New Musical Express | August 1958

No. 603 1 August 1958  
Cover When: The Kalin Twins
Max Bygraves: The Little Train
[Pictures of: Perry Como, Everly Brothers, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Steele, Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey, Joe Henderson, Georgia Gibbs, Julius LaRosa, Petula Clark]
Specials on Little Richard, Haley, Belafonte
n.a. Life-lines of Harry Belafonte 2
n.a. Who Said This about... Perry Como 2
Goodwin, Keith He's Back in a Big Way...Little Richard 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed
Danny and the Juniors: "Dottie" (HMV)
Coasters: "Yakety Yak" (London American)
Chuck Willis: "What Am I Living for" / "Hang up My Rock and Roll Shoes" (London American)
Chordettes: "Love Is a Two Way Street" / "I Don't Know, I Don't Care" (London American)
Lionel Newman: "Two Butterflies" (Columbia)
Percy Faith: "Indiscreet" / "Same Old Moon" (Philips)
Margie Rayburn: "I Would" / "Alright, But It Won't Be Easy" (London American)
Victor Soverall: "Come Back to Sorrento" / "To My Love" (HMV)
Hugo and Luigi: "Cha-Hua-Hua" / "Twilight in Tennessee" (Columbia)
Barry Barnett: "When" / "Secretly" (HMV)
Tarriers: "I Know Where I'm Going" / "Acres of Claims" (HMV)
Jane Morgan: "Enchanted," / "Once More, My Love, Once More" (London American)
Evans, Allen EPs Reviewed
Father Duval, Father Duval (Oriole)
Frank Sinatra, Mad about You (Fontana)
Johnny Mathis, Let Me Love You (Fontana)
Kent Harian, Meet Kent Harian, (Oriole)
Nino Rico, Cha-Cha-Cha, (Oriole)
The Kestrels, The Kestrels (Donegall)
Johnnie Ray, Yes Tonight, (Philips)
Billy Eckstine/Sarah Vaughan, Billy Eckstine/Sarah Vaughan (Nixa)
n.a. Mantovani, Heath, and Ros on the same single, for charity [review of the Decca 'Lord Taverners' release] 4
NME Top Thirty Singles
1. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
2. "Hard Headed Woman," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "Big Man," Four Preps (Capitol)
4. "Tulips From Amsterdam" / "You Need Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
5. "Rave On," Buddy Holly (Coral)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
2. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
3. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (Acuff Rose)
4. "Stairway of Love" (Planetary)
5. "Trudie" [illegible]
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Hard Headed Woman/Don't Ask Me Why," Elvis Presley
2. "Patricia," Perez Prado
3. "Poor Little Fool," Ricky Nelson
4. "Splish Splash," Bobby Darin
5. "Yakety Yak," Coasters
n.a. Presley Departing for Europe: Step nearer British debut / "King Creole" Album Releases Soon
Not Sticking on the Same Labels [U.S. disc stars switch record labels]
Valentine 'Vanishes' from Blackpool 'mystery'
Mantovani Breaks Tradition [and changes concert halls]
Connie Francis, LaRosa Dates Here this Month
Billy Cotton Hour Show [Cotton headlines BBC show]
Humph for Ireland [Humphrey Lyttelton making tour of Ireland]
Singer in Acting Role [Mel Torme in "The Fearmakers"]
Bertice [Reading] returns to Parlophone after a year with Decca
n.a. Paramor's Banjo Band Back 6-7
n.a. Belafonte Bombshell Fired by Strong Union Threat [Geraldo Band ordered to withdraw]
T.V., Film, and Panto Offers to Holliday [Michael Holliday of BBC's "Relax with Michael Holliday"]
More Stars Join Ellington at Leeds Jazz Festival
Joy Gets Her "Wright" Guy! [Joy Beverley marries Billy Wright]
Belafonte Speaks to N.M.E. [on visiting Britain]
Bevs Star in Sunday TV [Beverley Sisters star in their own tv show]
Big U.S. Plans for [Jackie] Dennis [Latest British singer to seek fame in U.S.]
Giselle's Trip On [Canadian star Giselle MacKenzie's Granada TV debut on]
Hentoff, Nat The Book that Made Max [Bygraves] Write Songs
Pat Boone: Singing Success
n.a. Marty Robbins: First with Songs but Last with Record Hits Here! 8
n.a. "From You to Us" [readers' opinion letters] 8
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Hollywood Bowl Encores, Liberace
Voices in Latin, The Four Freshmen
Songs of the Gospel, Marie Knight
Wynn, James Sweet and Friendly, That's Georgia Gibbs 9
n.a. Frank Vaughan Gives You "Wonderful Things" 9
n.a. Elvis Takes a Beating—in New Film 9
n.a. Stars Tell Their Own Exclusive Stories in August Hit Parade 9
Johnson, Derek Was Haley Too Samey? 10
n.a. Study in TV Singing Styles 10
n.a. A Star Speaks [Lonnie Donegan] 10
n.a. Agents Directory Classifieds 11
n.a. Advertisement for the August issue of Hit Parade 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
n.a. Vera Lynn for U.S. 12
n.a. Ken's [Mackintosh] Nephew—Rival 12
n.a. Shirley [Bassey] was the 'Greatest' 12
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No. 604 8 August 1958
Bruce Charlton Mantovani's Amazing Feat 2
N.A. NME Information Bureau 2
N.A. Who Said This about... Max Bygraves 2
Derek Johnson Meet the Chesternuts 3
Charles Govey Harry Belafonte says, "Folk Songs Give Me Strength" 3
Keith Fordyce The Rock Number Inspired by a Bathful of Water Has All the Signs of Being a Hit 4
Allen Evans EPs 4
N.A. Belafonte Drops "Harry" 4
NME Top Thirty
1. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
2. "Hard Headed Woman," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "When," Kalin Twins (Brunswick)
4. "Big Man," Four Preps (Capitol)
5. "Return to Me," Dean Martin (Capitol)
6. "Tulips from Amsterdam" / "You Need Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
7. "Endless Sleep," Marty Wilde (Philips)
8. "Rave On," Buddy Holy (Coral)
9. "Twilight Time," Platters (Mercury)
10. "Sugar Moon," Pat Boone (London)
11. "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry," Connie Francis (MGM)
12. "Sally Don't You Grieve" / "Betty Betty Betty," Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nixa)
13. "Patricia," Perez Padro (RCA)
14. "On the Street Where You Live," Vic Damone (Philips)
15. "Who's Sorry Now?" Connie Francis (MGM)
16. "Think It Over," Crickets (Coral)
17. "Torero," Julius LaRosa (RCA)
18. "The Only Man on the Island," Tommy Steele (Decca)
19. "On the Street Where You Live," David Whitfield (Decca)
20. "Trudie," Joe Henderson (Pye-Nixa)
20. "Jacqueline," Bobby Helms (Brunswick)
22. "Wonderful Things," Frankie Vaughn (Philips)
22. "A Very Precious Love," Doris Day (Philips)
24. "The Only Man on the Island," Vic Damone (Philips)
25. "I Know Where I'm Going," ________
26. "Purple People Eater," Sheb Wooley (MGM)
27. "Ooh My Soul," Little Richard (London)
28. "Stairway of Love," Michael Holiday (Columbia)
29. "Splish Splash," Charlie Drake (Parlophone)
30. "The Right to Love," David Whitfield (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
2. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (Acuff-Rose)
3. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chapell)
4. "Stairway of Love" (Leeds)
5. "Trudie" (Henderson)
6. "Big Man" (Grosvenor)
7. "I May Never Pass This Again" (Chappell)
8. "Twilight Time" (Victoria)
9. "Return to Me" (Southern)
10. "Who's Sorry Now?" (Friedman)
11. "I Could Have Danced All Night" (Chappell)
12. "Sugar Moon" (Frank)
13. "The Only Man on the Island" (Bron)
14. "A Very Precious Love" (Blossom)
15. "You Need Hands" (Lakeview)
16. "When" (Southern)
17. "Book of Love" (F.D. & H.)
18. "Little Serenade" (Maemelodies)
19. "Witch Doctor" (Bourne)
20. "Kewpie Doll" (Leeds)
21. "Endless Sleep" (Hill and Range)
22. "Hard Headed Woman" (Belinda)
23. "A Wonderful Time Up There" (Morris)
24. "Rave On" (Southern)
N.A. NME Proudly Announces
Luxembourg Lines up Strong Winter Star Attractions
Shirley Bassey TV Shows from Manchester
Rushing Round the Festivals
Buck Clayton Plans U.K. Tour
EMI and Decca 3-D Discs at Radio Show
Marty Wilde: London Pantomime
Palladiums Next Star Confirmed
N.A. BBC Offers Winifred Atwell Farewell Show
A Happy End for Belafonte
Early Call Up May Cut Terry Dene Tour
Hitch in Max Bygraves TV Project
Choose a Disc Radio Show Attraction
Sydney Lipton's Stereo Sound
Surprise Move Compliment Songstress
Chas McDevitt Engaged
New 'Fair Lady'
N.A Life Lines of Dorris Day
Dean Martin is Becoming another Sinatra
From You to Us
Stepping In
Nat Hentoff American Air Mail 9
Keith Goodwin Jazz 9
N.A. The High Standard Girl: Connie Francis 10
Keith Goodwin Crickets Can Win Their Fourth Test 10
The Alley Cat The Tail Pieces 12
N.A. Vera Lynn for U.S. 12
N.A. Shirley Was the Greatest 12
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No. 605 15 August 1958  
Cover "We Welcome these Stars to Britain" [Connie Francis, Jane Powell, Julius Larosa] 1
N.A. "Connie Francis' Mother Tells All" 2
Govey, Charles "Brilliant Belafonte" [Harry Belefonte one man show review] 3
Johnson, Derek "Welcome Julius Larosa" 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Bertice Reading: "Rock Baby Rock" / "It's a Boy" (Parlophone)
Paul Anka: "Midnight" / "Verboten" (ABC- Paramount)
Frank Sinatra: "The Same Old Song and Dance"/ "Monique" (Capitol)
Johnny Mathis: "A Certain Smile" / "Let it Rain" (Fontana)
Teddy Johnson: "Merci Beaucoup"/ "A Great Big Piece of Chalk" (Nixa)
Lou and Joe: "Ladies Please Remove Your Hats" (Capitol)
Johnny Duncan: "All of the Monkeys Ain't in the Zoo"/ "More and More" (Columbia)
Peter Elliott: "No Fool Like an Old Fool"/ "Devotion" (Parlophone)
Evans, Allen LP Review
The Andrews Sisters, The Dancing 20's (Capitol)
NME Top Thirty
1. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
2. "When," Kalin Twins (Brunswick)
3. "Return to Me," Dean Martin (Capitol)
4. "Hard Headed Woman," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Tulips from Amsterdam" / "You Need Hands," Max Bygraves (Decca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
2. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
3. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (Acuff-Rose)
4. "Trudie" (Henderson)
5. "Big Man" (Grosvenor)
N.A. Major Disc Stars at Minor LP Prices [RCA launches subsidiary British Label]
Many More Stereo Discs on the Way [Nixa, Capitol, EMI, and Decca release singles in stereo sound]
Muddy Waters for Leeds! [Muddy Waters will play Leeds Festival]
Heath- Basie on Same Bill [Ted Heath and Count Basie will play together in Wilmington, Delaware] Anka Paris Trip Certain [Paul Anka] Harry Secombe First Star of New Palladium TV Series Belafonte in Two Blackpool Concerts [Harry Belafonte] New Radio Series for Winstone [Eric Winstone, "Monday Night Melody"]
N.A. Big Invasion of London by Music Personalities [Jane Powell, Harold Adamson, Georgia Gibbs, Bernie Lang, Mike Nidorf, Connie Francis, General Robert Sarnoff, Glen Wallichs, Julius LaRosa, Kay Swift]
Duke Ellington Climax: Four Shows at Kilburn
Donnegan's U.S. Visit Off: Variety Here Instead [Lonnie Donnegan not to appear on "the Perry Como Show]
Mudlarks Set for Variety and TV Dates
Presley Granted Compassionate Leave to See Mother [Elvis Presley granted leave from Army] Shirley Bassey's Future Plans [ABC-TV's musical version of Bassey's life to premier on September 7] Londoner named U.S. "New Star" [Jazz musician Victor Feldman] Jack Johnson Teleshow: Entire New Cast Likely ["The Jack Johnson Show" features new cast of musicians]
Charlton, Bruce Two Artists, Poles Apart, Become Record Rivals [Charlie Drake and Bobby Darin compete with recordings of "Splish Splash"] 8
N.A. Who's Wonderful? Who's Marvellous? Miss Peggy Lee! [Peggy Lee makes it into US charts with "Fever"] 8
Charlton, Bruce The Coasters Have Sailed into the Charts 9
Johnson, Derek The Italian in their Blood Puts Music in their Hearts [Perry Como, Caterina Valente, Vic Damone, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Liberace, Sal Mineo, Joni James, Don Cornel, Mario Lanza, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Laine] 10
Charlton, Bruce Two Famous U.S. Composers in London, One to Sell Songs, Another to Write Them [Kay Swift, Harold Adamson] 10
Goodwin, Keith Recorded Jazz [Sonny Rollins, Johnny Richards Orchestra, Max Roach's Quintet] 12
Kenton, Stan Frank Sinatra Starts Filming Again 12
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No. 606 22 August 1958
Cover Kalin Twins, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson: Exciting Features in This Issue 1
Irving, Gordon Connie Francis Isn't as Quiet as She Seems! 2
Johnson, Derek Kalin Twins Top the Best Sellers 2
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Perry Como: "Moon Talk" (RCA)
Ella Fitzgerald: "Trav'lin Light" (HMV)
Stu Philips: "The Champlain and St. Lawrence Line" (London American)
Jackie Wilson: "To Be Loved" (Coral)
Rene Touzet: "Flamingo" (Vogue)
Poni-Tails: "Born Too Late" (HMV)
Honeytones: "Don't Look Now, But" (London American)
Lavern Baker: "Whipper Snapper (London American)
Jim Backus: "Delicious" (London American)
NME Top Thirty
1. "When," Kalin Twins (Brunswick)
2. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette," Everly Brothers (London)
3. "Return to Me," Dean Martin (Capitol)
4. "Hard Headed Woman," Elvis Presly (RCA)
5. "Endless Sleep," Marty Wilde (Philips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
2. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (Acuff Rose)
3. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
4. "Trudie" (Henderson)
5. "Return to Me" (Southern)
n/a Connie and Lonnie in "Spectacular"
BBC Launch All-Star Radio 'Saturday Club'
Leonard Smith Rejoins EMI Group
Camden in October
Muddy Waters Tour Set-Up
Teddy Johnson To Run Music Shop
n/a Vic Damone, Hi-Lo's TV Films With Mantovani
Frankie Vaughan's Film in West End Theatre
Marty Wilde : U.S. Interest
'Splish Splash' Star Gets Own Tele-Show
Ellington Orchestra Concerts
Jazzmen Go North
Goodwin, Keith What Mom Meant to Elvis 8
Goodwin, Keith Farewell to 'Big Bill' 8
n/a Life-Lines of Joes Henderson 9
Nat Hentoff American Air Mail 9
n/a Julius Larosa Gives Promising Sample 9
Charlton, Bruce Ricky Nelson is Here to Stay 10
  Here's the Man behind "Volaire" or "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu," if You Prefer 10
advertisement World Exclusive: The Paul Anka Story 11
  U.S. Teen-ager's Choice 12
  A Star Connie Francis Speaks 12
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No. 607 29 August 1958  
Cover This Week's Top Ten (Dean Martin, Everly Bros., Elvis, Kalin Twins, Max Bygraves, Mary Wilde, Peggy Lee, Buddy Holly, Perez Prado, Connie Francis) 1
N.A. Life-lines of Peggy Lee 2
Wedge, Don It's the year of the 3-D sound 2
N.A. Who's Where
AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
N.A. Connie Francis and Connie says "'Thank you' for being so polite and kind in Britain" 3
Fordyce, Keith There is not one dud 'Volare' in the lot!"
Lita Roza: "Volare" / "It's a Boy" (Nixa)
Alan Dale: "Volare" / "Weeping Willow in the Wind" (MGM)
McGuire Sisters: "Volare" / "Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me?"(Coral)
Pat Boone: "If Dreams Came True" / "That's How Much I Love You" (London American)
Cliff Richard: "School Boy Crush" / "Move It!" (Columbia)
Tony Brent: "Girl of My Dreams" / "Don't Play that Melody" (Columbia)
Lonnie Donnegan: "Lonesome Traveller" / "Times Are Getting Hard Boys" (Nixa)
Marion Ryan: "The World Goes around and around" / "Please Don't Say Goodnight" (Nixa)
The Playboys: "Over the Week-End" / "Double Talk" (London American)
Mike Preston: "A House, a Car and a Wedding Ring" / "Lucky in Love" (Decca)
Ted Heath: "The Army Game" / "Strolling with the Blues" (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records (UK)
1. Kalin Twins: "When" (Brunswick)
2. Everly Brothers: "All I Have to Do Is Dream" / "Claudette" (London)
3. Dean Martin: "Return to Me" (Capitol)
4. Mary Wilde: "Endless Sleep" (Philips)
5. Max Bygraves: "Tulips from Amsterdam" / "You Need Hands" (Decca)
NME Best Selling Pop Records (US)
1. Everly Brothers: "Bird Dog/Devoted to You"
2. Elegants: "Little Star"
3. Domenico Modugno: "Volare"
4. Jimmy Clanton: "Just a Dream"
5. Ricky Nelson; "Poor Little Fool
NME Best Selling Sheet Music (UK)
1. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
2. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (Acuff-Rose)
3. "Trudie" (Henderson)
4. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
5. "When" (Southern)
N.A. (all) FEATURE: BBC's secret bid to capture listeners [75 minutes, 5 nights a week with world's top record celebrities]
ATV may expand into disc world
Melcher plans own music company here
Gala discs rush U.S. recordings
Dankworth to compose for Philharmonic
Dennis Lotis ready for States stardom
Kalin Twins postpone U.K. trip
Eddie Calvert sings on disc
N.A. (all) FEATURE: "Luxembourg signs American stars for winter programmes"
Glen Mason with Jackson again: also to film in Spain
Jazz aces arrive next week
Sore throat keeps Connie Francis here for extra day
U.S. disc executive coming for talks
New musical cancels PoW variety plans
"Show Band" in variety
Mantovani becomes TV linguist
N.A. From You to Us (column): "Here's a teenager's letter to sum up the Elvis vs. PAT battle"
When Keely and Lewis record, the "studio" comes to them!
Russ is Britain's most welcome gate-crasher! [Conway]
Johnson, Derek Celebration Supplement — Salute to British songwriters: the whole world loves Britain's all-time hits [world's largest sale—143, 259] (continues on page 10) 7
N.A. Stars write their own songs today
The stars send their congratulations [Harry Belafonte, Johnnie Ray, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, etc.] (continues to page 9)
Johnson, Derek British tunes helped American careers (continues to page 9) 8
N.A. Bandleaders and instrumentalists are composers as well (continues to page 10) 9
Evans, Tolchard Advice to would-be song writers 10
N.A. Hits by British-born composers 10
Goodwin, Keith "Schumann 'Voices' are silent" 13
Boone, Pat A star speaks 13
N.A. New York News (column): "Fans at Elvis's mother's funeral" 13
Hentoff, Nat Bob Crosby compares Bing and Como
Peggy Lee says basic rhythm is the secret
Italian criticizes Americans
N.A. Why Hit Parade is such a hit with pop music fans! [companion magazine to NME] 13
Wilde, Marty One hit doesn't make you famous 14
Goodwin, Keith The Kenton Era [The Stan Kenton Orchestra] 14
N.A. Who said this about Harry Belafonte? 14
Advertisement Agents Directory [Harold Davison, Rabin Agency, Joe Loss, Gerald Cohen, Alfred Preager, Tito Burns, etc.] 15
Advertisement Hit Parade ad 15
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces (column): "Composers sing their wares" 16
Advertisements Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) [Ronald Chesney, Alan Dale, Joe Loss, Marino Marini, Dean Martin, etc.]
Bron's [Dixieland and pop orchestrations]
Advertisements Connie Davis, Paul Anka, etc. 16
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