Ten Skiffle Groups in Semi-Finals
Johnnie Ray Fans to Promote Concert Starring their Idol!
Ray Ellington in First Show
Max Bygraves may be Bob Crosby's Guest
Keith Goodwin Alma Cogan Designs dresses for her girl fans, and poses for the boys! 8
N.A. Stars Tell Their Secrets in July 'Hit Parade' 8
Advertisement Cello Guitar 8
Advertisement Ken Mackintosh His Saxophone & Orchestra 8
N.A. Nat Hentoff's American Airmail 8
N.A. Life-Lines of Guy Mitchell 9
Readers From You to Us 9
James Wynn Joan Regan Is the Impresarios 'Prize of Gold'! 9
Advertisement Two New Southern Hits! 9
Advertisement A Prayer for Peace 9
Brunswick Bobby Helms Jacqueline 9
NMExclusive Vic Damone puts the finger on some personal facts about his pal PERRY COMO 10
Allen Evans LPs 10
N.A. A Star (Sal Mineo) Speaks 10
N.A. AFN Celebrates 15th birthday next week 10
Advertisement New Hit With a Highland King! 10
Advertisement Classified Advertisement Rates 11
Advertisement Agents Directory 11
Advertisement Harold Davidson 11
Advertisement Rabin agency 11
Advertisement Garald Cohen 11
Advertisement Joe Loss 11
Advertisement Art Photos 11
Advertisement Stan Kenton Special Offer 11
Advertisement The Paul Anka Story Now on Sale! 11
Advertisement Personal, Musical Services, Publications, Clubs Modern, Clubs Traditional, Fan Clubs, Tape Recorders, Instrument Repairs, Business for Sale, Instruments for Sale, Offices to Let, Tuition, Special Notices, Photographs, Engagements Wanted, Musicians Wanted, Situations Vacant, Recording, Printing, Insurance, Bands 11
Advertisement Bargains in Instruments 11
Advertisement HIT PARADE on sale next Tuesday 11
Advertisement "Meet Franie Laine" 11
Advertisement The Fabulous Liberace Story 11
Advertisement Rock 'n' Roll 11
Advertisement Select Your Guitar 11
Advertisement A Super Natural! Witch Doctor 12
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
N.A. "It's Great to be Young!" says Carole 12
Advertisement A Very Precious Love 12
N.A. Golden Disc for Million "Purple People Eaters" 12
Advertisement Don't Miss this Free Records! 12
Advertisement The Most Infectious Song of the Year: The Only Man on the Island 12
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