New Musical Express | October 1958

No. 612 3 October 1958  
(cover page) Elvis Presley: "Golden" release
Elvis Presley spot in 6.5 special
Merci Beaucoup [Teddy Johnson (Nixa) and Valerie Masters (Fontana)]
Billy Vaughn La Paloma
n.a. (advertising) Vocal Directory: The Keynotes, The Stargazers, Alma Cogan (Sidney Grace), David Whitfield (Lew & Leslie Grade), Nancy Whiskey (Sonny Zahl), Joan Regan (Keith Devon), Lucille Mapp, Noel Anthony
Life-lines of the Everly Brothers
Connie Francis (Connie Francis returns to nation's #1 best selling record)
Elvis Presley: Picture Parade Album
Johnson, Derek Survey of Disc Honours of Girl Vocalists 3
Charlton, Bruce The Olympics-because their schools create top athletes  
Fordyce, Keith Elvis Seems Caged in on His Latest Disc
Jodie Sands, "Someday You'll Want Me to Want You" (HMV)
Toni Dalli, "More than Ever" (Columbia)
Ray Ellington, "The Sultan of Bezazz" (Nixa)
The Crewcuts, "Hey Stella" (RCA)
Don Costa, "Bing Bang Bong" (HMV)
Four Aces, "Two Eyes, Two Lips, One Heart" (Brunswick)
Jerry Lee Lewis, "Break Up"
Norrie Paramor, "My Heart in Portugal"
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, "Tea for Two Cha Cha" (Brunswick)
Barry Cryer, "Seven Daughters" (Fontana)
Evans, Allen Picks the Best of the LP's and the EP's
"Eydie Gorme Vamps the Roaring 20," "Gordon MacRae," "Ernestine Anderson Sings," "Viva!" "London Pride," "Irma La Douce," "King Creole Vols I and II," "Max Bygraves," "Jackie Dennis"
n.a. Cherry Wainer, "Cerveza" (MXA)
Edmund Hockridge, "More than Ever" (MXA)
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Stupid Cupid" / "Carolina Moon," Connie Francis (MGM)
2. "Volare," Dean Martin (Capitol)
3. "When," Kalin Twins (Brunswick)
4. "Poor Little Fool," Ricky Nelson (London)
5. "Bird Dog," Everly Brothers (London)
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Volare" (Robbins)
2. "Trudie" (Henderson)
3. "When" (Southern)
4. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
5. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "It's all in the Game," Tommy Edwards
2. "Volare," Domenico Modugno
3. "Bird Dog" / "Devoted to You," Everly Brothers
4. "Rock-in Robin" / "Over and Over," Bobby Day
5. "Little Star," Elegants
(advertising) Records from America:
"Born Too Late," The Poni-Tails;
"Western Movies," The Olympics;
"The Wizard Are You Really Mine," Jimmie Rodgers
(advertising) "Real Love," Ruby Murray (Columbia)
"So Happy In Love," Frankie Vaughan (Philips)
"Just a Dream," Jimmy Clanton (London)
"Summertime Blues," Eddie Cochran (London)
"More Than Ever (come prima)," Malcolm Vaughan (EMI)
n.a. Mercury-EMI Deal Fixed (US label Mercury to be distributed in Britain by EMI Group)
Presley Project to Record in Britain
Harry Belafonte Returns to Film Christmas TV Show
Duke Ellington in Major Tele-shows
Shirley Bassey: London Plans (rumors of performance at Winter Garden Theatre in November)
Ted Heath Gets V.I.P. Reception
David Whitfield Jackie Rae 'All at Sea'
Laurie London Back From Tour
Diana Dors Extra Late
Modugno on TV Here This Month
n.a. Presley — Treble Honour: Connie Francis, Everyly Bros. On Top: Frankie Vaughan's Double: Newcomers Cliff Richard, Mudlarks Surprise
Charity Show to be Filmed
Terry Dene is Grade 1
Dickie Valentine, Joan Regan Replace Kathryn Grayson in Prince of Wales Variety
New Hit May Speed Connie's Return Here
'6.5' May Visit London Lyceum
Barber Band's Film Part
Kalin Tour
Air Dates for Mike (Mike Preston)
n.a. From You to Us 8
Hentoff, Nat Star Name U.S. Gossip: Anita saw Elvis off
Perry Como's children can go on stage
Pat Boone talks about Marrying Young
(advertising) "Blue Lover's Lament" (RCA), Ken Mackintosh, his saxophone & orchestra 8
Goodwin, Keith The Fabulous Duke Ellington is four men in one! JAZZ 8/9
(advertising) "When I Grow Too Old to Dream," Ed Townsend
"Lily of Laguna," Les Baxter His Chorus and Orchestra
"Blue Ribbon Baby," Tommy Sands
"Bunky," The Rebs
"The Secret," Gordon MacRae
"I Look for a Love," Tex Ritter
"My, My How the Time Goes By," Sue Raney
"Near You," Cliffie Stone
Johnson, Derek Welcomes back the singer who has conquered the world's television viewers... Perry Como 10
n.a. The Platters on Sunday's Palladium TV 10
(advertising) Agent Listings: Harold Davison, Rabin Agency, Joe Loss Entertainments ltd., Gerald Cohen, Alfred Preager Organisation ltd., Tito Burns Bargains in Instruments 11
n.a. "Dance, Everyone Dance," Betty Madigan (Vogue-Coral) and Les Baxter (Capitol)
"The Freeze," Tony and Joe (London)
"Move it," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
"A Certain Smile," Johnny Mathis (Fontana)
"Women in Love," Peter Graham-Scott (Philips)
"Wagon Train," Ron Goodwin (Parlophone)
"The World Goes Around and Around," Marion Ryan (Nixa)
"The Hula Hoop Song," Georgia Gibbs (Columbia) and Teresa Brewer (Coral)
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces "Strange way to say 'thanks'"  
  Sam Margolius, October 2009  
No. 613 10 October 1958  
Cover Special 4-Page Supplement in This Issue
"Merci Beaucoup," Teddy Johnson (Nixa) & Valerie Masters (Fontana)
"Love in a Home," Mario Lanza (RCA)
"Hoopa Hoola," Betty Johnson (London) & Joyce Shock (Philips)
N.A. Gala Records [45 RPM extended play records] 2
N.A. Cliff Richard has "a terrific personality" 3
N.A. Life-lines of Pete Murray 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review [Another Italian song gets the multi-cover treatment]
Robert Earl, "No One But You" (n.a.)
Edmund Hockridge, "More than Ever" & "Some Enchanted Evening" (Nixa)
Eve Boswell, "I Know Why" (Parlophone)
Malcolm Vaughan, "More than Ever" & "A Night to Remember" (HMV)
Jackie Rae, "More than Ever" & "Hello, My Baby" (Fontana)
Ted Heath, "Volare March" & "More Than Ever" (Decca)
Georgia Gibbs, "The Hula Hoop Song" & "Keep in Touch" (n.a.)
The Jamies, "Summertime" & "Search for You" (Fontana)
Cherry Wainer, "Itchy Twitchy" & "Cerveza" (Nixa)
Bobby Hendrix, "Itchy Twitcy Feeling" & "A Thousand Dreams" (n.a.)
Deep River Boys, "Itchy Twitchy Feeling" & "I Shall Not Be Moved" (HMV)
Charlie Drake, "Volare" & "Itchy Twitchy Feeling" (Parlophone)
Connie Francis, "Fallin'" & "I'll Get By" (MGM)
Little Anthony, "Tears on My Pillow" & "Two People in the World" (n.a.)
Allen Evans LP's
That Golden Chariot, The Golden Gate Quartet (Fontana)
Limehouse Blues, Adrian Rollini Trio (Mercury)
Mountain Songs and Banjo Tunes, Guy Carawan (Topic)
Allen Evans EP's
Johnny Mathis, Johnny Mathis (Fontana)
When, The Kalin Twins (Brunswick)
Pete and Five Strings, Pete Seeger (Topic)
NME Top Thirty in Britain
1. "Stupid Cupid" / "Carolina Moon," Connie Francis (MGM)
2. "Volare," Dean Martin (Capitol)
3. "When," Kalin Twins (Brunswick)
4. "King Creole," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Move It," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Volare" (Robbins)
2. "Trudie" (Henderson)
3. "When" (Southern)
4. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
5. "Tulips From Amsterdam" (Cinephonie)
Billboard Top Twenty in the U.S
1. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards
2. "Volare," Domenico Modugno
3. "Bird Dog" / "Devoted to You," Everly Brothers
4. "Rock-in' Robin" / "Over and Over," Bobby Day
5. "Little Star," Elegants
N.A. NME Poll Concert Stars Every Winner, Plus Vocal Runners-up [Frankie Vaughan, Lonnie Donegan, Marty Wilde, Alma Cogan, Ted Heath, Calvert, Cliff Richard, etc.] 6
N.A. News Updates:
Woody Herman Set for British Tour
Ruby Murray gaining strength after operation
Rank Records Chief Flies Back to States
Pat Dixon Dies
Dickie's dates for Leeds and Newcastle
French Radio Books Kalins
Miles Davis in line for 1959 visit here
Music Publishers Make Changes
For Charity
Keely Smith on Sunday's BBC-TV
Cliff Richard gets major film offer
Modugno, Connie Francis plans still uncertain
N.A. News Updates Continued:
6.5 Is Bound for Swansea
Tommy Steele plans to film next year
"You're Scottish Ricky Nelson," Perry Como tells Jackie Dennis
Frankie Vaughan's New York Hustle
Pet and Joe in "Melody for Two"
Sinatra, Kaye Coming for Royal Gala
Alma conquers South Africa
McDevitt group in pantomime
Shirley Bassey gets U.S. comedian support
Newcomers win disc contracts
Big send-off for Heath
Marty Wilde quits Oh Boy! for 6.5 Special
Derek Johnson Record hits still decide who tops the Lists 7, 10
NME NME 1958-59 Popularity Poll Results: 8-10
NME Tops in World and U.S. Categories  
NME Favourite U.S. Female Singer
1. Connie Francis
2. Doris Day
3. Peggy Lee
NME World's Outstanding Popular Singer
1. Elvis Presley
2. Pat Boone
3. Frank Sinatra
NME Favourite U.S. Male Singer
1. Elvis Presley
2. Pat Boone
3. Frank Sinatra
NME World's Outstanding Vocal Group
1. Everly Bros.
2. Platters
3. Crickets
NME World's Outstanding Musical Personality
1. Elvis Presley
2. Pat Boone
3. Frank Sinatra
NME Full Results in British Sections  
NME Outstanding Vocal Personality
1. Frankie Vaughan
2. Lonnie Donegan
3. Dickie Valentine
  Favourite Male Singer
1. Frankie Vaughan
2. Marty Wilde
3. Dickie Valentine
NME Small Group
1. Lonnie Donegan
2. Chris Barber
3. John Barry
NME Favourite Female Singer
1. Alma Cogen
2. Petula Clarke
3. Marion Ryan
NME Vocal Group
1. Mudlarks
2. King Brothers
3. Stargazers
NME Outstanding Instrumental Personality
1. Eddie Calvert
2. Joe Henderson
3. Winifred Atwell
NME Large Band
1. Ted Heath
2. Johnny Dankworth
3. Mantovani
NME Favourite New Singer
1. Cliff Richard
2. Marty Wilde
3. Laurie London
NME Jack Johnson and Pete Murray Tie for Top [Favourite Disc Jockey] 10
Don Wedge At the Chatham Empire... at the Prince of Wales, London ["Marty Wilde's Intensity", "Dickie Valentine Builds to Success," "Duke Ellington was Fabulous!", and more...] 12
NME NME Information Bureau ["Who's Where", "AFN Highlights", "Radio Luxembourg"] 12
Bruce Charlton Tommy Edwards re-recorded a flop into a hit! 13
Nat Hentoff Nat Hentoff's Star-name Column ["Acting singer", "No flowers—by request", "Phil is fit", "Elvis's girl friend hits at Bardot", "Everly's are for 'big lead'"] 13
Various Readers From You to US 13
Charles Govey Fans want originals now 14
Keith Goodwin Johnny Mathis Breaks In 14
N.A. Tommy's car made-to-measure 14
N.A. Classifieds 15
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
N.A. Dennis Lotis test on Broadway 16
  Julia Mazzarella, October 2009  
No. 614 17 October 1958  
(cover page) Music Stars of the Royal Variety Show: Frankie Vaughn, Eartha Kitt, Max Bygraves, Pat Boone, Roy Castle, Bernard Bresslaw, Yana, Harry Secombe, Cliff Adams, Mudlarks, Cyril Stapleton, Charlie Drake, Beverley Sisters, King Brothers 1
Keith Goodwin Jack Scott Is Off the Shelf 2
N.A. Who's Where (Week commencing October 20) 2
Derek Johnson Nominates Norrie Paramor - A and R Manager of the Year! 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviews
Chuck Berry: "Carol" / "Hey Pedro" (n/a)
Andy Williams: "Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Love" (n/a)
Dave King: "Home" / "The Story" (Decca)
Vic Damone: "Forever New" (n/a)
Harry Secombe: "God Bless the Prince of Wales" (n/a)
Ron Goodwin: "Wagon Train" / "Josita" (Parlophone)
N.A. Mario Lanza and Doris Day Rivals for "Home" Honours 4
NME Top Thirty
1. "Stupid Cupid" / "Carolina Moon," Connie Francis (MGM)
2. "King Creole," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "Volare," Dean Martin (Capitol)
4. "Move It," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5. "Born Too Late," Poni-Tails (HMV)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Volare" (Robbins)
2. "Trudie" (Henderson)
3. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
4. "When" (Southern)
5. "More than Ever" (Sterling
N.A. Fling for Youth at Royal Show
Frankie Vaughn to Visit Five Cities in Five Days
ATV-Pye Record Deal Confirmed Big Plans for Future Expansion
Alma's First Solo Series
Dick Henderson, Senior Dies
Extra 'Startime' for Singers
Mixed Angelo-U.S. Bands Get Union's Approval
Jimmie Rodgers on BBC-TV this Sunday
Dave King in Jackson Show
N.A. New Label Is Top-Rank
Colossal Demand for Poll Concert Tickets
Cliff Richard Star in Sunday Show Series
Valentine's Date
Stars from America Two Uncertain but One Sure
Max Bygraves Off to U.S. for TV Talks
Pat Boone Plans Tour in 1959
Marty Wilde-Lightning Tour and More '6.5'
Sinatra May Arrive Earlier
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 8
Don Wedge Question-Time with the Stars Calls on the Kalin Twins 8
N.A. Life-Lines of Tommy Sands 9
N.A. Pet Won't Stop Jodie This Time 9
N.A. Roy Castle... Is Future King of the Entertainment 9
Dickie Valentine Frankie Vaughn 10
The Alley Cat Tall-Pieces 12
N.A. 'Jailhouse' Goldmine 12
  Brenden Hedblom, Spring 2010  
No. 615 October 24, 1958  
Cover page New Musical Express [Featuring Sinatra, Johnnie Ray, Malcolm Vaughn, Everly Bros., Cogan, Billy Haley, and more] 1
ad "The End," Earl Grant (Brunswick) 2
Derek Johnson King Frank of Album-Land! [Frank Sinatra] 3
Patti Page 'My Name' 3
N/A Rob Luke's Song about Sister Is a Hit 3
ad Star Discs
"So Happy in Love," Frankie Vaughan
"More than Ever [Come Prima]," Robert Earl
"Kiss me, Honey Honey, Kiss me," Shirley Bassey
"Ooooh, My Love," Vic Damone
"Hoopa Hoola," Joyce Shock
"Everybody Loves a Lover" Doris Day
ad G.A (Disc Sales)
Starpic Ltd.
Keith Fordyce Perry Como, "Loves Makes the World Go Round" / "Mandolins in the Moonlight" (RCA)
Johnny Otis, "Willie Did the Cha Cha" / "Crazy Country Hop" (Capitol)
Perez Prado, "The Man Who Plays the Mandolino" / "Paris" (RCA)
Teresa Brewer, "Hula Hoop Song" / "So Shy" (Coral)
Jerry Wallace, "How the Time Flies" / "With this Ring" (London)
Paul Anka, "Just Young" / "So It's Goodbye" (Columbia)
Ken Mackintosh, "That Old Cha Cha Feeling" / "Ulterior Motif" (HMV)
Carmen McRae, "Namely You" / "I'll Love You" (Brunswick)
Dickie Valentine, "Take Me in Your Arms" / "An Old Fashioned Song" (Decca)
Conway Twitty, "It's Only Make Believe" / "I'll Try" (MGM)
Bobby Day, "Rockin' Robin" / "Over and Rover" (London)
Eddie Silver, "Rockin' Robin" / "The Ways of a Woman In Love" (Parlophone)
Bing Crosby, "Love In A Home" / "In the Good Old Summertime" (Brunswick)
Mantovani, "Under Paris Skies" / "Only Yesterday" (Continental)
Allen Evans EP Reviews
Ronnie Carl, Moonlight Becomes You (Philips)
Gary Miller, Meet Mister Miller (Nixa)
Michael Sammes, Something We Ate (Fontana)
Jimmy Rushing, Jimmy Rushing (Parlophone)
Joe Henderson, Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson (Nixa)
Chris Barber's Band, New Orleans Blues (Decca)
Jerry Lee Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis (London)
Allen Evans LP Reviews
The Four Lads, Four on the Aisle (Phillips)
Ads Record Dealers' Directory
Les Aldrich
Bernard's Record Shop
Ads "Fibbin'," Petula Clark
"Volare," Domenico Modungo
Nino Rico and his Orchestra play Cha-Cha Rico Vacilon b/w Cha-Cha-Cha
NME Top Thirty
1. "Stupid Cupid/Carolina," Connie Francis (MGM)
2. "Move It," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
3. "Come Prima," Marino Marini (Durium)
4. "King Creole," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Bird Dog," Everly Brothers (London)
6. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards (MGM)
7. "A Certain Smile," Johnny Mathis (Fontana)
8. "Born Too Late," Poni-Tails (HMV)
9. "Volare," Dean Martin (Capitol)
10. "More than Ever," Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
11. "Mad Passionate Love," Bernard Bresslaw (HMV)
12 "Poor Little Fool," Ricky Nelson (London)
13. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockingham's XI (Decca)
14. "Western Movies," Olympics (HMV)
15. "When," Kalin Twins (Brunswick)
16. "Volare," Marino Marini (Durium)
17. "Volare," Domenico Modugno (Oriole)
18. "Someday," Jodie Sands (HMV)
19. "Patricia," Perez Prado (RCA)
20. "Rebel Rouser," Duane Eddy (London)
21. "If Dreams Came," Pat Boone (London)
22. "Moon Talk," Perry Como (RCA)
23. "Trudie," Joe Henderson (Pye-Nixa)
24. "Return to Me," Dean Martin (Capitol)
25. "My True Love," Jack Scott (London)
26. "Susie Darlin'," Robin Luke (London)
27. "Tea for Two Cha Cha," Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Brunswick)
28. "Volare," Charlie Drake (Parlophone)
29. "Fever," Peggy Lee (Capitol)
30. "More than Ever," Robert Earl (Philips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Volare" (Robbins)
2. "Trudie" (Henderson)
3. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Write)
4. "More Than Ever" (Sterling)
5. "When" (Southern)
6. "Born Too Late" (Anglo-Pie)
7. "Mad Passionate Love" (Duchess)
8. "Return to Me" (Southern)
9. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonic)
10. "Stupid Cupid" (Aldom)
11. "Moon Talk" (Leeds)
12. "A Certain Smile" (Robbins)
13. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
14. "You Need Hands" (Lakeview)
15. "Poor Little Fool" (Commodore-Imperial)
16. "I Could Have Danced All Night" (Chappell)
17. "Little Bernadette" (Berry)
18. "All I Have to Do Is Dream" (Acuff-Rose)
19. "If Dreams Came True" (Grosvenor)
20. "Patricia" (Latin America)
21. "Bird Dog" (Acuff-Rose)
22. "King Creole" (Seventeen Savile Row)
23. "It's All in the Game" (Blossom)
24. "Girl of My Dreams" (Lawrence Write)
25. " Everybody Loves a Lover" (Spier)
26. "The World Goes Around and Around" (Bron)
27. "Move It" (Mills)
28. "The Only Man on the Island" (Bron)
29. "Endless Sleep" (Hill & Range)
30. "Devotion" (Grosvenor)
Billboard Best Selling Pop Records in U.S
1. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards
2. "Rock-In' Robin," Bobby Day
3. "Topsy II," Cozy Cole
4, "Bird Dog," Everly Brothers
5. "It's Only Make Believe," Conway Twitty
6. "Susie Darlin'," Robin Luke
7. "Tears on My Pillow," Little Anthony and the Imperials
8 "Tom Dooley," Kingston Trio
9. "Tea for Two Cha Cha," Tommy Dorsey Orch
10. "Chantilly Lace," Big Bopper
11. "The End," Earl Grant
12. "Volare," Domenico Modugno
13. "Little Star," Elegants
14. "Near You," Roger Williams
15. "You Cheated," Shields
16. "To Know Him Is to Love Him," Teddy Bears
17. "Mexican Hat Rock," Applejacks
18. "The Secret," Gordon MacRae
19. "Just a Dream," Jimmy Cianton
20. "Promise Me, Love," Andy Williams
ad "Rockin' Robin," Bobby Day (London)
"It's Only Make Believe," Jimmy Star (London)
"Summertime, Summertime," The Jamies (Fontana)
"Summertime Blues," The Vipers (Parlophone)
"Liverpool Blues," The Vipers (Parlophone
"Real Love," Ruby Murray (Columbia)
"La-Do-Da-Da," Don Lang (HMV)
ad Records from America
"Just Young," Paul Anka (Columbia)
"The Olympics," Western Movies (HMV)
"When Will I Know," George Hamilton IV (HMV)
N/A Surprising U.S TV Newcomers for Britian- Plans for Andy Williams, High O'Brian Visits Here
*Al Parnell Going U.S for ATV-PYE
*Delayed-Action Marion Ryan
Jazz Stars Launch New U.S Label Here
Tommy Edwards May Visit U.K
Dickie Henderson for Las Vegas
Chatham Date for Terry Dene
Medley on Single [Featuring Lonnie Donegan, Felix King, Paul Adam, Don Carlos]
Gray Band at Premiere [Featuring Johnnie Gray]
Hopes for Eartha [Featuring Eartha Kitt]
Singer Acting [Featuring Billy Fury]
Ruby Delays German Trip [Featuring Ruby Murray]
RCA to Re-Issue Former Disc Hits [Featuring Elvis Presley, Eartha Kitt, Mario Lanza, Belafonte]
Cliff Richard Variety Debut in January [Featuring Cliff Richard and Derby Hippodrome]
Heath Back to Heavy Schedual [Featuring Ted Heath]
'Little Bit of Luck' for Diane [Featuring Diane Todd]
Dalli for Riviera Gala [Featuring Toni Dalli]
N/A Connie Francis Demand May Stop Jayne Mansfield Film 6/7
N/A Frankie Vaughan for German TV
Joan Regan Is Panto Star
Adler on Film
Hitch in Herman Visit Plan [Featuring Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Miles Davis, Dave Lambert Singers, Annie Ross, John Hendricks, Ronnie Scott, Tony Crombie]
Melachrino on U.S TV [Featuring George Melachrino]
Hammerstein Coming for 'Cinderella' [Featuring Oscar Hammerstein, Tommy Steele, George Brown]
Belafonte's Yule Songs
Hi-Los Back [Featuring Hi-Los and Ted Heath Orchestra]
Jazz Score for New Film [Featuring Ken Jones, Diana Dors, Eddie Constantine]
'Oh Boy!' Series Extended: and Captures Tommy Steele
Sinatra Host to Friends [Featuring Frank Sinatra and Maurice Kinn]
Mason in Drama [Featuring Glen Mason]
Alma Paves Way for Others [Featuring Alma Cogan, Dickie Valentine, Diana Dors, Rex Phillipson]
Royal Visit to the Duke [Featuring Duke Ellington]
Going Abroad [Featuring Russ Hamilton, Johnny Wiltshire and The Treble Tones]
Two ATV Shows for Joan Regan [Featuring Joan Regan, Billie Anthony, Terry Turner, Rosemary Squires, Steve Martin, The King Brothers, Malcolm Vaughan, Marty Wilde, Chris Barber, Humphrey Lyttelton, Joan Savage]
'Tonero' Composer on BBC-TV [Featuring Renato Carosone]
More Stars for '6.5' [Featuring Shirley Bassey, Joan Regan, Lita Roza, Malcolm Vaughan, Ted Heath, Ronnie Carroll, Gary Miller]
Top-Rank a & r man American? [Featuring Malcolm McGrady and Ronnie Bell]
Eartha Kitt Alters Plan
Rockingham Sax Signs for Nixa [Featuring Red Price, Lord Rockingham's XI, Cherry Wainer]
ad "I Got a Feeling," Ricky Nelson (London)
"Love Makes the World Go Round," Perry Como (RCA)
"No-one Knows," Dion and the Belmonts (London)
Nat Hentoff American Air Mail
"Debbie Reynolds has Plans for New Niterie Act"
"Crosby Boys are Expensive"
"Harry Belafonte Cannot Find a Place to Live"
Keith Goodwin Vaughan Is Britain's Ballad Champion 8
N/A Life-Lines of Bill Haley 8
N/A Who's Where [Featuring Marty Wilde, Nancy Whiskey, John Barry Seven, Jimmy Young, Ideal Four, Edmund Hockridge, The Raindrops, Shirley Bassey, Howard Jones, Reggie Arnold, Jill Day, Robert Earl, Reggie Arnold, Jill Day, Robert Earl, Carl Barriteau, Lonnie Donegan, Audrey Jeans, The Mudlarks, Lorrae Desmond, Harry Secombe, Diana Dors, Group One, Dickie Valentine, Roy Castle, The Netwits, Danny Purches, The Hedley Ward Trio, Tommy Steele, Duke Ellington and his Orchestra, The Chris Barber Band, Muddy Waters] 8
N/A Radio Luxembourg 8
Derek Johnson Alma Broadcast 25 Times in 14 Days 9
Billy Eckstine "A Star Speaks": Billy Eckstine on Singers 9
N/A 'Who Said This About...'
Dickie Valentine
Perry Como
N/A From You to Us 9
Keith Goodwin Life Was Mighty Tough on the Everly Brothers 10
Bruce Charlton An Unhappy Anniversary for Johnnie 10
Advertisement Emisonic 10
Keith Goodwin Jazz 12
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces- Tuneful Invasion 12
ad "An Old Fashion Song," Dickie Valent (Decca)
New Hits
"Dance, Everyone Dance," Joe Loss (HMV) Betty Madigan (Vogue-Coral) Les Baxter (Capitol)
"The Freeze," Tony and Joe (London)
  The Big Five!
1. "No One Knows," Dion & The Belmonts (London)
2. "How Time Flies," Jerry Walace (London)
3. "Over and Over," Bobby Day (London)
4. "Man I'm Gonna Be," The Trojans (Decca)
5. Linton Addie," Jackie Dennis (Decca)
Bron's Current "Pop" Orchestrations and New ARRS.
  Lily Poduska, October 2009  
No. 616 31 October 1958  
Cover Pye International [A new label bringing you the hits of the world]
Steph Acre, "You Are My Love"
Ritchie Valens, "Come On Lets Go"
The Jud Conlon Singers, "Scene of the Crime"
Bob and Jerry, "Ghost Satellite"
Sinatra Speaks to NME [Frank Sinatra]
Kinn, Maurice Frank Sinatra speaks to NME 2
Johns, Malcolm Tommy Steele's second year 3
N.A. Tommy Steele goes back to rock 'n' roll 4
N.A Winnie Atwell has new party "piece" [Featuring: "Lollipop" / "Whole Lotta Woman" / "Teddy Bear" / "At the Hop"] 4
Goodwin, Keith Jazz [The tenor saxophone jazz scene Featuring: Sonny Rollins, The Jimmy Giuffre Three: Bobby Jaspar, Hank Mobley, and Paul Quinichette] 4
Evans, Allen Latest long-playing records
Harry Belafonte: "To Wish a Merry Christmas"
Perry Como, "Merry Christmas Music"
Eartha Kitt: "I Wantcha around; Do You Remember?; Looking for a Boy; I've Got that Lovin' Bug Itch; Oh John!; Stranger in the Starlight; The Day that the Circus Left Town; Apres Moi; The Heel; Mambo in Paris; My Hearts Delight; Hey Jacque"
Lower Basin Street: "Mood Indigo; Sophisticated Lady; Stardust; Body and Soul"
Young Bing Crosby: "That's Grandma"
Late London: "Anna; Lady Was a Tramp; Beat Up the Town"
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Tommy Steele: "Come on, Lets Go" (Decca)
Petula Clark: "Fibbin" / "I Wish I Knew" (Pye)
Earl Grant: "The End" (Decca)
Bobby Freeman: "Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes" (Autumn Records)
Jimmy Lloyd: "Street in the Rain" (N.A)
Seph Acre: "You Are My Love" (Pye International)
Evelyn Kingsley: "To Know Him Is to Love Him" (Capitol)
Kirby Stone 4: "Baubles, Bangles And Beads" (NBC Records)
Gracie Fields: "Belonging to Someone" / "The Little Clock" (Columbia)
Glen Mason, "A Moment Ago" (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty Pop Records in Britain
1. "Stupid Cupid / Carolina Moon," Connie Francis (MGM)
2. "Come Prima," Marino Marini (Durium)
3. "Bird Dog," Everly Brothers (London)
4. "Move It," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5. "A Certain Smile," Johnny Mathis(Fontana)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "More than Ever" (Sterling)
2. "Volare" (Robbins)
3. "Trudie" (Henderson)
4. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
5. "A Certain Smile" (Robbins)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US
1. Tommy Edwards: "Its All in the Game"
2. Conway Twitty: "Its Only Make Believe"
3. Kingston Trio: "Tom Dooley"
4. Cozy Cole: "Topsy II"
5. Bobby Day: "Rock-in' Robin"
N.A. All set for royal show [Popular music stars from Britain and America prepare for Royal Variety Show at London's Coliseum Theatre] 
Heath will discuss U.S. tour on radio [Ted Heath]
Good Things In Threes At Coventry [David Whitfield, Grace O' Connor and George Mitchell]
Taxi Trouble Nearly Ruined Steel's TV 'Life' [ Taxi Trouble almost kept Tommy Steele from making it to his appearance on "This Is Your Life" ]
Roy Castle to record [Roy Castle set to sign with Pye-Nixa]
Connie Francis Wins her Film Credit ["The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw"]
Top Stars write in Nov. 'Hit Parade' [Everlys, Kalins, Dean Martin, Bresslaw, Drake, Modungo]
Marini Sought For Variety [Strong efforts are being made to secure the Marino Marini Quartet for one week of British Variety]
Max Bygraves [Max Bygraves added a new date; Liverpool Empire, November 17]
N.A Top International Stars Invade Our TV Screens [Peggy Lee, Robin Luke, Modugno, Kitt, Eydie Gorme] 6-7
N.A U.S. Stars Plan Early Visits Here [Andy Williams]
No Beard, No Debut [Chas. McDevitt may not make a pantomime debut this Christmas because he shaved his beard]
Joy's baby may end Beverley Sisters act [Joy Beverley]
Dickie Valentine is Bob's guest ["The Bob Monkhouse Show"]
Cliff Richard variety debut brought forward [Three London Weeks from November 17]
Mudlarks, Drake, Hockridge Blackpool Summer Stars [The Mudlarks, Charlie Drake, and Edmund Hockridge lined up for summer recording sessions in Blackpool]
Colin Hicks heads package tour ["The Collin Hicks Bandshow"]
AR-TV plans big show [New variety series to premier in January]
Charlton, Bruce Lord Rockingham's XI knocks fans for six! 8
Johnson, Derek You'll Have a Gala Evening with These Discs 8
Goodwin, Keith Dorsey cha-cha style captivates 8
N.A Life-lines of Marty Wilde 9
Hentoff, Nat Nat Hentoff's American Airmail [Frankie Vaughan : Ambassador] 9
Advertisement Johnny Mathis: A Certain Smile: Now in the TOP TEN 9
N.A Pat Boone has won many honours 10
N.A Eartha Kitt will prove the cynics wrong! 10
N.A New Records [Nino Rico, Russ Hamilton, The Ted Taylor Four, Domenico Modugno, Maxine Daniels] 10
N.A. Agents Directory/ Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [Pop News] 12
N.A. To Know Him Is to Love Him [The Teddy Bears, Evelyn Kingsley] 12
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