New Musical Express | March 1959

No. 634 6 March 1959  
(cover page) The New Musical Express
Jane Morgan's "If I Could Live Again," Billy Fury's "Maybe Tomorrow," The Barry Sisters "Little Boy Blue"
Vera Lynn "Walk with Faith in Your Heart"
Appointment of Noel Rogers as Managing Director of Dominion Music, removal of offices
Billy Williams' sensational vocal on "Nola"
N.A Winifred Gets Another "Other" Piano 2
Wedge, Don The Capitol Show, presented by Ray Orchard on Radio Luxembourg
Malcolm Vaughan Hit
NME AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg, Full Programmes
Who's Where (Week commencing March 9)
Johnson, Derek Ray is the ever-welcome visitor! 3
n.a. Johnnie Ray Sends a Personal Message to NME Readers 3
n.a. Robert Earl's Winner, The Wonderful Secret of Love, Coupled with The Boulevard of Broken Dreams 3
Phillips Stardiscs 3
Evans, Allan EP Reviews:
Tommy Dorsey [RCA]
Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme [Coral]
Jackie Wilson [Coral]
West Side Story [HMV]
Edmundo Ros, Ros on Broadway
The Poni-tails [HMV]
The Playmates [Columbia]
Ted Heath [Decca]
The King Brothers and Rita Williams Singers, That's Entertainment [Parlophone]
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed:
Tommy Steele, "The Trial" / "Hiawatha" (Decca)
Ricky Nelson, "It's Late" / "Never Be Anyone Else but You" (London American)
Frankie Avalon, "Venus" / "I'm Broke" (HMV)
Fats Domino, "When the Saints Go Marching In" / "Telling Lies" (London American)
Tommy Leonetti, "Moonlight Serenade" / "Dream Lover" (RCA)
Robert Merrill, "Gigi" / "A Toujours" (RCA)
Marino Marini, "Piove" / "Avevamo la Stessa Eta" / "Io Sono Il Vento/Li Per Li" (Durium)
Satellites, "Regimental Rock" / "Swingin Sporrans" (Saga)
Knightsbridge Brass, "Io Sono Il Vento" / "Italian Blu" (Top Rank)
Bernard Bresslaw, "The Teenager's Lament" / "Charlie Brown" (HMV)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews:
Louis Prima with the Witnesses, Strictly Prima [Capitol]
Louis Armstrong, Louis under the Stars [HMV]
The Kingston Trio, The Kingston Trio [Capitol]
Sarah Vaughan, After Hours at the London House [Mercury]
Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, Chopin by Starlight, Starlight Corale, Fiesta, Strauss Waltzes [Capitol]
Burl Ives, Wayfaring Stranger [Phillips]
Various Artists, Cuban Panorama [Capitol]
Tommy Kinsman, By Request [Fontana]
n.a. The King Brothers on Radio Luxembourg
Domenico Modugno, "Ciao, Ciao, Bambina (Piove)" [Oriole]
Goodwin, Keith Review: Jazz
The original record of Chuck Miller, singing "The Auctioneer"
n.a. Record Dealer's Directory
Nelson's Theatre and Travel Agency
NME Top Thirty
1. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Phillips)
2. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
3. "A Pub with No Beer," Slim Dusty (Columbia)
4. "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour?," Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nixa)
5. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me," (Shirley Bassey (Phillips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "As I Love You," (Macmelodies)
2. "A Pub with No Beer," (Good Music)
3. "Side Saddle," (Mills Music)
4. "The World Outside," (Keith Prowse)
5. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me," (Lakeview)
EMI EMI Top Hits
Marty Robbins, "The Hanging Tree"
Decca Max Bygraves, "I Love to Play My Ukelele"
LP of the Week, Patty Page, Let's Get Away from It All
Vera Lynn, Walk with Faith in Your Heart (Decca)
Annette and the Afterbeats, "Tall Paul"
N.A. Chris Barber's U.S. TV Honour before Thirty Million Viewers! [Ed Sullivan]
Donegan's Yarmouth Season and TV Plans
Two companies selling the same recording!
Life was a song... Mack Gordon's Death
Star Names Make Star News
Alma Cogan One-Nighters
Charity Concert Date
Ronnie Caroll, Personal Manager
Arthur Howes One Night Stands
Shirley Bassey and Manager Sue Each Other
Intensive Plans for Michael Holliday
Co-star for Lotis
Lonnie and Johnnie "Double Supplement"
Joe at Bridlington
Carmen McRae Palladium TV
Henderson, Bygraves Win Song, "Ivors"
  Marino—"Oh Boy!"
Monte Carlo debut after New York
Some Records Much Cheaper
Rockingham 'Peace' Pact?
Disc stars in Paul Anka film
Hentoff, Nat Late American News Cabled 7
N.A. Billy Daniels Here March 16: surprise tour plans
Extra Venues for Herman
U.S. Singers for 'Chelsea'
Summer at Southsea
Berlin Leaves Fosters: new star agency
Johnnie Ray Arrives this Sunday Morning
Marty Wilde as film 'Bongo'
Cliff Richard: April Dates
Shirley Jones here next week as Max Bygraves co-star
Johnnie Ray, "When is Your Birthday Baby?"
Connie Francis Chooses 14 All-British Tunes for LP
Wood, Randy Important Visitors to London... U.S. Bandleader Hits Continental Jackpot [Billy Vaughan, Randy Wood] 8
n.a. This Month's Top Ten Pops:
"Stagger Lee"
"Wait for Me"
"Apple Blossom Time"
"Livin' Lovin' Doll"
"Manhattan Spiritual"
"High School Confidential"
"Little Drummer Boy"
"My Heart Sings"
"Sixteen Candles"
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 8
Keniston, Tony Review: Wasted talent [film: High School Confidential] 8
N.A. Billy Fury Scores a Double Success 9
N.A. Life-lines of Tony Osborne 9
n.a. From You to Us 9
Goodwin, Keith Review: Louis Conquers Again
Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars, Davis Theatre
Jazz Saturday, Royal Albert Hall
Vocal Directory
Cliff Richard Magazine on Sale
Name Band Directory
Johnson, Derek These British Artists Were Also Best Sellers in America [Frank Chacksfield, Gracie Fields, David Whitfield, Vera Lynn, Eddie Calvert, Anne Shelton, Lonnie Donegan, Laurie London] 10
N.A. Marino Marini Quartet Move On 10
N.A. Richard Adler Sings His Own Songs 10
N.A. Arlene Fontana, "I'm in Love" b/w "Easy"
The Philadelphia Banjo Players, "Open the Window of Your Heart" b/w "The Lamppost Song"
Festival of Dance Music, 1959
N.A. Agents Directory
'65 Stars of 6.5 Special'
'24 Star Portrait Calendar'
March Issue of Hit Parade now on sale
The Paul Anka Story
Doc Hunt for Drums
N.A. Songs in the Oscar Race 12
N.A. Roberto Cardinali, "Mama Cara Mama"
A New Tommy Steele Hit Song, "Hiawatha"
Adverts Bron's Current Pop Orchestrations, New Arrivals
The 'Rock' Suit—Jacket and Jeans in true American cut
NME A Star Speaks: Johnnie Mathis 12
NME Review: Vocal Sensations in London 12
Goodwin, Keith Three great records: Rocka-Conga; Sermonette; Mighty, Mighty Man 12
  Caroline Scherer, Spring 2010  
No. 635 13 March 1959  
(cover page) "Top Rank" — (Record Label promoting release of new American and British Artists) 1
N.A. "Johnnie Ra(y)diant!" [performance review] 2
N.A. "Oh Boy — IT's MARVELVIS! The Luck Ring with the Elvis Presley Photo" 2
N.A. "Royal Festival Hall — Semprini and George Melachrino" 2
N.A. "Ken Mackintosh His Saxophone & Orchestra" 2
Sampson, David "Max's co-star arrives and goes to sleep!" [Shirley Jones] 3
N.A. "Hear the King Brothers on Radio Luxembourg Sunday nights at 7.30" 3
N.A. "Harold Davison presents Farewell Appearance of Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars. Gaumont State: Kilburn" 3
N.A. LP Reviews:
Bud Shank: The Swing's to T.V.
George Wright Play: the Mighty Wurlitzer
Fordyce, Keith Reviews
Petula Clark, "Suddenly" / "Watch You Heart" (Nixa)
Coasters, "Charlie Brown" / "Three Cool Cats" (London)
Max Bygraves, "Napoli Napoli" / "Old Times Square" (Decca)
Paul & Ford, "All I Need Is You" / "At the Save-a-Penny Super Store" (Philips)
Arlyne Tye, "The Universe" / "Who Is the One" (London)
Tommy Dorsey, "Dinah Cha Cha" / "I Still Get Jealous Cha Cha" (Brunswick)
Roger Williams, "The Key to The Kingdom" / "Dearer than Dear" (London)
Vera Lynn, "Walk with Faith in Your Heart" / "The Glory of Love" (Decca)
Gary Miller, "The Rail Road Song" / "Jezebel" (Nixa)
Ronnie Carroll, "Walk with Faith in Your Heart" / "Sweet Music" (Philips)
Evans, Allen EPs
Kayes at Colony, The Kaye Sisters [Philips]
Lady Is a Square, — Frankie Vaughan [Philips]
Pat Boone Sings Songs from "Mardi Gras," [London]
That Crazy Quartet, Marino Marini [Durium]
Do I Love You?, Vic Damone [Philips]
Blues by Bassey, Shirley Bassey [Philips]
There Goes My Heart, Johnny Mathis [Fontana]
Hits for Six, Ian Stewart [Fontana]
Sophisticated Lady, Manny Albam [Coral]
Advert Domenico Modugno. "Ciao Ciao Bambina" (Piove). The Prize-Winning Song From the 1959 San Remo Song Festival" [Oriole] 4
Advert No. 4 In The American Hit Parade. "It's Just a Matter of Time." Recorded by Brook Benton on Mercury 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Sonny Knight, "But Officer" / "Dear Wonderful God" [Vogue]
Gene and Eunice, "Bom Bom Lulu" / "HI Diddle Diddle" [Vogue]
Thurston Harris, "Purple Stew" / "I Hear a Rhapsody" [Vogue]
Shirley and Lee, "A Little Word" / "That's What I'll Do" [Vogue]
Earl Cadillac, "Marchard de Poissons" / "Tremendo Cha Cha Cha" [Vogue]
Sidney Bechet, "Petite Fleur" / "Dans les Rues d'Antibes" [Vogue]
N.A. Another hit! Ronnie Carroll. Walk with faith in your heart. [Philips] 5
N.A. David Seville and The Chipmunks Alvin's Harmonica. Pat Boone With the wind and the rain in your hair. [London] 5
N.A. L.P. of the week. Eydie in Love. [E.M.I.] 5
N.A. Our love and special thanks to all who helped our little drummer boy to achieve such exciting results - Beverley Sisters. [Decca] 5
EMI Top Hits
Bernard Bresslaw, "Charlie Brown" (H.M.V)
Eddie Calvert, "Angelina" (Columbia)
Tommy Edwards, "Please Mr. Sun" (MGM)
Connie Francis, "My Happiness" (MGM)
Joe Gordon, "Gotta Travel On" (H.M.V.)
Joe Medlin "I Kneel at Your Throne" (Mercury)
NME Top Thirty
1. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
2. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
3. "A Pub with No Beer," Slim Dusty (Colombia)
4. "Sidesaddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
5. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye-Nixa)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
2. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
3. "A Pub with No Beer" (Good Music)
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Sterling)
5. "The Little Drummer Boy" (Bregman, Voco & Conn)
N.A. British Stars Triumph in U.S.
Chris Barber wows Sullivan viewers...
Max Bygraves wins Como fans [guest appearance on America TV show]
Pearl, Teddy Sang British Tune To Second Place [Britain's entry into Eurovision Song Contest at Cannes]
Bandleaders' revelations shock British disc chief
One word bans song [record "Charlie Brown" by The Coasters]
Max and Ted Make LP [Max Bygraves and Ted Heath make Decca recording]
Dors, Fury, Mudds in concerts
Marion Ryan's Unique TV pact [contract with Granada TV]
N.A. The Great Hits of Lonnie Donegan. His Latest Record! "Relax with Lonnie" [PYE] 7
N.A. Lonnie's NME Hit Score
"Rock Island Line," no.8
"Lost John/Stewball," no.2
Skiffle Session EP," no.20
"Bring a Little Water Sylvia" / "Dead or Alive," no.7
Lonnie Donegan Showcase LP, no. 26
N.A. Congratulations Lonnie on your great success with "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour" 8
N.A. When Lonnie was one of the band [Chris Barber's band] 8
Smith, Herbert Quotes-from 'Backroom Boys' 8
N.A. Looking forward to seeing you at the Palace Theatre LONNIE 8
N.A. Donegan Highlights 8
N.A. Quotes — from TV Stars 8
N.A. Johnnie's NME Hit Score
"Walkin' My Baby Back Home," No.12
"Faith Can Move Mountains," No.9
"Ma Says, Pa Says" (with Doris Day), No.12
"Let's Walk that A-way" (with Doris Day), No.6
"Such a Night," No.1
N.A. Johnnie's Latest & Greatest! When Is Your Birthday Baby? [Philips] 9
N.A. Johnnie Ray's Til Morning, Great new LP [Philips] 9
N.A. Palace Theatre. Bernard Delfont's All-Star Variety Season. Until March 21 only Johnnie Ray. Plus! Gigantic stage Presentation.
Lonnie Donegan Alma Cogan & All-Star Show
Johnson, Derek Palmst Amazed 'Cry Guy' [Johnnie Ray' palm reading] 10
N.A. Join Now! The Official Johnnie Ray fan club 10
N.A. Beverly Sisters have big TV comeback plan
Dave's Guests: Ronnie, Shani [Ronnie Carroll and Shani Wakis on "The Dave King Show"]
Palace Variety Season Cut Short: Dennis Lotis Show Opening in May.
Mel Torme joins Anka film cast
Pop stars' stage dates announced [Alma Cogan]
Billy Daniel's variety tour confirmed
Cut Tax Call [case against purchase tax on gramophone records]
U.S. Tour ["Jazz at the Philarmonic" - Ella Fitzgerald, the Oscar Petersen Trio, Stan Getz, and Roy Eldridge come to Britain]
Top Pop Club International Top Ten Pops — From Top Pop Club
"Stagger Lee"
"Wait for Me"
"Apple Blossom Time"
"Livin' Lovin Doll"
Hentoff, Nat Voice coach praises Marilyn Monroe 12
Hentoff, Nat Publicity Helped Tommy [Tommy Leonetti] 12
Hentoff, Nat 'Mardi Gras' girl's big break [Barrie Chase] 12
Holland, Bruce I saw Buddy, Bopper and Ritchie off on the plane [death by plane] 12
Photoplay Tommy Steele Hypnotist! 13
Johnson, Derek Music has changed a great deal 14
N.A. Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra. Still more music by starlight ...[Capital] 14
N.A. Only Limited Number left! 24 Star Portrait Calendar. 15
N.A. Now on Sale. The March issue of Hit Parade. The great monthly magazine for all followers of disc stars and dance music enthusiasts. 15
N.A. The Paul Anka Story 15
N.A. Special Offer! Back Numbers Of 'Hit Parade' 15
N.A. "I Kneel At Your Throne" recorded by Jimmy Lloyd (Philips) and Joe Medlin (Mercury) 16
N.A. No. 20 Best Record Seller! 'C'Mon Everybody' recorded by Eddie Cochran on London 16
N.A. Another Hit for the Poni-Tails. Early To Bed. Recorded on HMV 16
N.A. Now No. 13 Best Selling Record! Buddy Holly sings. It Doesn't Matter Any More. Monarch Music LTD. 16
N.A. Pick of the week! The Reprieve of Tom Dolley. Recorded on Oriole records by Russ Hamilton. 16
The Alley cat Tail-Pieces: Clooney, Rosemary [artist review] 16
N.A. Two Hit Showcases 16
N.A. Life-lines of Dickie Valentine 16
  Danny Schwartz, Spring 2010  
No. 636 20 March 1959  
Cover Page Tommy Steele: "I Haven't Changed"
The New British Hit: "Suddenly" recorded by Petula Clark on PYE-NIXA
PYE International — Arlene Fontana "I'm in Love" b/w "Easy"
Wedge, Don Even though He's Starring in the West End Now — Tommy Steele Hasn't Changed a Bit! 2
N.A. New disc singer had 25 jobs — but was only fired twice! [Profile on Kevin Scott]  
N.A. Who said this about...Frank and Bing? Did You Guess Right? [Dean Martin says that Frank Sinatra is hard-working and generous. He says Bing Crosby is hard-working as well.] 2
N.A Who's Where? (Week of March 23):
Tommy Steele, Yana — London Coliseum
Dickie Henderson, Suzi Miller — Brighton Hippodrome
Robert Wilson — Edinburgh Empire
Ruby Murray, Audrey Jeann - Glasgow Empire
Sampson, David Slim Dusty Hitched His Future to a Guitar
Chris Barber nearly left out of TV show
Goodwin, Keith Lloyd Price Staggers All 3
Dickie Valentine A Star Speaks: Dickie Valentine 3
Fordyce, Keith On Singles
Frank Sinatra: "Time after Time" / "French Foreign Legion" (Capitol)
Little Richard: "Early One Morning" / "Baby Face"/ "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" (London)
Gene Vincent: "Over the Rainbow" / "Who's Pushin' Your Swing (Capitol)
Bobby Helms: "Miss Memory" / "New River Train" (Brunswick)
Mike and Bernie Winters: "Your Own Home Town" / "For Me and My Girl" (Parlophone)
Angry Young Men: "Big Daddy" / "Ciribiribin" (Fontana)
Donna Douglas: "Come Home to Loch Lomond" / "First Anniversary" (Fontana)
Ted Heath: "Sermonette" / "Peter Gunn" (Decca)
Andrews Sisters: "I've Got an Invitation to a Dance" / "My Love Is a Kitten" (Capitol)
Johnny Cash: "It's Easy to Say" / "My Pledge to You" (HMV)
Johnny Gentle: "Wendy" / "Boys and Girls Were Meant for Each Other" (Philips)
Ron Goodwin: "The Whirlpool Theme" / "Herman's Theme from Whirlpool" (Parlophone)
Della Reese: "Sermonette" / "Dreams End at Dawn" (London)
Evans, Allen LPs
Nat "King" Cole: Nat King Cole (Capitol)
Eydie Gorme: Eydie in Love (HMV)
Art Van Damme: Manhattan Time (Philips)
The Everly Brothers: Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (London)
Mel Torme: Torme (HMV)
Jimmy Rodgers: Jimmy Rodgers Sings Rolk Songs [no label listed]
Peggy Lee: Things Are Swingin'(Capitol)
Ted Heath: Shall We Dance? (Decca)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Some Gets in Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
2. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
3. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
4. "A Pub with No Beer," Slim Dusty (Columbia)
5. "My Happiness," Connie Francis (MGM)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle"
2. "As I Love You"
3. "A Pub with No Beer"
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
5. "The Little Drummer Boy"
N.A After Settlement of Dispute — Lord Rockingham's XI Gets Its First Provincial Dates
Tommy Steeele, Lonnie Donegan — Soccer Mobbing Precautions
Music Firm's Agreement
Star Names * Star News
U.S. Song Stars in ITV Shows
Barber, Bilk, Welsh, Mulligan Bands Sail on 'Jazzboat'
These Famous Stars [Doris Day, Guy Mitchel, Connie Francis, Nat 'King' Cole, Patti Page, Rosemary Clooney, Joe Stafford] to Present Themselves on Luxembourg Shows
Scandinavia Signs our Disc Personalities
Star Bands at Beaulieu
Because of Good Friday... "Next Week's NME on Sale Thursday, March 26th
N.A. Dave King to Star in U.S. TV Series — Signs with Perry Como's Firm
Now Barber LP Is U.S. Best Seller
Busy Last Day for Connie
Beverlys Sign for Sumer
More Attractions at Songwriters' Concert
New Facts about Two Famous Rockers and Their Movie Careers - Cliff Richard Film 'Bongo': Marty Wilde's New Role
Johnnie Ray to Make New LP Next Week
MGM Disc Chief to Visit London
Bruce Forsyth Signs Recording Contract
Now Barber LP Is U.S. Best Seller
More Concerts for Herman
Cool for Kittens
Wynn, James Arlene Fontana's Burning Ambition 8
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records [Reviews]
Rex Stewart, Mainstream Jazz (Felsted FAJ 7001)
Gene Krupa, Krupa Rocks (33CX 10133) (Columbia)
Jesse Fulter, (Good Time Jazz LAG 12159)
Lee Konitz, The Real Lee Konitz (London LTZ — K 15147)
N.A. Polka Dots Went On Rehearsing — For Fame
New Disc Pianist Waxes His Rivals' Compositions [Tony Hatch]
Great Sax-Man Dies Suddenly [Obituary of Lester Young]
A.G. Bud Flanagan's New Waxing is Revue's Big Song 8
Johnson, Derek Eddie Cochran Rocks Into Top 20! 9
N.A. From You to Us 9
Hentoff, Nat Henthoff's Column from America — Harry Hits Hollywood [Article about Harry Belafonte] 9
Johnson, Derek The Crickets Pay Tribute to Buddy Holly"
Teddy and Pearl Did Us Proud at Cannes [Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr represent Britain at Cannes]
Walsh, Peggy Billy Daniels Has Lost None of That 'Magic' 10
N.A. Intricate Layout to Tape a Record [Showing how a song is recorded, photo of Dickie Henderson, the Michael Sammes Singers, and a That A&R manager Dicke Rowe] 10
N.A. Frankie Vaughan's "Silver Baton"  
N.A. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces "Anne Shelton Makes Disc Jockeys Sing"
"Cliff's 'Cuddly' Gets New Home" [Cliff Richard gives his cat away]
Evans, Allen LPs
Judy Garland, Judy in Love (Capitol)
The Four Freshmen, Voices in Love (Capitol)
Sandy Wilson, Valmouth (Pye)
Various Artists, Calypso Cocktail (Pye)
Ray Anthony, Dancing over The Waves (Capitol)
Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra (Fontana)
Valerie Carr, Valerie Carr (Columbia)
The Tommy Dorsey Band, Directed by Warren Covington, Fabulous Arrangements of Tommy Dorsey (Brunswick)
The River Boat Five, River Boat Five (Mercury)
Evans, Allen EPs
Jeri Southern, Caresses
Pat Boone, Stardust -1,2,3 (London)
Jerry Murad's Harmonients, It's Cha Cha Time (Mercury)
Betty Madigan, Jerome Kern Songbook (Coral)
Frank Chacksfield, Evening in London -1 (Decca)
Michael Flanders and Donald Swarm, Drop of a Hat (Parlophone)
Ron Goodwin, Themes (Parlophone)
  Courtney Spiller, Spring 2010  
No. 637 27 March 1959  
(cover page) Connie Francis, Frankie Vaughn write in this issue 1
N.A. Frankie Vaughn tells you about Palladium Magic... and other star secrets 3
Derek Johnson New Series - Meet The Recording Manager 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Slim Whitman: "I Never Saw Maggie Alone" / "The Letter Edged in Black"
Alma Cogan: "Pink Shoe Laces" / "The Universe" (HMV)
Joe Henderson: "Chick" / "Dream of Olwen" (Pye)
Doris Day: "Love Me in the Daytime" / "He's So Married" (Phillips)
Teresa Brewer: "Fair Weather Sweetheart" / "Heavenly Lover" (Coral)
Russ Hamilton: "The Reprieve of Tom Dooley" / "Dreaming of You" (Oriole)
Teddy Bears: "Oh Why" / "I Don't Need You Anymore" (London)
Betty Smith: "Stormy Weather" / "Song of India" (Dekka)
Claudio Villa: "Piove" / "Un Bacio Sulla Bocca" (Rare)
Bill Haley: "Charmaine" / "I Got a Woman"
Alan Evans LP Review
Politely, Politely
Ozzie and Harriet, Ozzie and Harriet
Hollywood Bowl, Straight Waltzes, Russkaya
Patti Page, Patti Page
Showboat, Showboat
The Four Preps, The Things We Did Last Summer
Bing Crosby, Bing Crosby
Kool for Katz, Kool for Katz
Various Artists, San Remo Festival of Song 1959
NME Top Thirty
1. "Side Saddle," Russ Conway (Columbia)
2. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
3. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Phillips)
4. "My Happiness," Connie Francis (MGM)
5. "Petite Fleur," Chris Barber (Pye-Nixa)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Side Saddle" (Mills Music)
2. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
3. "A Pub with No Beer" (Good Music)
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (Sterling)
5. "Sing Little Birdie" (Good Music)
Bruce Charlton Northern Conductor Is 'Festival' Standout 6
N.A. EMI Group Stops Making 78 Discs 6
N.A. Decca Stars to be in Cricket Eleven 6
N.A. Music Executive Resigns (Allan Crawford, executive of Southern Music) 6
NME Jeff Mudd in Army, New Mudlark Singer
Alma Joins 'Swingalong'
More 'Drumbeat' Guest Stars
Johnnie Ray Gets a Shock from MU Ruining
Frankie Vaughn's Palladium Act to Be New LP
Ten Million Viewers Will See Barber Get Gold Disc
Everlys on Como's BBC-TV
'Cool of Cats' on Records
NME Tommy Steele 'Oh Boy!' Date Cancelled
Terry Dene Gets Raise
Billy Eckstine Agrees to Tour Here Next Month
Crowd Shouts 'More' to Donegan, Bassey
Harry Secombe's New ATV Date
Bevs' Summer Plans Fixed
Conway Stars in New Shows
Donegan for French Festival
Rockingham XI Venue Change
Derek Johnson The Platters' Record Turns to Gold 8
N.A. Bill Haley Still Rocks on and on 8
N.A. Carmen McRae Comes to Town 8
Keith Goodwin Keith Goodwin Poses the Question of Discland's Piano King: Will it be Joe Henderson or 'Topper' Russ Conway 9
Nat Hentoff American News-Box: Elvis Wins 20th Gold Disc 9
Hentoff's American News Box Sammy Deps. for Frank 9
N.A. Connie Francis Writes, 'I'm Sorry to Be Leaving Britain' 10
Keith Goodwin Billy Eckstine Can't Wait to Come 'Home' 10
Derek Johnson Big Compliments for Alma, Lonnie 12
N.A. In April 'Hit Parade'- Paul Anka Tells What Success Means to Him 12
N.A. Bing's Four Boys Sought for TV" 12
  Chloe Stricklin, Spring 2010  
  Original compilation by Oliver Jones, 1999  
  grtedit 26 July, 2016