New Musical Express | July 1958

No. 599 4 July 1958  
Cover Photos: Jimmy Steele/Pat Boone/The Everly Brothers/Frankie Vaughan/Elvis Presley 1
Cover Headlines: Why I Became a Singer —By Pat Boone/Harry Belafonte Coming Here!  
Cover Jazz Tuesday:
July 8: Mick Mulligan and his Band with George Melly
July 15: Graham Stewart Seven featuring Alan Elsdon with Neva Raphaello
July 22: Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Otillie Patterson
Johnson, Derek N.M.E. Record Survey
Elvis Wins: Pat and Perry Come Next
N/A Pat Boone admits "I Never Wanted to Make a Living from Singing" 3
N/A Life Lines of Robert Earl 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews
Alma Cogan: "Fly Away Lovers"
Tommy Steele: "I'm the Only Man on the Island" / "I Puts the Lightie On"
Laurie London: "Basin Street Blues" "Joshua"
Russ Hamilton: "Tip Toe through the Tulips" / "Drifting and Dreaming"
Ronnie Carroll: "Each Little Thing that Happens" / "These Foolish Things Remind Me of You," "Desire Me"
McGuire Sisters: "Ding Dong" / "Since You Went away to School"
Pat Boone: "Sugar Moon" / "Cherie, I Love You"
Jimmy Shand: "Shufflin' Samuel" / "Whistling Rufus"
George Hamilton IV: "I Know Where I'm Going"
Glen Mason: "Autumn Souvenir," "I'll Be Lovin You Too," "Story of My Life," "Stairway of Love"
Little Richard: "Ooh! My Soul" / "I Fine Mamma"
Evans, Allen EP Reviews
Al Jolson: "April Showers" / "Rock A Bye"
Voxpoppers: "Wishing for Your Love," "The Last Drag" / "Stroll Roll" / "Guitar Stroll"
Ian Stewart: "Hits for Six," "Teacher, Teacher," "Twilight Time"
Vic Damone: "Silk Stockings," "The Breeze and I" / "Sugar," "A Man Don't Know"
Frank Sinatra: Songs from Anchors Aweigh! ("The Lady Is a Tramp," "Witchcraft" / "Come Fly with Me" / "Tell Her You I Owe Her")
Marion Ryan: "Love Me Forever," "Oh-Oh" / "I Need You," "Stairway of Love"
Johnny Mathis: "I've Grown Accustomed to Her," "Teacher, Teacher" / "Wild Is the Wind," "Come to Me"
Eckstine/Vaughan: "Alexander's Ragtime Band," "Isn't This a Lovely Day" / "Remember," "Now It Can Be Told"
The Four Preps: "Big Man," "26 Miles" / "Moonstruck in Madrid," "Again 'n' Again"
Your Choice: "Bring Us Together," "Sayonara" / "Tequila," "Don't Let Go"
Petula Clark: "Baby Lover," "Little Blue Man," "Love Me Again," "In a Little Moment," "You Are My Lucky Star," "As Time Goes By," "It's the Natural Thing to Do," "Afraid to Dream"
Bill Clifton: "Mary Dear," "Lonely Heart Blues" / "Little Whitewashed Chimneys" / "Pal of Yesterday"
Lonnie Donegan: Hit Parade (Volume Four)
NME Top Thirty
1. "On the Street Where You Live," Vic Damone (Philips)
2. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
3. "Tulips from Amsterdam" / "You Needs Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
4. "Who's Sorry Now," Connie Francis (MGM)
5. "Big Man," Four Preps (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappello)
2. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Telephonic)
3. "Stairway of Love" (Leeds)
4. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chapello)
5. "Who's Sorry Now" (Feldman)
n.a. Calvert Plans US Visit
Harry Belafonte British Debut Set for Next Month
Alma Cogan to South Africa in September
New Sister Act
Dave King in active role
Rank Acquire Disc Men
Debbie Now Publisher
Marty—Best Man
Whisky Plans
TV Offer to Lena Home
n.a. Payne Lines Up the Stars
New Sister Act
Dave King in Acting Role
Once-Only Label
Allen's Debut
In West End
British Record Stars Invade US Market
Laurie's US Tour Is Off Again
Frankie Vaughan Film in Provinces First
Cool to Travel
Hentoff, Nat World suffers from a shortage of love- Sinatra
Belafonte blues album may startle his followers
Charlton, Bruce Renato Corosone 8
n.a. ...Valerie Carr and Julius LaRosa 8
n.a. From You to Us 8
n.a. Open Letter from Malcolm Vaughan 8
Franks, Vernon David Whitfield in Sumptus Spectacle 9
Walsh, Peggy Stapleton, Hilton head gay musical show 9
Fullford, Jack The Mudlarks' Slick Debut 9
Franks, Vernon Winnie, Mike and Kayes Shine in Musical Revue 9
Govey, Charles After one hour of agonizing, "Will I? Won't I," Edna Savage said "YES" to Terry Dene 10
Bagshaw, Peter Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson send this eve-of-marriage advice to Edna and Terry 10
n.a. A Starr Ella Fitzgerald Speaks 10
The Alley Cat Frankie Vaughan Tops TV Ratings 12
Goodwin, Keith Golden Notes from Eddie 12
  William Eldredge, October 2009  
No. 600 Friday 11 July 1958  
(cover page) Elvis Presley and his Inferiority Complex! 1
N.A. Music Stars Honoured at Royal Variety Performance [Frankie Vaughan, Janette Scott, Geraldo, Kenneth McKellar, Lonnie Donegan, David Hughes] 1
N.A. The outstanding success from the film "Windjammer" 1
Derek Johnson The world's greatest singing phenomenon enters the fourth year of his career [Story of Elvis Presley's Success] 2-3
N.A. A Star Johnny Mathis Speaks [Mathis does not believe rock 'n' roll singers can survive; physically Elvis has no voice] 2
Derek Johnson Will the Army Leave Elvis Gloomy?...or...Gay? 3
Allan Evans Allen Evans nominates the LP of the Week [The most versatile work from Lonnie Donegan] 3
Andy Gray Why was Althea's singing ignored? 3
Keith Fordyce 'Left Right...' the girls come marching back again! [The Beverley Sisters rock the Hit Parade with "Left Right Out of Your Heart," Includes Singles Review] 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Eve Boswell, "Left Right" (Parlophone)
Joan Savage, "Left Right Out of Our Heart" (Columbia)
Joan Savage, "Hello Happiness, Goodbye Blues" (Columbia)
Patti Page, "Left Right" (Mercury)
Patti Page, "Longing to Hold You Again" (Mercury)
Perez Prado, "Patricia" (RCA)
Buddy Kaye, "June, July, August" (Starlite)
Buddy Kaye, "Sing a Little Sweeter" (Starlite)
Rusty Draper, "Chicken-Pickin' Hawk" (Mercury)
Johnny Janis, "The Better to Love You" (London American)
Johnny Janis, "Can This Be Love" (London American)
Gene Kelly, "S' Wonderful" (London American)
Gene Kelly, "Come In, Stranger" (London American"
The Bachelors, "Love Is a Two-Way Street" (Parlophone)
The Bachelors, "Platter Party" (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty
1. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
2. "On the Street Where You Live," Vic Damone (Philips)
3. "Twilight Time," Platters (Mercury)
4. "Tulips from Amsterdam" / "You Need Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
5. "Big Man," Four Preps (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
2. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
3. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chappell)
4. "Stairway of Love" (Leeds)
5. "Who's Sorry Now" (Feidman)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S. 1. "Purple People Eater," Sheb Wooley
2. "Yakety Yak," Coasters
3. "Hard Headed Woman," Elvis Presley
4. "All I Have To Do Is Dream," Everly Brothers
5. "Endless Sleep," Jody Reynolds
N.A. American TV Series for Max Bygraves? Frankie Vaughan humiliated after Royal Variety
Cheerful Charlie's son leads group [Charlie Chester's son Peter is signed by Columbia]
'Talk of Town' Plans Proceed [London Hippodrome will reopen as Talk of Town]
Rank Buy Share in Music Firm
'Showcase' LPs for Ray, Mitchell and Laine
Damone to have trio on stage
Newcastle Pantomime Star-Lonnie Donegan?
'Follies' to close: variety is likely successor
New Music Companies [Ardmore and Beechwood of Capitol Records open branches in London]
N.A. Tommy Steele: a blackmailer in his next picture?
One Good Turn...[Bill O'Connor guest in Dickie Valentine's final edition of "Free and Easy"]
Solo disc for Bernard Bresslaw
Terry Dene-Edna Savage as variety double act?
ABC-Paramount willing to handle EMI discers in America
Jack Jackson on Thursdays in Autumn
Top Vocal Stars in Sensational Radio D-J Plan
Mudlarks to be in Pantomime
Presley film next month
Blues Albums [Three albums by Brownie McGhee, Sony Terry and supervised by Denis Preston in immediate future]
Met. TV Theater for summer only
13 British Dates for 'Carnegie' Jazz Show
Keith Goodwin Go Wilde about Marty[Dynamic Duo of Tommy Steele and Marty Wilde]
Competition [Wilde is faced with the opposition of Jimmie Rodgers]
Nat Hentoff Shirley Bassey-about herself
Tony Bennett to be actor
Big TV break for Andy Williams
N.A. Lonnie Donegan nominated Blackpool's top showman
Alma is a real star [Alma Cogan top attraction of "Light Up The Town" summer season show]
"Moonlight" stops show! [Frankie Vaughan is a great stage performer]
Maurice Kinn First Scot's Royal Variety Success Must not be the Last
Took Courage [Frankie performs well]
Queen meets every star
Press attacks Vaughan
Lonnie's narrow escape
Fine Solo[David Hughes, Jimmy Logan, Janette Scott, Jacqueline Delman, Margo Henderson, Beryl Stott, Robert Wilson, George Mitchell, Alistair McHarg, Stewart Cruikshank, Dick Hurran]
Bruce Charlton The Everly Brothers reach the top![Hard Going, Hectic Pace, Enterprise] 10
Keith Goodwin Jazz [Sonny Stitt, Elliot Lawrence, Dave Brubeck Quartet] 10
N.A. Life-Lines of David White [Height, Weight, Family, Etc.] 10
N.A. Advertisement: Bargains in Instruments
The Paul Anka Story
Hit Parade
Liberace Story
"Meet Frankie Lane"
Musicians Wanted
Fan Clubs
"The Alley Cat" Tail-Pieces Dave King's top form [Dave King Show review] 12
N.A. Anne Shelton's relaxed artistry wins friends 12
  Stephen Frye, October 2009  
No. 661 18 July 1958  
Cover Perry Como, Doris Day, Vic Damone 1
Goodwin, Keith Buddy Holly is getting into the Presley-Donegan-Boon disc class 2
Wynn, James The Kalin Twins Found Fame Together 2
Advertising Lonnie Donegan recommends Italian guitar
Foyles for Books
Johnson, Derek Frankie Laine's Golden Years 3
Advertising PHILCO-portable player
STARDISCS from Phillips
Keith Fordyce Singles Review: Max Bygraves has friendly follow up
Elvis Presley: "Hard Headed Woman" (RCA)
Billy Williams: "I'll Get By" (Vogue Coral)
Max Bygraves: "Little Train" (Decca)
The Champs: "Midnighter" (London American)
Frank Gallup: "Got a Match?" (HMV)
The Daddy-O's: "Got a Match?"
Earl Bostic: "Twighlight Time" (Parlophone)
Pat Suzuki: "Daddy" (RCA)
Chesternuts: "Jean Dorothy" (Columbia)
Leslie Uggams: "Ice Cream Man" (Columbia)
Don Cogan: "The Fountain of Youth" (MGM)
NME Top Thirty
1. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
2. "Big Man," 4 Preps (Capitol)
3. "Tulips from Amsterdam" / "You Need Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
4. "Street Where You Live," Vic Damone (Phillips)
5. "Twighlight Time," Platters (Mercury)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "On the Street Where you live" (Chappel)
2. "Tulips From Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
3. " All I have to do is Dream" (Acuff-rose)
5. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chappel)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Purple People Eater," Sheb Wooley
2. "Hard Headed Woman" / "Don't Ask Me Why," Elvis Presley
3. "Yakety Yak," Coasters
4. "Poor Little Fool," Ricky Nelson
5. "Splish Splash," Bobby Darin
Advertising Glen Mason "I Know Where I'm Goin" (Parlophone Records)
The Four Lads Singing "Enchanted Island" (Phillips)
Russ Conway "Got a Match" (Columbia Records)
n.a. New Low-Price Label on September 1
Ray Noble Works Only on Appealing Tasks
Narrow Escape for Eddy
Connie Francis: Concert and TV Dates Confirmed
Terry Deneedna Savage Stage Deal
Royalty at Danny's Films
Pye-Nixa Managing Director Resigns
Colin Hicks Filmed
Georgia on Our Minds
n.a. Belafonte's Big London Plans: One Man, Once-Nightly Shows Kilburn's Gaumont State
Frankie Vaughan's Quick TV Return
Vic Damone Arrives
Pantomime Confirmation
Back on 'Ranch'
Rare TV Date for Shirley
Tommy Steele's Christmas show script settled
First Alan Freed Rock Package Signs for Britain
Marty Wilde Goes North
Lyttelton Big Band LP Debut
Newcomers Debut in 'Cool Cats'
Hi-Lo's Open in Manchester
Advertising "3 Best Sellers from America"-David Seville, Elvis Presley, The Coasters
Beaulieu Jazz Festival
Charlton, Bruce Maureen Is Chelsea's "Miss Summertime" 8
n.a. Life-lines of David Hughes
Personal Sound Brought Success
A reader's theory on Presley's Loneliness
Advertising BMB Sapphire Needle
Ken Mackintosh-His Saxophone & Orchestra
Goodwin, Keith Recorded Jazz 9
Wedge, Don Our Writer Collects Jazz Articles 9
n.a. Nat Hentoff's American Airmail
Presley Praised for 'King Creole'
Their Duet Ended in Marriage
...and Hetoff's Special on Newport Festival: Free Morning Session was Highlight
Advertising Capital Records Presents: Danny Kaye, Peggy Lee, Pee Wee Hunt, Sonny James, George Shearing, Nelson Riddle. 9
Johnson, Derek Harry Belafonte: Welcome Visitor! 10
Evans, Allen LPs
Jump For Joy, Peggy Lee, (Capitol)
At Mr. Kelly's, Sarah Vaughan (Mercury)
Man, We're Wailing, Louis Jordan (Mercury)
American Song Train, Alan Lomax, Peggy Seegrer, Johnny Cole (Nixa)
Mitch's Madness, Mitch Miller (Phillips)
n.a. Classified ads 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
n.a. (advertising) "Two Fabulous Offers" —'vidor' attaché portable and the 'fidelity' Record Player.  
  Kathy Geisel, October 2009  
No. 662 25 July 1958  
Cover Elvis Presley No. 6 "Hard Headed Woman"
Little Richard No. 23 "Ooh! My Soul"
Johnnie Ray Filming for the first time in "Wake Up, Darling"
The Crickets "Back in the sellers with 'Think it Over'"
Buddy Holly No. 7 "Rave On"
David Whitfield No. 16 "On the Street Where You Live"
Sophia Loren "Made her first record for U.S. Columbia" (issued by Phillips — Mitch Miller)
N.A. Life-lines of Connie Francis [Biography of Connie Francis] 2
N.A. Who Said This about Elvis? [Short Quote about Elvis and the person who said it is reported on page 8] 2
Charles Govey 'I waited too long,' says Shirley Bassey [Discusses her past medical treatment (getting her appendix out) and beginning to record/perform again.] 2
Derek Johnson Comedians Are Hit Singers, Too [Discusses Max Bygraves, Harry Secombe, Norman Wisdom, Dave King, and a short couple of paragraphs are devoted to U.S. comedians including Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye, Andy Griffiths, and Ricky Nelson.] 3
Advert Sensational New Hit! 'Three O'Clock Thrill' Recorded by The Kalin Twins on Brunswick 3
N.A. "Fats Domino Back with Quiet Rock" [Discusses Fats Domino and other artists including The Most Brothers, Harry Secombe, Roy Hamilton, Joe Harper, Margaret Whiting, Ken Mackintosh, Julie London, and Rosemary June.] 4
N.A. "Which Sells a Song: Feeling or Technique" [Specifically discusses the differences between the two waxings of "Devotion" — "Pet Clark recorded this song for Nixa, and Janice Harper for Capitol." It has a brief description of Roger Williams's recordings.] 4
Keith Goodwin "Jazz" [Discusses the album released by EMI, "The Playboy Jazz All-Stars"] 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviews.
Most Brothers: "Don't Go Home" / "Dottie" (Decca)
Harry Secombe: "Ah Sweet Mystery of Life" / "At the Balalaika" (Philips)
Roy Hamilton: "In a Dream" / "Crazy Feeling" (Fontana)
Joe Harper: "Lazy Train" / "Her Lips Were Like Velvet" (MGM)
Margaret Whiting: "Hot Spell" / "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
Ken MacKintosh: "Muchacha" / "The Swivel" (HMV)
Julie London: "My Strange Affair" / "It's Easy"
Rosemary June: "I'll Always Be in Love with You" / "Person to Person"
Advert Out and about with 3 Top Stars: Nancy Whiskey - Hillside in Scotland Coupling I Know Where I'm Going, Russ Hamilton — Tiptoe through the Tulips Coupling Drifting and Dreaming, Maine Daniels — When It's Springtime in the Rockies Coupling My Summer Heart. Oriole Records Limited" 4
Advert Another Great "Hit" by Petula Clark "Devotion" b/w "St. Tropez" (Sur la Plage) And destined fro the "Top" Lonnie Donegan "Sally Don't you Grieve" b/w "Betty, Betty, Betty"" 4
NME Top Thirty Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "All I have to Do is Dream/Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
2. "Big Man," Four Preps (Capitol)
3. "Tulips from Amsterdam" / "You Need Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
4. "Street Where You Live," Vic Damone (Philips)
5. "Twilight Time," Platters (Mercury)
NME Top Thirty Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
2. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
3. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (Acuff-Rose)
4. "Stairway of Love" (Leeds)
5. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chappell)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Hard Headed Woman" / "Don't Ask Me Why," Elvis Presley
2. "Yakety Yak," Coasters
3. "Purple People Eater," Sheb Wooley
4. "Splish Splash," Bobby Darin
5. "Poor Little Fool," Ricky Nelson
Coral Records Billy Williams "I'll Get By"; Johnny O'Keefe, "Shake Baby Shake." 5
Parlophone Records Star of the BBC Series 'Drake's Progress' Takes the Plunge on his First Record. Charlie Drake with "Splish Splash" and "Hullo, My Darlings." 5
N.A. U.S. Offers Flourish for Max Bygraves [ U.S. reaction to Max Bygraves on the Bob Crosby Show.]
Shock for Oscar Rabin Band
More low priced discs — by Jupiter! [Record label, Jupiter, is launched and begins marketing on October 1.]
Star Names — Star News [Discusses Bill Haley, Peggy Lee, James Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn.]
Connie Francis: Glasgow week, TV and Concerts
Michael Holliday: Cine-Stage Dates
Out of Jazz Show [Lennie Tristano, blind pianist, is taken out of the "Jazz from Carnegie Hall" show.]
Laurie London Variety Debut [Debut in September.]
Ruby Murray's 'No' to Dublin
Vipers Head Ballroom Package Show [Nationwide tour of ballrooms starts September 1.]
Freed Rock Show Snags Delay Plans
Duke Ellington Visit Confirmed: Heath's New York Opening
N.A. A huge offer, a colossal salary, and... Lonnie Donegan Signs for Stockton Pantomime
Plum for Pete Murray [Murray now has a plum BBC disc-jockey series.]
N.A. Platters Plan Return Visit During October [The Platters are coming to Britain in October.]
Mackintosh in Manx TV Show
'Deeps' Make it Ten Visits [Deep River Boys are coming to Britain in August (annual visit).]
Belafonte here on Wednesday: musicians' permits granted at Kilburn
Hughes Stars in Own BBC-TV Shows [Show is "Make Mine Music."]
Dickie Valentine's 'Mystery Month' at Blackpool [Headlining for a month starting on August 15th.]
Possible Hilton TV Weekly Dates [Ronnie Hilton is expected to have a show on the BBC-TV series in the fall.]
'6.5' from Beach! [Steve Martin (Philips recording singer) is booked to record from the beach in August for BBC-TV.]
Marty Wilde for 'Oh Boy!', variety and concert deal
Don Lang with 'Her Nibs' [Lang is on TV for the show "From The Stage of the Prince of Wales Theatre."]
Disc Man Writes New Musical [EMI-Norman Newell wrote music for a new show which was staged by S. A. Gorlinsky. The co-writer was Alan Melville.]
Shorter 'Summertime' ["Summertime" TV show is reduced to 30 minutes from an hour.]
Keith Goodwin Tells Why Chris Barber Is a Welcome Visitor Everywhere!
N.A. From You to Us: Last Week's Article on Frankie Laine [Reader's comments.] 8
N.A. The Crazy Things They Do When Making Discs [Describes what Johnny Mathis, Frankie Laine, Mitch Miller, and The Four Lads do when making discs.] 8
Derek Johnson Perez Prado's 'Pratricia' 9
Derek Johnson Joe Henderson with his 'Trudie' 9
Allen Evans LPs
The Very Merry Macs, Ted & Judd McMichael, Diek Baldwin, & Majorie Garland (Capitol)
Swingin' Down Boadway, Jo Stafford & Paul Weston (Philips)
Fiesta Tropical, Trio Avileno, Carlinhos Orchestra, Frankie & Cha-Cha Boys, * D. Roney Tipico Brasileno Band (Fontana)
Merry Andrew/Big Top Circus Band, Soundtrack from Merry Andrew film & Bill May's Circus (Capitol)
Nat Hentoff American Air Mail ["Crosby and Hope May Reunite," "Sinatra's Future Films," and "Mantovani: Film Actor."] 9
N.A. Question Time with Vic Damone 10
Lance Fielding Dickie Valentine's Triumph in Cannes 10
Advert The 'Rock' Suit: Jacket & Jeans in true American cut. Sherrick Trading 10
N.A. Agents Directory 11
N.A. Tommy Steele's New Hobby [golf.] 12
Don Wedge Vic's Winning Artistry [Discusses Vic Damone's first British variety tour.] 12
The Alley Cat Tail-pieces 12
Blossom Music Ltd. A Very Precious Love b/w Torero. 12
Advert It's a Hit! Trudie Recorded on Nixa By Joe (Mr. Piano) Henderson. 12
  Melissa Hamilton, Spring 2010  

Original compilation by Oliver Jones Spring 1999
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