New Musical Express | November 1958

No. 617 7 November 1958  
Cover Tommy Edwards, Ricky Nelson, Bygraves, Lanza, Sinatra- Plus extra 4-page Royal Show supplement 1
Cover Mercury Records' Four Great hits:
1. "Fibbin'" / "You Will Find Love (in Paris)," Patti Page
2. "I Wish" / "It's Raining Outside," The Platters
3. "One Summer Night," The Danleers
4. "The Big Bopper," Chantilly Lace
N.A. Newcomers to the Charts: Bobby Day Helps Rock Revival 2
Bruce Charlton "Summertime Blues" is Eddie Cochran's Wintertime Hit Here 2
Derek Johnson After Six Months in the Charts, It Doesn't Seem the Same without Max's Name 3
Allen Evans Extended Play Discs 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review: 'Mr. Success' Is Just the Title for Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra: "Mr. Success" (Capitol)
Pat Boone: "For My Good Fortune" / "Gee, But It's Lonely" (London American)
Craig Douglas: "Are You Really Mine" / "Go Chase a Moonbeam" / "Tom Dooley" (Decca)
Les Paul & Mary Ford: "Put a Ring on Her Finger" / "Fantasy" (Phillips)
Eileen Rodgers: "Treasure of Your Love" / "A Little Bit Bluer" (Fontana)
Carmita: "The Crowd" / "Waterwagon Blues" (Fontana)
Fred Waring: "Christmas Was Meant for Children" / "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" (Capitol)
Ken Jones: "Heartaches" / "Heart of My Heart" (Fontana)
Mitch Miller: "It Seems Like Only Yesterday" / "Bluebell" (Philips)
Jud Conlon: "Scene of the Crime" / "Hernando's Hideaway" / "Bridge of Sighs" (Pye International)
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Elvis Presley, Golden Records [RCA]
Frank Sinatra, The Frank Sinatra Story
Johnnie Ray, Johnnie Ray in Las Vegas [Philips]
Frankie Laine, Torchin' [Philips]
Noel Anthony, Romance of the Caribbean [Nixa]
Tony Osborne, Hands across the Table [Camden]
NME Top Thirty
1. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards (MGM)
2. "Come Prima," Marino Marini (Durium)
3. "Bird Dog," Everly Brothers (London)
4. "Stupid Cupid"/"Carolina Moon," Connie Francis (MGM)
5. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockingham's XI (Deca)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "More than Ever" (Sterling)
2. "Volare" (Robbins)
3. "Trudie" (Henderson)
4. "A Certain Smile" (Robbins)
5. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
N.A. Stars Old Songs Get Second Chance to Make Good [Re-recordings gain popularity]
Marini's Date in the North [Marino Marini Quartet booked for several shows]
Dennis Lotis with the Mudlarks
Mike Preston's American Trip
Dorsey Band on tele-recording from America [Tommy Dorsey orchestra to appear on "Steve Allen Show"]
Frankie Vaughan abroad next month
After Laine, Ray and Mitchell... Doris Day 'Showcase' Album is Planned [Philips' new album]
U.S. wants Heath back in March [Desire for the Ted Heath Orchestra to perform in America]
Singers for Film Ball
Us Goodwin on Luxembourg
Marion, Ryan, Ronnie Hilton signed for Blackpool shows
Max Bygraves' film wins raves in U.S. [Bygraves' "A Cry from the Streets"]
Music Stars in early 1959 Films [Musicians enter acting world in America]
Decca Executive Retires [Mr. F.E. Attwood's health causes him to retire]
Ireland wants Mike Holliday [Michael Holliday to play solo shows]
Andy Gray Special Four Page Souvenir of the Royal Variety Show of 1958: Song Stars Win the Ovations of the Night [Bernard Delfont's Royal Variety featuring performances by Pat Boone, Roy Castle, Eartha Kitt, Frankie Vaughn, Max Bygraves, and Harry Secombe]
Congratulations to Decca-Group Artists who were invited to appear at The Royal Variety Performance [Julie Andrews, Antonio and his Dancers, The Beverley Sisters, Pat Boone, Max Bygraves, Eartha Kitt, Mantovani, Cyril Stapelton, and The Stargazers]
Don Wedge Royal Show Thrills- Recaptured in Words and Pictures: Mudlarks Almost Lost the Chance to Appear [The Mudlarks acquire fame but forget to respond to Royal Variety's invitation] 8-9
N.A. The Man who Presented the Spectacle: Bernard Delfont 8-9
N.A. Success Stories of the Music Stars [Yana, Charlie Drake, Pat Boone, Max Bygraves, Earth Kitt, and Frankie Vaughn] 9
N.A. More Success Stories of the Stars [Bernard Bresslaw, Beverly Sisters, Stargazers, King Brothers, The Mudlarks, Cyril Stapleton, Victor Silvester, and Mantovani] 10
N.A. Cliff Meets Tommy [Tommy Steel and Cliff Richard become friends]
West End date for Richard? [Cliff Richard wants to follow in Tommy Steele's footsteps]
Tommy Edwards has U.K. Offers
Cha-cha gets big boost [Britain's Latin-American scene grows]
Tommy and Steelemen to part
Coventry show on BBC-TV
'Oh Boy!' may become twice-nightly TV show
Boone wants Max and Roy [Bygraves' and Castle's talent desired for American TV show]
Gary Miller in 'Pied Piper' [Miller stars in musical]
Italian Four [Debut of Van Wood Quartet]
Rushing-Humph in 'Jazz Club' [Jimmy Rushing with Humphrey Lyttelton Big Band]
Rush to get Lonnie's latest disc on sale [Donegan's newest recording from Glasgow]
Andy Williams set for Sunday TV
N.A. Ted Heath tells you all about Tommy Edwards 12
Tony Keniston Connie won't fracture your ears... [Connie Francis sings in 20th Century-Fox's "The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw"] 12
N.A. Nat Hentoff's American Airmail: Elvis lives in hotel [Elvis resides in ritzy German hotel] 12
Keith Goodman 'Mr. Volare' wants to be Top Film [Domenico Modugno wants to be a world-renowned actor] 12
Keith Goodman Jazz [Erroll Garner's latest release] 12
N.A. Life-lines of Mario Lanza [Lanza's Bio]
English 'girl' exile welcomed Ted Health [Editorials]
Charlotte Rogers Ricky Nelson Is the Champion of the Teenagers [Nelson is an internationally successful youth] 14
N.A. 'Royal Stars' were not available [Granda TV hoped to have artists from the Royal Variety appear on "Chelsea Program"]
Gordon MacRae's "Secret" [Gordon has a potential hit track, "The Secret"]
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Number 618 14 November 1958  
(cover page) Lonnie + America's Top Hits = 'Tom Dooley 1
N.A. Jean Metcalfe, the only lady disc-jockey to gain a place in our annual Popularity Poll, reveals some secrets behind the scenes, and says..., "'Family Favourites' is Fun but Hard work, too!" 2
Derek Johnson Consistent Como keeps his discs going round the world 3
N.A Life-lines of Cliff Richard 3
Allen Evans LP's :
Bill Haley and his Comets, Rockin' the Joint
Frankie Lymon, Waitin' in School
Chuck Berry, Sweet Little Sixteen
Little Richard, By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Keity Fordyce ...Sticks his neck out and predicts that... Lonnie Donegan is heading for the top ten
Rikki Price: "Tom Dooley" / "Cherry Blossom Lane"
Russ Hamilton: "The Things I Didn't Say" / "Strange Are the Ways of Love"
Domenico Modugno: "Lazzarella" / "Strada Nfosa"
Al Morgan: "Jealous Heart" / "Fooolish Tears"
David Whitfield: "Love Is a Stranger" / "This Is Lucia" (Decca)
Keely Smith: "You Are My Love" / "That Old Black Magic"
Debbie Reynolds: "Faces There Are Fairer" / "Hungry Eyes" (??text didn't print in full??)
Steve Allen: "Houseboat" / "Hula Hoop"
Pendrick: "Stranded" / "White Bucks and Saddle Shoes"
NME Top Thirty
1. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards (MGM)
2. "Bird Dog," Everly Brothers (London)
3. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockinham's XI (Decca)
4. "Come Prima," Marino Marini (Durium)
5. "A Certain Smile," Jonny Mathis (Fontana)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "More than Ever" (Sterling)
2. "Voltare" (Robbins)
3. "Trudie" (Henderson)
4. "A Certain Smile (Robbins)
5. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
N.A. Al Jolson Leaves Hidden Treasure in Bank Vault
How'd you like to act a love scene with Elvis?
Dankworth Top-Rank's musician-in-chief
Tommy Watt's LP Debut
Putting a pop in it
Newell to pick MGM releases
"Saturday Club" gets extension to end of March
Roy Castle and Dickie Henderson for Blackpool
Ruby Murray: A Relapse
Marty Wilde: "I Want to End Contract"
Debbie Reynolds changes her American label
Will this referee be popular?
Donegan's Oxford Date
Film Version of "Oh Boy!" Planned
Shani Wallis Back to TV
N.A. For your Christmas present form BBC-TV... All their stars—including Como in 70-minute spectacular show 6/7
N.A. More song stars in pantomimes
David Whitfield may summer in Bournemouth
Jo'burg cabaret books Calvert
Frankie Vaughn Has Fourth Royal "command"
Ted Heath receives "best ever" offer to return to America
American viewers to see Mantovani
North Dance Orchestra gets on BBC-TV series
Paramor records club's cha-cha
Jane Morgan Como Guest
Two Rival U.S. TV Show wan Max Bygraves
Radio favours small groups
N.A. Their Record Year was 1955 8
Bruce Charlton Bruce Charlton gives a welcome back to Britain to a singer with a belated "thanks" to you Andy Williams 8
Nat Hentoff US Press Hint at Presley romance 9
Nat Hentoff Doris Day to sing in film 9
N.A. From You to Us 9
Marurice Kinn Surveys the American Music Scene- Once you're in this Club, your financial worries are over! 10
Derek Johnson Welcome to another chart newcomer: Conway Twitty is a name to remember 10
Allen Evans EP's
Elvis Sings Christmas Songs
Exciting Eydie
Ink Spots in Hi-Fi
Kick Off
Alley Cat Pat Boone Buys New Mansion 12
Keith Goodwin Jazz 12
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No. 619 21 November 1958  
Cover Ricky Nelson, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Perry Como, Phil and Don Everly, Tommy Steele 1
Johns, Malcolm Marino Marini says, "It pays to advertise" 2
N.A. Who's Where 2
N.A. AFN Highlights 2
N.A. Radio Luxembourg 2
N.A. The Stars Speak... 2
Johnson, Derek In the Speedy "Tom Dooley" Battle, It's Donegan v. Kingston Trio 3
Evans, Allen EPs
Tennessee Sing-Song, Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys [Columbia]
Marino Marini Quartet, Marino Marini Quartet [Durium]
Volare, The McGuire Sisters [Coral]
Russ Conway, Russ Conway [Columbia]
Jeannie Carson, Jeannie Carson and Geoff Love [HMV] Como, Lanza, and Belafonte, Perry Como, Mario Lanza, Belafonte [RCA]
Where Are You? Frank Sinatra [Capitol]
Hank's Laments, Hank Williams [MGM]
Max Bygraves, Max Bygraves [Decca]
London Hit Parade, Pat Boone [London]
Lullabies of Broadway, Kirby Stone Four [Philips]
Fordyce, Keith Keith Fordyce passes his opinions on the latest singles
"Light of Love/Sweetheart," Peggy Lee [Capitol]
"Chantilly Lace" / "Purple People Eater Meets Witch Doctor," Big Bopper [Mercury]
"Stella Stella," Marino Marini [Durium]
"My Heart Is an Open Book" / "Careless Hands," Michael Holliday [Columbia]
"Walking Along" / "Eternal Lover," The Diamonds [Mercury]
"High Class Baby" / "My Feet Hit the Ground," Cliff Richard [Columbia]
"Tom Thumb's Tune" / "Goggle Eye Ghee," Charlie Drake [Parlophone]
"Es El Amor" / "Enchiladas," Franchito
"Love Is All We Need" / "Mr. Music Man," Tommy Edwards [MGM]
"Topsy," Cozy Cole [London American]
"Topsy" / "The Hora," Ted Heath [Decca]
"Topsy" / "Cha Cha Rock," Jack Parnell [Parlophone]
"Things I Didn't Say" / "The Girl Next Door," Mal Perry [Fontana]
Evans, Allen LPs
Olde Englyshe, Ted Heath [Decca]
Toni Dalli, Toni Dalli [Columbia]
Star Dust, Pat Boone [London]
Nat "King" Cole Eole, Nat Cole [Capital]
Sing It Again, Jean Campbell, Julie Dawn, Franklyn Boyd, Benny Lee, and The Coronets [Columbia]
Las Vegas Prima Style, Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera, and The Witnesses [Capitol]
Hits from Hollywood, Ronnie Ogden [Camden]
Victor Silvester Plays for Your Party, Victor Silvester [Columbia]
Lester Lanin at the Tiffani Ball, Lester Lanin [Fontana]
Cha-Cha-Cha-Carlos, Don Carlos [Nixa]
NME Top Thirty Pop Records in Britain
1. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards (MGM)
2. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockingham's XI (Decca)
3. "Bird Dog," Everly Brothers (London)
4. "A Certain Smile," Johnny Mathis (Fontana)
5. "More than Ever," Malcolm Vaughn (HMV)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "More than Ever" (Sterling)
2. "A Certain Smile" (Robbins)
3. "Volare" (Robbins)
4. "It's All in the Game" (Blossom)
5. "Trudie" (Henderson)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Tom Dooley," Kingston Trio
2. "It's Only Make Believe," Conway Twitty
3. "Topsy II," Cozy Cole
4. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards
5. "To Know Him Is to Love Him" Teddy Bears
N.A. Hugh (Wyatt Earp) O'Brian Set for 16-Day London Stage Show
Dickie Valentine Leaves Decca
Tommy Said "Conga" and Whole Audience Danced in Aisles
Ted Heath's U.S. Return not Fixed
Sinatra, Belafonte Join Star List
Honour for Stapleton: To Herald the Queen
Tommy Edwards Free to Visit Britain Soon
Major Post for Stanley Black
Roy Castle's First Disc
N.A. Police Car Saved Cliff Richard from Crowds 6-7
N.A. Mike Holliday Signs for "Oh Boy!" Show
Elvis talks of marriage on non-singing album
"6.5 Special" may be axed next month
U.S. Stars Can Delete Themselves from Films
Parnes Will Not Release Wilde
Anka Wants TV Dates
Laurie London's Eastern Project
Delaney Band Stars on BBC Saturday TV
Mike Preston Ends U.S. Tour
Top Band Talent in 'Jamboree'
N.A. The Life-Lines of Nat "King" Cole 8
N.A. Steve Allen: master of all trades 9
Goodwin, Keith Jazz 9
Wedge, Don Cliff Richard makes his variety debut 10
Goodwin, Keith Toni Dalli's triumph 10
Walsh, Peggy Manchester Loves Marini 10
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Jeff Sands, October 2009  
No. 620 28 November 1958  
Cover "Personalities in the Hit Parade: Johnny Mathis, Marino Marini, Connie Francis, Russ Conway, Malcolm Vaughan, Tommy Edwards"
Pictures: Lonnie Donegan, Cliff Richard, Frank Sinatra
Johnson, Derek "[Johnson] phones Brussels for a chat with the globe-trotting Paul Anka" 2
Rogers, Charlotte [Rogers], in Hollywood, goes on the set for a personal interview with-Dean Martin 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review:
Ricky Nelson: "Lonesome Town" / "My Babe" (Imperial)
Sammy Davis: "Song and Dance Man" / "I Ain't Gonna Change (The Way I Feel about You)" (Brunswick)
Buddy Holly: "Heartbeat" / "Well All Right" (Brunswick)
Vic Damone: "Do I Love You?" / "Unafraid" (Columbia)
Lou Busch: "Cool!" / "Street Scene" (Capitol)
Al Saxon: "You're the Top-Cha" / "The Day the Rain Comes" (n.a.)
Peter Sellers: "I'm So Ashamed" / "A Drop of the Hard Stuff" (EMI)
Bobby Helms: "Captain Santa Clause" / "Jingle Bells," (Brunswick)
Bing Crosby: "It's Beginning to Look like Christmas" / "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" (n.a.)
Johnny Mathis: "Winter Wonderland" / "Sleigh Ride" (Fontana)
Gary Crosby: "Judy, Judy" / "Cheatin' on Me" (HMV)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockingham XI (Decca)
2. "It's All in the Game," Tommy Edwards (MGM)
3. "It's Only Make Believe," Conway Twitty (MGM)
4. "A Certain Smile," Johnny Mathis (Fontana)
5. "Come Prima," Marino Marini (Durium)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "More than Ever" (Sterling)
2. "A Certain Smile" (Robbins)
3. "Volare" (Robbins)
4. "It's All in the Game" (Blossom)
5. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
n.a. Leslie MacDonnell Will Support Fresh Variety
Frankie Vaughan to Entertain British Troops in Germany
British Title, British Band, Top the Charts
BBC will relay Eurovision contest
All Stars Invited
Roy Castle, Joan Regan in Film Musical
Mudlarks U.S. Trip Discussed
Josie--Not Anne--Shelton with Benny Hill
Marty Wilde in 'Saturday Club'
Grenadiers to Continue
n.a. Peggy Lee Heads 1959 Invasion of U.S. Stars
Cliff Richard mobbed again: police to rescue
Terry Dene Wants Army 'Booking'
Valentine—Nixa Deal Likely
'Oh, Boy!' recruit
Mike Preston is Home
Top-Rank's U.S. Link Progress Continues
More Cheap EP's
Alma Cogan Set for Major TV's
Tommy Edwards Offered Three Showings Here
Holliday in Holiday Show
Johnson, Derek Only 23 more disc-shopping days until the 25th of the 12th, so here is a guide to the Christmas Records 8
n.a. Life-lines of Eartha Kitt 8
Goodwin, Keith Cha Cha: New Rival to Rock 9
N.A. Big Band Parade in 'Jazz Jamboree' 9
Evans, Allen SCOOP! Elvis Presley Talks (on his latest extended-play) As Sincerely As He Sings 10
Advertising Meet the stars in December 'Hit Parade' 10
  Sam Smith, October 2009  
  Original pages by Oliver Jones, March 1999  
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