New Musical Express | January 1959

No. 625 02 January 1959  
(cover page) Headlines:
"Christmas Day with Tommy Steele & Cliff Richard
"Peter Maurice: A Sensational Instrumental! 'Topsy' Recorded by Cozy Cole, Ted Heath, and Jack Parnell. [&] "As I Love You" recorded by Shirley Bassey on Philips.
"I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time" Recorded by Rosemary June (Pye)
"The Greatest Mistake of My Life" recorded by The Monograms' (Parlophone)
Portraits of :
Connie Francis (for her No. 17 hit "You Always Hurt the One You Love")
Paul Anka (Taken January 22nd)
Kent Walton (with Toni Dalli, Pet Clarke and Alma Cogan on "Cool for Cats) television show.
Little Richard (for album "Baby Face")
Bernard Breeslaw, Edmund Hockridge, and Charlie Drake (from London Palladium)
Leslie Freeman Dickie Brings Festive Fun as Wishee Washee 2
Tony Keniston 1958: Triumphant Year for Teenagers 2
Keith Goodwin Film Musicals Will Strike High Note in 1959 3
Anonymous Eddie Calvert takes oxygen before South African debut 3
Keith Fordyce Platters' smoke-trails from U.S. hit parade 4
Keith Fordyce 'Call me' is the Mathis New Year hope 4
Keith Fordyce Opens the 1959 pop disc bag:
Les Paul and Mary Ford: "Jealous Heart" / "Big Eyed Gal" (Philips)
Jimmy Rodgers: "Bimbombey" / "You Understand Me" (Columbia)
Vic Damone: "Gigi" / "Separate Tables" (Philips)
Billy Eckstein: "Gigi" / "Trust In Me" (Mercury)
Avon Sisters: "Jerri-Lee" / "Baby-O" (Columbia)
Norman Luboff: "Yellow Bird" (Philips)
King Brothers: "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" (from film "Gigi") / "Leaning on a Lamp-post" (George Formby) (Parlophone)
Robert Earl: "The Wonderful Secret of Love" / "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (Philips)
Charles Govey Versatile Hugh O'Brian 4
Colin Graham Carroll's Debut 4
Anonymous Meet the Dee-Jay: Wilfrid Thomas 4
NME Top Thirty
1. "It's Only Make Believe," Conway Twitty (MGM)
2. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockingham's XI (Decca)
3. "Tea for Two Cha Cha," Tommy Dorsey (Brunswick)
4. "Tom Dooley," Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nixa)
5. "Tom Dooley," Kingston Trio (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Tulips from Amsterdam" (Cinephonics)
2. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
3. "Trudie" (Henderson)
4. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chappell)
5. "April Love" (Robbins)
Derek Johnson Death of three Noted Music Personalities: Including disc veteran Oscar Preuss.
Oscar Preuss
Nicholas Brodszky
Reginald Foresythe
Anonymous British Disc Onslaught American Hit Parade: Stapelton, Reg Owen, Edmundo Ros, Mantovani, Chris Barber launch attack!
New JATP — Ella Plan
Max Bygraves Variety
Disc-overies on EMI Label
Sid Phillips' I.O.M. season
Hugh O'Brian Spectacular
'Swing Along' on a 'Night Ride': No Belafonte concerts
Palladium TV Debut for Joni James
Joe Henderson's Friday Series
Joan Savage's U.S. Co-star
Anonymous 'Oh Boy' Captures Shirley Bassey: Donegan Debut
Vocal stars on parade in top summer shows
Rush Release of Presley's Twin Hit
Mantovani declines Vaughan's Film
Dinah Shore Leaves RCA
'On the Air': Another Como holiday show
Cliff Richard's Extra Concerts
Armstrong's Fortnight
Raymond Mackender How Two Famous Stars Spent Christmas: Tommy Steele : Cliff Richard 8
David Sampson Joan Reagan and Nitwits Sace 'Cinderella 8
Anonymous Life-Line of Russ Conway 8
Leslie Freeman A Plot without Marty Wilde 8
Nat Hentoff Nat Hentoff's American Airmail
"The Price of Fame!"
"DJ Names Top Singers"
Don Wedge Introducing the new BBC-TV 'Dig This' 8
Readers Letters to NME 8
Barbara Watson Ronnie Hilton 8
Dennis George Vigorous Whitfield 8
Dennis George Likeable Lots 8
Keith Goodwin Jazz 8
Derek Johnson '6.5 Special' comes to the end of the line 9
NME 'Top the Pops' for 1958
1. Elvis Presley — 1298 (votes)
2. Connie Francis — 1199
3. Pat Boone — 1168
4. Perry Como — 1088
5. Everly Brothers - 977
Tony Keniston 'Baby Face' Chances with Little Richard's Treatment 9
Peggy Walsh Marry 'Arrested' By Mudlarks 9
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 10
Allan Kassell Pantomime Round Up! 11
Alan Haydock Laurie & Edna  
George Harrison All about Eve
Sisters! Lita and Alma
  Steven Jacobs, Spring 2010  
No. 626 9 January 1959  
(cover page) From the top of the American Hit Parade [Jimmy Rodgers "Bimbombey", The Playmates "Beep Beep"]
Destined for the British Hit Parade [Alma Cogan sings "Mama Says"]
Derek Johnson Missing from the Sellers 2
n.a. A Star Speaks [Bobby Darin] 2
n.a. Personal Glimpse of Ricky Nelson 2
n.a. Who's Where 2
n.a. AFN Highlights 2
n.a. Radio Luxembourg 2
Roger Clive Kemp 'I do new things to keep myself fresh,' says Frankie Vaughan 3
Tony Keniston Welcome to Joni James and Dorothy Collins 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Reviews
Elvis Presley, "One Night," "I Got Stung" / "King Creole" (RCA)
Ronnie Hilton, "Gigi" / "Keep Your Kisses" (HMV)
Jackie Rae, "Day by Day" / "Take a Deep Breath" (Fontana)
Winifred Atwell, "Boy on a Carousel" / "Lovely Piano" (Decca)
Rosemary June, "I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time" / "Always a Bridesmaid" (Pye International)
Georges Jouvin, "The Day the Rains Came" / "The History of Love" (HMV)
Pat Boone, "I'll Remember Tonight" / "Mardi Gras March" (London American)
Sy Oliver, "Mardi Gras March" / "In a Little Spanish Town Cha Cha" (Jubilee)
Jerry Lee Lewis, "High School Confidential" / "Fools Like Me" (London American)
Louis Armstrong, "Mardi Gras March" / "I Love Jazz" (Brunswick)
C.F. Scarratt III, "Two Innocent Lovers" / "Lovemobile" (Felsted)
Bing Crosby, "Gigi" / "The Next Time It Happens" (Brunswick)
Paul Anka, "That's Love" / "All of a Sudden My Heart Sings" (Columbia)
Adele Leigh, "Voi Che Sapete" / "O My Beloved Father" (Philips)
Tony Brent, "I Surrender Dear" / "Call Me" (Columbia)
NME Top Thirty
1. "It's Only Make Believe," Conway Twitty (MGM)
2. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockingham's XI (Decca)
3. "Tom Dooley," Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nixa)
4. "Tea For Two Cha-Cha," Tommy Dorsey (Brunswick)
5. "The Day The Rains Came," Jane Morgan (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "More Than Ever" (Sterling)
2. "It's Only Make Believe" (F.D. & H.)
3. "A Certain Smile" (Robbins)
4. "The Day the Rains Came" (John Fields)
5. "Hoots Mon" (Southern)
n.a. Great poll-winners concert on Sunday
Leaves music firm after 31 years
Basie's new date
Lewis band's welcome
Show Biz XI TV dates
Supplement special next week
Eurovision song contest
New film role for Mathis
Luboff to pick choir for LPs
More travel plans for Frankie Vaughan
Pet Clark, Hockridge
American break for Mudlarks
Reg Owen gets U.S. offer
Terry Dene becomes Private Williams
'Cool for Cats' mystery
Lonnie Donegan's first TV series & variety package
Michael Holliday to make extensive tour
n.a. Connie Francis here next month: Johnny Ray, Boone, Jimmy Rodgers, Paul Anka and many U.S. stars coming 6, 7
n.a. Cliff Richard signs for 30 weeks at huge salary
Top stars for 'Top Numbers"
BBC-TV drop Sunday telerecordings
Drifters drift into solo act
Jodie Sands, Frankie Avalon booked for TV shows here
Extra 208 series for Jackson
Shirley, Malcolm West End revue?
Chris Barber's U.S. plans
Heath airing saved by former stars
Derek Johnson Champion for consistency — Malcolm Vaughan! 8
Keith Goodwin Road crash led to Reg's success 8
Nat Hentoff American column 8
Bob Huggan Jackie Dennis becomes 'peacemaker' 8
Don Wedge A Lovely Savage 8
n.a. Teddy Johnson, Pearl Carr in new series 8
n.a. Disc stars on Northern TV 8
n.a. Life-lines of Ronnie Hilton 9
Derek Johnson LPs [from YOU to US] 9
David Simpson Steve Lawrence looks as good as he sounds 10
n.a. Frank Sinatra talks about other singers 10
Andy Gray Birdie Gallagher: 'The Girl from Donegal' 10
n.a. Gay goings on in 'Dig This' 10
Derek Johnson Meet the dee-jay [Dick Clark] 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat" Tail pieces: This tip was a good one 12
Keith Goodwin Jazz 12
  Mike Lattari, Spring 2010  
No. 627 16 January 1959  
(cover page) Britain 's Smash Hit from America … Reg Owen's "Manhattan Spiritual" 1
Hentoff, Nat Belafonte tells why he chose the BBC 2
Sampson, David Elvis' discs never get dusty! 3
McCluskey, Bob Sinatra talks of his future 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews: Rock Plus Rachmaninoff Is Neil Sedaka's Hit Mixture 4
Hentoff, Nat Not What Doctor Ordered 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review
Barry Barnett: "The Diary" / "Only a Memory" (HMV)
Andy Williams: "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" / "House of Bamboo" (London)
Five Dallas Boys: "Gigi" / "The Mocking Bird" (Columbia)
Eydie Gorme: "Separate Tables" / "The Voice in My Heart" (ABC- Paramount)
Marie Adams: "A Fool in Love" / "What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes at Me for"(Capitol)
Hewett Sisters: "Jerri-Lee" / "Baby-O" (His Master's Voice)
Kaye Sisters: "Jerri-Lee" / "Deeply Devoted" (Philips)
Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine: "No Limit" / "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (Mercury)
Inia Te Wiata: "Yellow Bird" / "The Twelfth of Never"(HMW)
Patti Page: "Trust in Me" / "Under the Sun Valley Moon" (Mercury)
Frankie Avalon: "What Little Girl" / "I'll Wait for You" (Chancellor)
Diahann Carroll: "The Big Country" / "Guiding Light" (United Artists)
N.A. Ron Goodwin "Out Of This World"(Capitol) 5
NME Top Thirty
1. "It's Only Make Believe," Conway Twitty (MGM)
2. "The Day the Rains Came," Jane Morgan (London)
3. "Hoots Mon," Lord Rockingham's X1 (Decca)
4. "Tom Dooley," Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nixa)
5. "To Know Him Is to Love Him," Teddy Bears (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "More than Ever" (Sterling)
2. "The Day the Rains Came" (John Fields)
3. "It's Only Make Believe" (F.D. & H.)
4. "A Certain Smile" (Robbins)
5. "The World Outside" (Keith Prowse)
6. "Mandolins In The Moonlight" (Yale)
7. "Hoots Mon" (Southern)
8. "It's All in the Game" (Blossom)
9. "Someday" (Duchess)
10. "Tom Dooley" (Essex)
11. "Trudie" (Henderson)
12. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
13. "Love Makes the World Go Round" (Chappell)
14. "Tom Dooley" (Ardmere & Beechwood)
15. "Carolina Moon" (Lawrence Wright)
16. "To Know Him Is to Love Him" (Bourne)
17. "Real Love" (Progressive)
18. "Tea for Two Cha-Cha" (Chappell)
19. "You Need Hands" (Lakeview)
20. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me" (Lakeview)
21. "Volare" (Robbins)
22. "My Ukelele" (Lakeview)
23. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
24. "Mary's Boy Child" (Bourne)
25. "You Always Hurt The One You Love" (Pickwick)
26. "High Class Baby" (Kalith)
27. "Chantilly Lace" (Southern)
28. "On the Street Where You Live" (Chappell)
29. "Come On, Let's Go" (Essex)
30. "I Could Have Danced All Night" (Chappell)
31. "Tonight" (Chappell)
N.A. Frankie's new song may alter film title
Stapleton and Owen Meet Before Cameras
Mitch Miller releases Shirley Bassey in U.S.
David Whitfield Stage Dates Are Revealed
Ames Bros. Here for Palladium TV
Two more 'Top Numbers' Stars
Loss, Preager voted tops
Dene's call-up eve TV show
Holliday's Tour
Cabaret waxed
'Cool for Cats' not to end long run
Steve Allen may present Mudlarks on U.S. TV
Hugh O'Brian May Film Here
208 Series for King Bros.
Chris Barber's tour plans
Armstrong Opens in London Next Month
Morecambe plan for Ruby Murray
Billy Working Like Fury
N.A. Frankie Vaughan Palladium variety debut fixed: Donegan co-stars in six weeks' season 6, 11
N.A. Return Visit
Kingstons, Clooney with Perry Como
Johnson, Derek Newcomers of today are stars of tomorrow (special insert) 7-10
  The Michael Sammes Singers 7
  Saxon, Price, Rosemary June, Sedaka, Perry, Wainer, Preston, Taylor, Valens and Fury big names of the future? 8, 9
  Three sets of sisters 10
N.A. Alma Cogan Joins Hugh O'Brian Show
Russ Conway for Stage
They're Off
Fontana Sign 'Dig This!' Miller
Moss Empires chief invites stars here
Joni James gets big support cast
British band discs win high U.S. ratings
Everly Brothers Big Day in Britain: TV, Radio and Press Reception
First issues of Top-Rank U.S. releases
Music stars from Granada TV
April in Spain for Ted Heath
Anka, Calvert flying here for big TV show
Sinatra sought for British film
Wynn, James The Greatest Pollwinners' Concert Ever! 12
Wynn, James Lively Alma 12
Wynn, James Gay Mudlarks 12
N.A. Norman Luboff on the Concert 13
Henderson, Dickie Dickie Henderson writes about his co-star in Las Vegas-Jane Morgan 13
Keniston, Tony Pat Boone sent Tony Keniston his startling book and invited him to comment 14
Keniston, Tony A cow helped Pat to think! [Pat Boone's new book, "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" 14
Anka, Paul Paul Anka writes 'Can't wait to be back in Britain with you' 14
N.A. Rabin Agency
Joe Loss Entertainments Ltd.
Gerald Cohen
Alfred Preager Organisation Ltd.
Tito Burns Agency
Personal Appearances Ltd.
Johnnie Gray Agency
N.A. Meet Frankie Laine 15
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Rodgers and Hammerstein "Cinderella"(Columbia)
Ray Conniff "'S Awfully Nice" (Columbia)
Johnny Mathias "Swing Softly" (Columbia)
  Lauren Madden, Spring 2010  
No. 628 23 January 1959  
(cover page)   1
Johnson, Derek The girls are back again. [Female singers at top of male-dominated charts] 2
Gray, Andy Weekend with the Everly Brothers [Hectic weekend leading up to appearance on "Cool for Cats".] 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review:
The Everly's: "Problems" / "Love of My Life" (London)
Lord Rockingham: "Wee Tom" / "Lady Rockingham, I Presume?" (Decca)
David Whitfield: "Willingly" / "William Tell"
Rikki Price: "Honey, Honey"/ "The Very Thought of You" (Fantana)
Al Read: "That's Life" / "Our Maggie's Going to Get Married" (HMV)
Tennessee Ernie Ford: "Glad Rags" / "Sleepin' at the Foot of the Bed" (Capitol)
Cliff Richard: "Livin' Lovin' Doll" / "Steady with You" (Columbia)
Ames Brothers: "Red River Rose" / "When the Summer Comes Again" (RCA)
Terry Dene: "Bimbombey" / "I've Got a Good Thing Going"
Joni James: "I'm Sorry for You My Friend" / "There Must Be a Way" (MGM)
Evans, Allen LPs:
Billie Holiday with Ray Ellis, Lady in Satin (Fontana)
Ido Martin, Ido Martin: Cha Cha Cha (Saga)
Guy Luppaerts, Tribute to Charles Trenet (Saga)
Leslie Jones, Tribute to Robert Farnon (Nixa)
Elsa Wells, Learn to Dance (Conquest)
Bridie Gallagher, The girl from Donegal (Beltona)
Gary Crosby, Gary Crosby
Lonnie Donegan, Gary Miller, Petula Clark, Bill Shepherd, Petula Clark, Bill Shepherd, Collin Hicks, Lita Roza, Joe Henderson, Edmond Hockridge, Hit Parade of 1958 (Nixa)
Bob Sharples, I Remember Capri (Decca)
NME Top Thirty:
1. "The Day the Rains Came," Jane Morgan (London)
2. "Baby Face," Little Richard (London)
3. "One Night / I Got Stung," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "To Know Him Is to Love Him," Teddy Bears (London)
5. "It's Only Make Believe," Conway Twitty (MGM)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "The Day the Rains Came" (John Fields)
2. "The World Outside" (Keith Prowse)
3. "It's Only Make Believe" (F.D. & H.)
4. "More than Ever" (Sterling)
5. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters
2. "My Happiness," Connie Francis
3. "The Chipmunk Song," David Seville & the Chipmunks
4. "Donna," Ritchie Valens
5. "Sixteen Candles," Crests
n.a. The greatest magazine ever — Devoted entirely to Cliff Richard
Eve Boswell quits 'Top Numbers' Show
Barber LPs on two labels in America
Dickie Valentine to give throat a holiday [Two weeks rest to heal throat trouble]
Everlys, Andy Williams, Chordettes on light [Three leading U.S. recording attractions star in BBC Light Programme "Scoop"]
Grade, Leslie Johnny mathis visit plan. Nat Cole tour in Autumn. Tab hunter for ATV Show.[Nat Cole's autumnal tour/ Johnny Mathis' visit/ Tab Hunter covers major ATV dates.]
Shirley Bassey to star in West End
New TV panel game about discs
Lord Rockingham's XI in top revue? [Lord Rockingham's XI is basis for ABC-TV's "Oh Boy!".]
n.a. Cliff Richard's first album a tribute to rock 'n' rollers [Cliff Richard pays tribute to six famous rock 'n' roll personalities]
'My Fair Lady' LP to be 3D
Anka sang all night in Paris
Long far East tour for Lita
Owen, Stapleton, Barber improve on U.S. sales
You may be able to 'Dig This!' on radio as well [Teenage show 'Dig This!' to be on radio]
Scarborough rebooks Stapleton
Eddie Calvert waxed LP in South Africa [returns from South Africa 30 hours late]
Fame for New Vocalists [Lou Preager's 'Find The Singer' returns to TV]
Jack 'Oh Boy' Good seeks American rockers
Johnson, Derek Vocal groups come and go, but The Platters keep spinning out new hits 8
Goodwin, Keith 'I didn't play on my hit record' [Chris Barber didn't play one note on the hit record "Petite Fleur"] 9
Mackender, Ray Cliff Richard's new flat [Cliff Richard's refreshing naturalness in light of his jet-speed rise to fame] 10
n.a. Stars at the Savoy [London's Savoy Hotel a show-case of stars] 12
Charlton, Bruce Big Bopper has last laugh! [The Big Bopper does well in the charts despite ridiculous name] 12
  Sam McKenney, Spring 2010  
No. 629 30 January 1959  
(cover page) Lonnie Donegan, Frankie Vaughan, Johnny Ray 1
Johnson, Derek The title of the song comes first, next the lyrics, then the tune- that's how Nat 'King' Cole picks his winning numbers 3
Keniston, Tony 'Oh Boy!' It's Noisy! 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews. Pops Page salutes Malcolm Vaughan [the singer who can't keep out of the sellers]
Kevin Scott: "Wait for Me" / "Love of My Life" (Parlophone)
Conway Twitty: "The Story Of My Life" / "Make Me Know You're Mine" (MGM)
Tony Dalli: "The Gypsies" / "Monte Carlo" (Columbia)
Lloyd Price: "Stagger Lee" / "Má" (HMV)
Peggy Lee: "Alright, Okay, You Win" / "Fever" (Capitol)
Andy and the Bey Sisters: "Pretty Baby" / "Sweeter than Sweet" (Fontana)
Eddie Calvert: "Angelina" / "Let the Great Big World Keep Turning" (Columbia)
The Mudlarks: "The Love Game" / "Abdul the Bulbul Amer" (Columbia)
The Kingston Trio: "Sally Don't You Grieve" / "Raspberries, Strawberries" (Capitol)
Evans, Alan LPs
Jane Morgan: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Parlophone)
Chrysanthemum (Soundtrack) (Nixa)
Various Artist: Top Pop Club
Evans, Alan EPs
Ruth Olay: Olay (Mercury)
Dorita and Pepe: Dorita and Pepe (Saga)
Teresa Brewer: Hula Hoop Time (Coral)
Hildegarde Neff: Hildegarde Neff (Continental)
Robb Stewart: Chrysanthemum (Nixa)
Monty: Mantovani Magic (Decca)
The Pharoahs: The Pharoahs (Decca)
Roy Guest, Steve Benbow and the Folk Four: Roy Guest, Steve Benbow and the Folk Four (Saga)
Percy Faith: Viva! (Philips)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
Top Thirty
1. "One Night" / "I Got Stung," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "To Know Him Is to Love Him," Teddy Bears (London)
3. "Baby Face," Little Richard (London)
4. "The Day the Rains Came," Jane Morgan (London)
5. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
Top Thirty
1. "The Day the Rains Came," (John Fields)
2. "The World Outside," (Keith Prowse)
3. "As I Love You," (Macmelodies)
4. "It's Only Make Believe," (F.D. & H.)
5. "A Certain Smile," (Robbins)
N/A Connie Francis, Johnnie Ray bill-toppers at the Palace
Cliff Richard- Paul Anka as the third Attraction?
Marty Wilde captures dramatic part in film
Ted Heath to visit Jersey
Les Paul, Mary Ford variety tour here
Mike Holliday series extended
Tony Brent going back to India
Billy Vaughn for Britain
Elvis Tells His Secrets
British bandleaders climbing in U.S.
Frankie Vaughan Signs for June New York Date
208 D-J Changes
Ros Venture
Kay to Star(r) with Perry
Max Bygraves to meet the Queen Mother
Cliff Richard Magazine creates terrific demand
Higher priced LPs on here in spring
Star Soccer Fixtures
Johnson, Derek The Girls in the Hit Parade: Jane Morgan, Shirley Bassey, Alma Cogan, Connie Francis, Rosemary June, and Joni James 7-8
Govey, Charles Vera Lynn's 25 Wonderful Years in Business 9-10
N/A British Musicians, Disc Men, Composers to be Honored by new Connie Francis LP
Marino Marini Granada Tour
Top Rank's first disc is out
Pete Clark to Rescue
Lonnie Donegan Summer Season Rumor
Shirley Back with Jack
Strong 'S.C.' Bill
Extended 'Oh Boy!' will make third start
AR-TV build up next '1959' cast
Vaughan Touring Music Halls
More stars guest with Mantovani
N/A It was a great life, Ted! 12
Mason, Glen The Cutter Song Fit Perfectly 13
Keniston, Tony Frankie Vaughan gets his moonlight in the morning show 14
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
  Rebecca Meyer, Spring 2010  
  Originally compiled by Oliver Jones, 1999  
  grtedit 26 July, 2016